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NOTE: This proposal is about Damage Reduction Buffs, the title can be "misleading".

Proposal: In much the same way as we have battle damage buffs, we should have battle damage reduction buffs as well.

Details: The current system introduced changes not only to the formula of battles but also introduced a damage and resistance formulas as well. The difference between damage and resistance is laughable but that's not the point to discuss in here.

For the first time we have resistance that makes us take less damage in fort battles. It didn't make sense before this was introduced to have damage reducing crafts/buffs, but now it's high time to do something about that.

Equipping a damage buff will negate any damage reduction buff and vice versa. Damage reduction buffs will be available in the bond shop or can be crafted. Each existing damage buff/craft will have it's damage reduction counterpart costing the same amount to buy and requiring the 'same amount' of products to craft and will have the same but negative effect as it's damage counterpart. When I say same amount, I do not specifically mean the same products, the crafted item should make sense..

Damage | Damage reduction
Graphite Lubricant +(20~40)|Camouflage padded Vest -(20~40)
Bayonet +(25-75)|Chainmail armor -(25-75)

Abuse Prevention: If you cannot abuse Damage buffs, you cannot abuse Damage reduction buffs. player below 230 hp has a chance of receiving 0 damage...but not many of those around in a battle.

Summary: Introduce the counterparts of fort damage buffs in form of fort damage reduction buffs.

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