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The lowly Master Saddler has suffered from making nothing but speed buffs long enough! Every other crafting trade creates a buff that is applicable to fort battle, dueling, or both in some reasonable manner. If/when there is a new addition to crafting recipes, the Saddler MUST be made respectable and valuable, and be able to prepare buffs for fort battle.

Current Workaround

None. The greatest contribution the Saddler has to forts is getting you to them "faster", although the Saddler's buffs are not nearly as effective as "nugget jumping" and the Bond Shop Ground Turtle Shell.


The West ignores one very significant aspect to battle of the period that the Saddler craft would be perfect for : cavalry. Cavalry units gave soldiers the advantage of size, strength, height advantage and swiftness, and were so important that whole regiments were made of riding soldiers. It was a powerful weapon and aid, and as such, it would be reasonable to make it a higher tier craft item, possibly even requiring collaboration from all 4 crafting trades to create them.

Features of cavalry buff:

Positive feature - Multiple adjacent sector movements per turn outside of fort! Limit to 2 sectors max.
Positive feature - Nominal Fort Sector Bonus (attack and defense)
Positive feature - Nominal Damage Bonus
Negative feature - Limited interior sector positioning and movement. It's not likely that a horse is going to get in a tower or on top of a building, but they would be able to mount walls and cross through gates. For the sake of being reasonable and workable, the horse rider could mount or jump off the wall.
Negative feature - Nominal Negative Bonus Inside of the Fort (sitting duck on a tall horse)
Contributing Crafters: As mentioned, a special craft buff such as this may require collaboration from all four trades. Contributed materials may be indirect, such as knives for horse blankets (let's please put some unused crafts to work!), tinderboxes from Tonic Peds and Corn Flour from Cooks. It may be fitting to include the use of a premade speed buff such as hooved shoes as part of the craft. To make the effort manageable, contributing crafts should to isolated to either pre-existing mid to low level items from all crafts, or one new specialized item from a single contributor. Contributing crafts and the final buff should NOT have the 1 week time restriction currently on level 600 crafts, as it should have the potential for open production.

Abuse Prevention

No abuse. These should be a one time or specified limited time use item like most other fort buffs, but it should be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford to nugget buy special items from the Bond Shop.

Unlike traditional fort buffs, which are under unknown use by other players, the cavalry buff would need to be made clear to all with modified markers. The role that each buff plays could be as significant as individual character classes in battle, could create a significant shift in battle strategy and thus it should be well known who is using them.

As an alternative, rather than being a static buff, I considered that these items could be crafted steeds and left hand guns, the drawback being that they would likely only fall into the hands of the game-wealthiest players, as we already see with the collective nature of the Crafter's Challenge weaponry.

Visual Aids

Aforementioned special marker during fort battle.


The Master Saddler craft has continued to be the least interesting, least desired craft of all, and it is increasingly more difficult to find players who want to engage in this craft. With the exception of the invention of fort buffs, fort battle has not changed significantly in recent years. The introduction of these more complex Saddler crafts, which would finally legitimize the Saddler both as a trade and in fort value, would also inspire new strategy and fort gameplay.:up::donkey:


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Overpowered and it would be ridiculous to give something like this to one profession and give nothing new to the others. Not no, hell no.

Colonel Sanderss

Do you see master saddler underpowered? I don't. All professions are equal to me, just different benefits. Those speed and workmot buffs are actually pretty good. Sleeping bag is really versatile and i often buy tons of them when working on jobs.


I have 600 crafters of all professions and they're all equally useless as long as bond buffs are better.


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Do you see master saddler underpowered? I don't. All professions are equal to me, just different benefits. Those speed and workmot buffs are actually pretty good. Sleeping bag is really versatile and i often buy tons of them when working on jobs.
Indeed. Just different benefits.


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