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commander tom did a great job in leading the defense at the small battle friday. he doesn't need multi battles.


tell me how we can counter in the exact same minute?

easy you station an online noob the whole day at a fort and wait for someone to relay our attack. Point is first one was perhaps not a multi but then true to nature you went and spoilt the day for every genuine fort fighter out there by declaring 2 more.

Darth Maul 2

I don´t know. But it seems to me that today that these multis continue! When will ya stop tom? :hmf: Useless multis our alliance have already done some pre-battle dueling and sent some of the poor guys home. Better that for them than waste their day in a wasteful multi. :)

We will continue to post screenshots of attack info in W1 shared forum until this multi battle bull cr@p stops.


They did a teeny bit better without a multi. Got a small fort maxed and caused 7 casualties,
as opposed to 4 fort attacks and 2 casualties vs almost a hundred losses.
I can see the effort. I still cannot see any tactics. We are trained. They are not.


I don't know who lead the Fort Valkyrie -SB- battle today, but good job. You filled a medium and did well, but offliners killed you.


So, we have one good battle and know you guys feel good enough to launch a 7 multi battle?


The battle launched at Death Asylum by Powerdragon was a mistake and it has been told to all V2 alliance members that this battle is definately not a green light and to refrain from attending this fort battle.

Although with the unnecessary series of multi battles that followed this mistake I am in two minds whether or not to actually send a few this way unless Pandora can announce here that they will not be backing Union in their follow up multi battles - this is classic Tom Paris/Big Chief tactics, exploiting a situation to suit their best interests as usual.

I apologise for PD and his mistake but at the same time I will take the high ground and vent my dismay for the cheap tactics employed by the Union once again :hmf:


I don't know who lead the Fort Valkyrie -SB- battle today, but good job. You filled a medium and did well, but offliners killed you.

I lead the battle at Fort Valkyrie -SB- but i was hoping to do better but i guess i have to settle with this for now.And it isn't so hard to fill a medium fort when you send a fort battle invite to over 500 players.We got 127 on our side but i had to cut 27 because the limit is 100 attackers.
I'm looking forward to exciting battles like this one against v2 in the future:)

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I have to say I am personally very ashamed of what ENSIGN Tom Paris (yes you are demoted) has been doing to W1. He is sentenced to scrub all the Fort latrines (all 120 of them). Think hard and well Tom, this may very well be your last chance.

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Kathy *giggles*
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tom paris

For the people Who dont have W1 shared forum, or dont play world 1 :) a glimpse of our weird and wonderful battles chosen at random:

Racoons Den Aug 2, 11 7:19 PM OPAL MOON IV SHERIFF 42
50 ATW-Racoon City

LaS VeGaS-RR Jul 31, 11 11:45 PM Las Vegas - RR 42
50 Rheinland

FORT FA 3 Jul 30, 11 10:42 PM FA-HEADQUARTERS 42
50 The LG Headquarters

Mercy mercy me Jul 29, 11 9:25 PM -TW- Rock Ridge 84
79 No Mercy

Impi Aug 11, 11 1:11 AM Outer Limits 43
56 -TW- Rock Ridge

tom paris

By far one of the best small battle in a while this afternoon's battle was. Pretty well done red's
50 fighters have attacked the Fort. 42 defenders defended.
25 attackers fell. 42 defenders fell.


HAHA!You know us we like in finishing you guys off.....I will be one of the best fort fighting players once i get golden gun!
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