Fort Battles

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mi35, how about this one....

Dec 4th 2010.

81 attackers attacked the fort, 61 defenders defended.

62 attackers fell, 57 defenders fell.

Battle duration 55 rounds.

Surely this one meets your expectations?

Unfortunately - not... :(
But Tom's one mentioned above is good example! :)


this evening's fight was great fun. good show up and lots of online fighters.
good to win some


now following Moshuroshu's footsteps, traveling from one fort battle to another
I just KNOW that having a foothold everywhere in the map is a good thing :p


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Fort Redemption
40 fighters have attacked the Fort. 29 defenders defended.
22 attackers fell. 15 defenders fell. 11 turns.

Flag fest? :)



Iron-clad Box - worth $6584 gave me a Precise Slingshot

Wooden Box - worth $1204 gave me a Sharp Calvary Saber

What's wrong with this picture? :unsure:


Right ehh yes. You earned them :)

But on a more serious note, i never knew you could actually get more then one box

Felicity Crumpet

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I got 3 boxes in a battle last night in world 11. So multiple boxes are possible, and it's also nice you can get them even if you're on the losing side and KOed in the battle.

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One Armed Ninja

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I take your 3 and raise you one!
(Yay W11)


Oh and Desi, i'm gonna have revenge for calling on my fort at a ridiculous time.
Just you wait...
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Oh and Desi, i'm gonna have revenge for calling on my fort at a ridiculous time.
Just you wait...

Who started this whole thing? You take your revenge. I'll just set my clock again to get to work and i don't mind getting up half an hour earlier just to annoy you :p


Battle @ Norfolk n Hell

100 fighters have attacked the Fort.
84 defenders defended.
100 attackers fell.
69 defenders fell.

I would like to apologise to the resistance for not permanently relieving you of this fort, it was a full blown conclusion right up until the point where a select few of the attackers decided to drop kick their brains halfway across the world into a pile of faeces!

Damn noobs who fight for survival instead of for the team :mad:


That's a problem that comes with these chests, players don't care about the team - they want the best chance of getting a chest which means hiding instead of following orders.


That is not true futurama.
I was offline and stood still the whole fight.
Only made 7 hits (0 missed)
and 43 dodged shots (most dodged at this battle)

and look at what i got

Ow and Derek, just glad to see that happens on both sides..


I didn't say the only way to get a chest was by hiding, but some people are trying to hide to preserve their own life because IIRC the more hits, KOs etc. (much the same as getting exp) gives you a better chance of getting a better chest. I wouldn't be surprised if your 43 dodged shots earned you that fancy-looking chest you got there.


I haven't seen any true correlation between damage done and boxes.

I've done top damage on the winning side in other worlds and gotten no boxes, while players with half my damage get boxes.

My take on the system is you have to do a little bit of damage, but it doesn't have to be an extreme amount. You can die half way through and still get a fair amount of boxes.


Yeah, however, a player who dies in the first round without landing a single hit or dodging a single shot can not get the highest level of chest (whatever it's called). There has to be some sort of formula similar to the one used for exp.
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