Fort battles timeline

In this end of year, here are a few graphs that sum up some statistics about the evolution of fort battles on .net worlds.
The stats below include all battles since the opening of The West v2.0 on the worlds still currently open.



Even more graphs on a per world basis can be found there.

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Goober Pyle

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Where is this data coming from? Is this limited to data that was uploaded to westforts?


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that hit ratio in battles per month graph is ridiculous...just shows up how clueless those developers are and also some players that offer bad feedback with their stupid tower bonuses

Killer Bonnie

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Inno made some severe changes to Fort battles around that time in 2020 Then they opened Kansas and Introduced Cortina.
It starts here with formula changes and distance changes The recent change they made to fort structures has put it back to what it was before But they must have changed other stuff as well because it hasnt been enough to encourage people to support attacks and bring strategy back into battles. It seems like the only way to win these days is to take flag If you can even get a team supporting attack.
Union was stopped a year or longer before these changes Some worlds do not have Union and are not overwhelmed with Gringo and want to keep it that way.


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somehow union ruined the game but hit ratio looks equal untill 2021....
union ruined nothing .. gringo maybe since theres more of that then union!
cortina was op + with tower bouns buff = op

Goober Pyle

The West Team
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Union had little impact on the hit ratio or damage overall — how could it, it only applied to a handful of players.

The problem was that it completely ruined the ability for 2-4 advents to hold a tower for most of a FF ,which changed the meta to attacks winning almost all battles and people quitting showing up to defend

then, cortina+tower+distance changes were a massive overcorrection


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attack were winning most if not all battles before...
the biggest problem with union is its sector damage. sector damage that was only about 80 (if you had deputy) or more if you decided to become useless and use golden horse set with it. that was before murrieta...amish gave zero.
then when murrieta came out, you could have more (150). if you had deputy, even more. but i didnt see lots of deputy+murri. that was before union... didn't take long anyway. then it jumped to like 205. that was all in a matter of months
ZAPATA was the set to tank shots after union was released, before livingston (which according to them was a union counter...but not even close), then the spirit bear...then cortina...cortina shoulda been released without the percentage bonuses to towers. at that moment tanks were dealing 0 damage

the tower+distance changes weren't an overcorrection, they destroyed everything. you can see it in the graph - difference between attack and defense hits

it doesn't matter anymore...everyone has gringo now. they could just release union, cash in and let it die anyway cuz it's struggling right now.
until they revert towers as they were and nerf leadership+several op's gonna be a mess either way
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