Fort Battles International Championship - Edition 1 (2015)

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Hello keen players of The West!


Today, we have for you an exciting announcement which we hope will generate much anticipation and eagerness among you. We would like to announce the first official Fort Battles International Championship! Below, we have outlined for you the rules of the tournament as well as detailing how it will work. Stay tuned for more information concerning the event, coming soon!

The championship will be an international competition between teams. Each language server creates its own team, which will include fight leaders. (Minimum: 140 players; Maximum: 150 players). Each team needs to be able to fill a large fort with players for each and every match. The schedule of matches will be shown in the timetable.


Recruitment: 25/10/2015 until 09/11/2015
Event begins: 25/11/2015

Matches will be held for 10 weeks (Weeks 1 - 7: Group stage, Weeks 8 - 10: Finals stage)

Matches will be played from Monday to Saturday during each week. (Group stage: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Finals stage: Wednesday and Saturday). Weeks falling within the declared peace period over the festive season will be suspended and the championship will resume after the declared peace times.

Every match played in the group stages will earn points for teams as follows:
  • Match won by attacking team due to flag being captured: +1
  • Match won by attacking team due to all players being defeated: +2
  • Match won by defending team due to all rounds being played: +2
  • Match lost by defending team due to flag being captured: 0
  • Match lost by attacking team due to all rounds being played: -1

Group stage:

All points will be counted by 11pm on the following day (after fight). A points table will contain information for every market. In the case of a draw occurring between two teams with relation to the number of points owned by that team, there will be a play-off match.

Finals Stage:

The leading four teams at the end of the group stage will take part in a round robin of matches to be the best fort fight team in the world. Each team that progresses to this stage will play matches against the other teams involved. Points will be awarded for this stage in the same way as in the group stage.

Levels and Inventory:

  • Each Community Manager will prepare a list of representatives for their respective language server.
  • Each representative's character will be copied from the server that they are regularly playing on to the event server prior to the beginning of the event. This is not a migration move, therefore your original character will remain on its original world. We will simply make a copy of the character which will appear on the event world.
  • A character being copied over will not include everything found on the original character. Items that will copy over will include, level, duel level, skill set, 3 specified sets of items. Items such as cash, nuggets, bonds, stats, quests, achievements will not be copied over.
  • Each player will be allowed to take three sets of fort fighting equipment with them to use during the championship. A set in this instance would include all item slots i.e. 1 set = 1 pants, 1 hat, 1 shirt, 1 left hand weapon, 1 right hand weapon, 1 product, 1 necklace, 1 shoes and 1 riding animal.
  • Once the event has ended, the world will close and you will no longer have access to this character - it will therefore be deleted. Any items gained during the event on your copied character will be lost. Prizes will be handed out to your original characters.


First place:

  • Special title : Master of Forts
  • Special item: Gold medal
  • 100 nuggets
Second place:

  • Special title : Champion of Forts
  • Special item: Silver medal
Third place:

  • Special title : Expert of Forts
  • Special item: Bronze medal

General Rules and Guidelines:

  • Players will be permitted to complete jobs and quests over the course of the tournament's duration. This is to ensure you can gather up some cash to purchase your own buffs for each fort battle. You may also gain extra SP and AP from quests or the shaman.
  • Players will be allowed to participate in events (e.g. tombolas), however they will not be able to transfer event prizes back to their original server.
  • Players will be allowed to buy and spend nuggets over the entire duration of the tournament. Any nuggets remaining after the event will still be accessible to if you are registered to the event world using the same account as your original character.
  • Players must follow the official Game Rules at all times.
  • Players can participate only with 1 account.
  • Initiating fort fights before the agreed upon time will not be allowed. The tournament fort fights will be initiated only by the event co-ordinators.
  • The draw for the Group stage will be chosen at random.
  • Please note that the event co-ordinators and community managers may change or cancel any aspect of the championship to prevent or circumvent any problems that may occur. They are the final arbiters of any dispute - their word is final.

We will provide you with more information and answers to your questions you have shortly.
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Now that everyone is excited for the much anticipated Fort Battle Championship! I would like to reveal the typical procedure of events and how everything should look and work out as we progress from now all the way through the event. It is best everyone understands everything to prevent any problems occurring at a later stage.

25/10/2015 until 09/11/2015:

  • Players are entering themselves into the event - International Fort Battles Championship Entries
  • Players who have chosen the leader role, some will be selected and added to our Skype room.
  • Leaders will be comparing stats and discussing who will be participating in the event. Since we have 150 available slots - we have a lot of room to fill.
  • On the 09/11/2015 after entries have closed we will announce the successful entrants.
  • Once successful participants have been announced, the Skype room will be closed and discussion will be moved over to in-game chat.
09/11/2015 until 25/11/2015:

  • All successful participants will be sent an in-game support ticket with further information on the event. Also in this support ticket, we will request your 3 item sets you would like to bring along with you to the new world.
  • The new world will open but will not be available to the playerbase, we will manually add you to this world and copy your characters across along with the items sets you have chosen.
  • You will be tasked to found towns and create an alliance so all EN participants are together and have access to alliance forums and in-game chatrooms. To be said, all participating teams from all language servers will do this. It is imperative we keep our team together and our information accessible only to us. We don't want spies.
  • Once in your new world, we will populate in-game forums with information you will need, tactics etc...
  • You can play the world as normal, doing jobs for cash, perhaps some quests for extra SP/AP.
25/11/2015 Event start:

  • We will provide you with a schedule indicating when EN is participating in which battles against which opponents.
  • It will be your responsibility to buff up, enter into the fort battle and be online if you have indicated you will play online.
  • There will be an internal ranking system in place for EN players. Not all 150 players will be able to participate in a fort battle so using a ranking system will determine who secures a spot and who will need to sit out. If a participant does not comply with the rules or 'forgets' to sign up, they will receive points. The more points you accumulate, the less chance you have being included into battles.
  • DO NOT initiate a fort battle! All fort battles will be initiated by the event co-ordinator. This is very very important!
Event ends (Date to be determined):

  • EN rises victorious! - Let's make it so!
  • Awards will be handed out to those who won.


I have some good news for the EN participants! We have had an outstanding response from the EN community, so good that all available slots for the EN team can be filled and we will have players left over that we cannot enter into the tournament...

Or can we?

Of course we can! We will accommodate as many players as possible!

Some language servers will struggle to make up full teams of 150 players. Some even smaller servers will be combined with others so they can make up their 150 players. Any server that comes here that does not have their full 150 player team, EN entrants can choose to join one of their sides if they so wish!


We have some changes that were made to the skillset migration and premium world which you should be aware of.

A player's skillset will not be migrated across as they have it on their original world. Instead, they will receive a set amount of SP and AP according to their character level. Each level is equivalent to 1 AP and 3 SP - as you would get from a regular level-up in the game.

Example: I am a level 137 worker skilled in full Charisma and Leadership. When I have been copied over to the event world I will have 137 AP and 411 SP that is unassigned. I can therefore skill my event character for fort battling while my original character stays as Charisma/Leadership on the original world. There is no need to purchase potions or reskill your characters on their original worlds. You will have this opportunity to reskill in the event world.

The event world in which we were going to play on was a full premium world. It has now been changed to a enhanced premium world which does not include the purchasing of SP and AP.

The reason for these changes is to level the playing field. Some players are going to be from enhanced premium worlds while others from full premium worlds. Some players have used a considerable amount of nuggets to purchase SP/AP while some haven't. To keep it fair, everyone's AP/SP will be calculated the same thus making it fair for all participants. Once a player has been copied over into the event world, they will be free to skill their characters accordingly.


Good morning Fort Fighters!

I have some good news to announce this morning!

We have added the first batch of fort fighters to our Event section. Since there are a lot players to add to the event, we have done it in batches so we can start getting discussions on tactics happening. But this doesn't mean if you have not been added now, that you don't have a chance still. We have space for another 85 players!

If you can access this section, congratulations, you have been selected! - Welcome!

If you cannot access this section, please be patient while we sort through the entries and add the remaining 85 players.

We will openly announce the full player list once we have all 150 players selected.


With some very last minute changes, we are finalized with our team.

Ranking and Member List:

Name || Position
Andreas || Lead Community Manager
Etriel || Event Co-ordinator
Da Twista || Community Manager EN
Player | World | Class | Profession | Level
-peyman-|El Dorado|Soldier||147
.atmaca.|El Dorado|Soldier||144
Ace Despade|Dakota|Soldier||150
ALIJOOON|El Dorado|Soldier||150
Angry Cloud|El Dorado|Dueller||140
Billy The Scud|El Dorado|Soldier||150
Bob Huge Hands|Dakota|Soldier||144
Bonnie Lassie|11|Worker||150
Cactus Poke|Colorado|Adventurer||140
Calamity J too|11|Adventurer||150
Capt Red|11|Soldier||142
Cat Marshall|11|Soldier||150
Chloe O Gurl|11|Adventurer||148
danil sackett|El Dorado|Adventurer||141
Dizzy Dee|Dakota|Dueller||150
Doc Stormer|12|Dueller||146
Dr Roth|Colorado|Adventurer||150
Edi Mali|Arizona|Adventurer||150
Felicity Crumpet|Arizona|Soldier||150
Foscock|El Dorado|Dueller||150
Gunsmoke 4ever|Arizona|Adventurer||150
Jed Thornbush|Colorado|Dueller||135
Kid Caligula|Arizona|Adventurer||142
Kidd Kalypso|1|Soldier||150
Lard Ass|Arizona|Soldier||150
Lucky Cro|Dakota|Adventurer||150
Micky12|El Dorado|Adventurer||141
Motas Mom|Arizona|Soldier||147
N o x|Fairbank|Soldier||130
neel shah|Colorado|Dueller||145
NoVI JAPANAC|Colorado|Soldier||148
Pankreas PorFavor|Arizona|Soldier||150
PaPa PopCoRN|Arizona|Adventurer||150
Rowdy Brown|12|Soldier||133
Saloon Junk|1|Adventurer||149
Sir michael|11|Dueller||148
sir oliver1|Arizona|Soldier||150
Six Finger Jessie|Fairbank|Soldier||137
Sledge dog|Arizona|Adventurer||150
slipery elm|Colorado|Dueller||150
Sootica|El Dorado|Dueller||131
Soul Fighter12|Arizona|Soldier||137
squa suna|11|Soldier||150
Squashed by Bear|11|Adventurer||150
SyIvester|El Dorado|Adventurer||143
Ten Fingered Jim|Briscoe|Dueller||149
Tormented requiem|Briscoe|Soldier||150
tulipe Noire|Colorado|Adventurer||147
Wiskey M|Arizona|Adventurer||146
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Due to unforeseen circumstances with registrations from other markets on the EN server, we've had to postpone the start date for the tournament. The EN team is complete, registered and waiting for the tournament to start - but we have had some issues with some other servers which we need to sort out before we can open the world.

The new start when World Awesomia will open is on 04/12/2015 19:00PM. First battle will commence on 10/12/2015 20:00PM.

Please accept my apologies for this delay. We are working around the clock to have all the problems sorted out so you guys can enjoy this event.


World Awesomia is NOW OPEN!!!



We have some news for you regarding the battle schedule and some changes we are going to implement. The reasons for these changes are to prevent problems with the server (Like we previously had when we opened the world) and possibly problems with player accounts when battles take place.

To keep World Awesomia running smoothly, we are unable to host 8 battles per day. Therefore we will only host 4/5 battles per day and have more battles days instead i.e 1 battles day holding 8 battles will now be made into 2 battle days holding 4 battles each.

While the battle schedule has changed, we will still commence fort battles on Thursday 10/12/2015. But the battles we will be hosting are for testing purposes only - they are not official battles. We are determined to keep this championship as fair as we possibly can so we decided to host what we have been calling them, "Fun battles". These battles are going to take place so we can sort out any outstanding issues that remain. We will also be checking every single player account to make sure they do not have an unfair advantage over other players while not reporting it to us. Be warned, players participating in any battles without reporting incorrect information on their accounts to EN support will be removed from this event.

Another reason for these changes is to accommodate the markets that unfortunately arrived a little late on EN. These markets' first official battle date will be moved a little further down the line. While other teams are battling it out, it at least gives these teams a few extra days to get themselves sorted out.

Our 'Fun Battle' schedule for 10/12/2015 is:

Attack || Defense || Time
Russia || International || 19:00 PM
Hungary || Romania || 21:00 PM
Germany || Poland || 21:00 PM
Portugal || Slovakia || 23:00 PM
Greece || Turkey || 23:00 PM

Our 'Fun Battle' schedule for 11/12/2015 is:

Attack || Defense || Time
Italy || France || 21:00 PM
Brazil || Czech || 21:00 PM
Netherlands || Spain || 23:00 PM
Sweden/Denmark || Turkey || 23:00 PM

Our 'Fun Battle' schedule for 13/12/2015 is:

Attack || Defense || Time
International || Hungary || 21:30 PM

I do apologize that changes to the dates have only been done now - I realize it's quite late into the event already but we would like to provide you with the best experience possible.
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Official Fort Battle Schedule

Week 1

Attack || Defense || Date || Time
International || Turkey || 15/12/2015 || 20:00 PM
Russia || Slovakia || 15/12/2015 || 20:10 PM
Italy || Romania || 15/12/2015 || 22:00 PM
France || Greece || 15/12/2015 || 22:10 PM
|| || ||
Czech || Hungary || 17/12/2015 || 20:00 PM
Germany || Sweden/Denmark || 17/12/2015 || 20:10 PM
Brazil || Spain || 17/12/2015 || 22:00 PM
Portugal || Netherlands || 17/12/2015 || 22:10 PM

Week 2

Attack || Defense || Date || Time
International || Portugal || 05/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Brazil || Italy || 05/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
France || Czech || 05/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
Germany || Russia || 05/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
|| || ||
Poland || Turkey || 07/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Spain || Romania || 07/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Greece || Hungary || 07/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Sweden/Denmark || Slovakia || 07/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Netherlands || Portugal|| 07/01/2016 || 23:00 PM

Week 3

Attack || Defense || Date || Time
International || Poland || 12/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Brazil || Romania || 12/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
France || Hungary || 12/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
Sweden/Denmark || Russia || 12/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
|| || ||
Portugal || Turkey || 14/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Spain || Italy || 14/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Greece || Czech || 14/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Germany|| Slovakia || 14/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Netherlands || International|| 14/01/2016 || 23:00 PM

Week 4

Attack || Defense || Date || Time
Portugal || Poland || 19/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Spain || Brazil || 19/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Greece || France || 19/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
Sweden/Denmark || Germany || 19/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
|| || ||
International|| Netherlands || 21/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Romania || Italy || 21/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Hungary || Czech || 21/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Slovakia|| Russia || 21/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Turkey || Poland || 21/01/2016 || 23:00 PM

Week 5

Attack || Defense || Date || Time
Poland || Netherlands || 26/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Italy || Spain || 26/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Czech || Greece || 26/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
Russia || Sweden/Denmark || 26/01/2016 || 23:00 PM
|| || ||
Portugal || International || 28/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Romania || Brazil || 28/01/2016 || 19:00 PM
Hungary || France || 28/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Slovakia|| Germany || 28/01/2016 || 21:00 PM
Netherlands || Turkey || 28/01/2016 || 23:00 PM

Week 6

Attack || Defense || Date || Time
Poland || Portugal || 02/02/2016 || 21:00 PM
Romania || Spain || 02/02/2016 || 21:00 PM
Hungary || Greece || 02/02/2016 || 23:00 PM
Slovakia || Sweden/Denmark || 02/02/2016 || 23:00 PM
|| || ||
Turkey|| International || 04/02/2016 || 19:00 PM
Italy || Brazil || 04/02/2016 || 19:00 PM
Czech || France || 04/02/2016 || 21:00 PM
Russia|| Germany || 04/02/2016 || 21:00 PM
Netherlands || Poland || 04/02/2016 || 23:00 PM

Week 7

Attack || Defense || Date || Time
Turkey || Netherlands || 09/02/2016 || 21:00 PM
Poland || International || 09/02/2016 || 21:00 PM
Turkey || Portugal || 10/02/2016 || 21:00 PM
Times are subject to change according to activity time on local markets
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Two issues you need to be made aware. Please take careful note.

Issue 1:

The battle schedule times, when it was written, it was based on the EN activity times and not from all local teams as we did not have all the information and we needed to post the schedule as soon as we possibly could. The times will be amended to better suit all teams. Understand that we cannot make every team happy, therefore some teams will alternate between the more unforgiving times. On our world we cannot host anything more than 3 battles simultaneously and time frames will be adjusted according to this.

Issue 2:

Forts. We understand that certain teams owning certain forts can give too much of an advantage so we have decided to change the process on how we handle fort battles and ownership of forts. As it is, teams owning certain large forts have shown that they are still unhappy as the fort is too far away from their towns. Again, we cannot please everyone so we have decided to not allow any team owning any fort in the world. All forts will be given to an admin town, the admins will then initiate fort battles and then set the battle so it restricts who can enter on attack or defense. "No Takeover Protection" has been enabled so the admin town will not lose any forts either.

The change of fort ownership will be processed during the course of today.

If a team has preference on who they would like to have dig fort battles from their team when they are on attack - kindly PM the name of your town and the player name. This is restricted to one player only, so please choose wisely.


This is just a reminder since we have the Christmas Sale starting soon.

Players will be allowed to participate in events (e.g. tombolas), however they will not be able to transfer event prizes back to their original server.

You may participate in the Christmas Sale if you wish. You can get items for upgrading if you want but no items will be transferred back to your original characters. At the end of the event, the world and characters within will be deleted. It is important you understand this before spending nuggets in World Awesomia. There will be items for sale using bonds and in-game cash that might intrigue you a little bit :)


Good morning brave fighters of The West!

Soon we will be back at it battling each other, but I would like you to note that from 04/01/2016 23:59 PM, no further changes to accounts will be made by the support team. We have provided ample opportunity to have any outstanding account problems sorted out and we can no longer assist you if you still have any further problems with gear, levels, skills etc... Only changes that will be made are those that affect the fort battles directly.

Thank you for your understanding!


Battles for placement in the semi finals are nearly at an end having only one more battle to complete, which will take place tomorrow evening. I do hope everyone that has been participating in the event has enjoyed themselves so far.

Many players playing in the Awesomia world has purchased nuggets and unfortunately some teams were not lucky enough to make it through to the next round. Unfortunate as that is, perhaps we can still salvage some of your nuggets and transfer them back to your original servers for you.

To have nuggets transferred back to your original servers, there are a few requirements you need to fulfill as well as information you need to understand. We will happily do the transfer for you, but you need to have purchased nuggets on the EN server - login bonus nuggets do not count and will not be transferred. For example, if you have purchased 160 nuggets in total on EN and at the moment you have 250 nuggets available (Login bonus nuggets included) - if your premium expenses exceed the amount of nuggets purchased, we cannot assist you. If you have not purchased nuggets on EN at all, please don't contact us requesting a transfer as we cannot assist you.

The Community Manager reserves the right to decline any nugget transfer request based on premium services used according to your premium logs. In some instances login bonus nuggets will be deducted from your account before the transfer takes place at our discretion.

To send in a request, please open a support ticket to EN support and we will communicate with you once the ticket has been received.
Please allow at least one week for the transfer to take place as there is also a process we need to follow to have your request fulfilled.


Howdy Cowboys,

Congratulations to the Spanish, German, Hungarian and Polish teams for getting through to the semi-finals. We’re announcing the rules for semi-final and final stages for you.

  • Match won by attacking team due to flag being captured: +1
  • Match won by attacking team due to all players being defeated: +2
  • Match won by defending team due to all players being defeated: +2
  • Match won by defending team due to all rounds being played: +2
When two teams end up with the same amount of points:

  • If both teams won by capturing the flag, the winner will be determined according to the amount of defending players being alive at the end of both matches. And if both teams still have the same situation, the winner will be determined according to the amount of attacking players being alive at the end of both matches.
  • If both teams have won by killing all of the opponent players, the team which was faster to do it, will win. And if both teams still have the same situation, the winner will be determined according to the amount of attacker/defender characters being alive at the end of both matches.
  • If both teams have won by surviving all the rounds, the winner will be determined according to the amount of defending players being alive at the end of both matches. And if both teams still have the same situation, the winner will be determined according to the amount of attacking players being alive at the end of both matches.

The schedule for the semi-finals is as follows:

Match || Date || Time
ES vs PL || 2016-02-23 || 22:00
HU vs DE || 2016-02-23 || 21:00

PL vs ES || 2016-02-25 || 22:00
DE vs HU || 2016-02-25 || 21:00

Good luck may the best team win!
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It has come to our attention that players no longer participating in the event are now interfering with those who still are by means of dueling them.

Any interference, such as duelling, from non-participating players against those still participating in the tournament will be removed from world Awesomia and miss out on the smaller events such as fort games when the IFBC is over.

Only duels that may occur at this time are participating players dueling other participating players OR non-participating players dueling non-participating players. If you cross this line, you will have your access to the world removed.



After several weeks of intense battling, the International Fort Battle Championship has come to an end. We would like to congratulate Team Poland for taking 1st place in our very first tournament. Congratulations, a well deserved win for a very formidable team!

The standings for the first tournament are as follows:

  • 1st place: Poland (PL)
  • 2nd place: Hungary (HU)
  • 3rd place: Germany (DE)
A special thank you to all the players in all the teams that took the time to participate in our event. We do hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed hosting it for you. We do hope that we will see you again in our future International Fort Battle Championships. We cannot allow Poland to sit on that throne for too long.

World Awesomia will not close just yet. The EN Community Manager has invited all players to participate in some events that will be run in the world. These will be smaller games between teams that will start next week.

We hope to see you there!


Hello fellow fighters of Awesomia!

This announcement is to inform you that world Awesomia will close at 13:00 PM server time 15/04/2016.

During the remainder of the time you will have access to this world, you may do anything you like. You can call battles, you can defend/attack on existing battles. You may change towns, you may change alliances - you may create new towns and alliances if you wish.

Fort Protection has been removed from all the forts in the world, so you will be able to gain them if you manage to beat the team owning the fort.

Please be aware that all gaming rules still apply.

My GM Admin Nisa will be taking over full administration of the world from me. If there are any requests for certain battles - kindly open a support ticket. For example, battle time changes, restrictions on team entry into battles etc...

Please note the following rule:
§5) Exclusion/Racism It is against the rules to exclude - due to age, race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation - other players from joining towns, participating in fort wars or engaging in any other aspect of the game.
While you are entitled to choose who you allow into your town or alliance, fort battles are for everyone unless specified otherwise by an admin.

Do enjoy the rest of the time you have in this world. We will be announcing the start of the new championship within the next few weeks along with some changes that will take place.
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