Fort battle talk (again) with "multi digs" - A poll

Fort battles in the worlds.

  • There should be an (un)Official rule on ALL worlds, with at least a time frame on 2+ hours between.

    Votes: 79 69.9%
  • Players should declare a fort battle when ever they like - no matter what

    Votes: 34 30.1%

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Hi everybody.
My "thoughts" on this is, since there only is so few battles each day / weeks. I find it to be more of a cheating, to make a new battle so close to another one. To try to disturb the first battle. As a "fair play" rule, we normally have to say that at least 2 hours between each battle would be enough time, to have the first battle done, and then have some time to get to the next one.
This no matter if you want to join both battles, or how ever you would like with your play style :)

If we had like 10 battles each day, it would in my view be another case, since it might be harder to keep the battles apart from each other. So compared to having so many players on each world and only having this few battles, i find the first to be the case, also because players have talked about wanting more battles to join for fun. So i see no reason why there could not be more time between each battle to start with.

BUT again that is my view. So with this poll i would like to have you the players voting on how we should proceed in the future.
For all worlds actually. Both so you the players have a guide to go out from, and of course us in the team knows have to handle these issues.

Thank you all for your opinion.

Lets talk here ;-)
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