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I never liked that site, seriously. It reminded me too much on Gaga. :)

But the battle replay feature outside of greasemonkey scripts is awsome. Because of that I hope they'll fix the problem quickly.


Suggestion for strategies section:

* To be able to see while attacking strategy how many defenders would be aiming at you from that point on the map. (the shade thing you see during a battle itself)

* Be able to comment on the classes like you have a soldier class, but you only want the soldier +5000 health to be up front not a leadership soldier if you know what i mean.

* More colors lol


If you want to make suggestions, use the Contact link on the site. They never reply to anything, but they didn't start this thread and have never posted here, so I see no reason to believe they ever look at it.


OK, just got a reply back from them:


We will see for the shadow thing, but the buildings and towers upgrade
might be a problem..

Sorry but I don't understand what you mean about the comment on the
classes, you can use different colors and the description box to
highlight the +5000 health.

Thanks for your suggestions.
The last part is true you can comment on it and use the different colors. So hopefully the shadows can be implemented somewhat.
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The timing for the downtime sucked. The import script wasn't working for me and I don't know if anyone else got all my battles imported during the brief time it was up before all old battles were gone with 2.0.

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on w9 I know we lost 2 fort battles uploads. Thankfully I was able to upload a weeks worth of battles prior to the change over for that 1 day it was up.