Fort Battle - Painfully slow lag


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Affected worlds: World 10
Browser: Firefox 4.0.1

Type of Bug:
  • Fort
  • Chat

We were attacking a fort... but there was a HUGE lag in chat. Even moving your character (click your icon... click your destination) was painful. This lag was noticed by the majority who were in chat.

While posting commands directly into the fort chat, they wouldn't show for about 20-30 seconds... If you're wanting to pick berries, you can take your time. When you're trying to take a fort, timing is crucial.

Also switching from ingame chat to a Chatango room had a major lag as well.

After the battle was over, the lag in chat was gone.

Has anyone else noticed this SEVERE lag... I'm not talking about the odd hiccup... but a constant feeling like you're trying to send a message through molasses in the Arctic in January.

I have already hard refreshed my browser.
I have already consulted the Bugs FAQ.
I have searched if the bug has been reported before.
If applicable, I have tried disabling all browsers addons, userscripts and extensions.
- I disabled GM just after the upgrade because it may have been making FF crash. It crashes less often now, but still has some issues.


Fort battles got laggy for me a couple updates ago. I always set the quality to low and turn off the grid. The game itself has seemed laggier since the update, esp. when queuing jobs for some reason.


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Yup... I did that too... Turned the quality to low... removed the grid... still painfully slow.

And ya... I have noticed a general heaviness to the game since the last update. Windows take longer to open... In the Inventory, the item pics appear, but it takes a while for the background behind them to load. It could be the image sizes that they're using are not compressed enough to allow for a fast load.

Felicity Crumpet

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Same here - I'm also experiencing a lot more slowness since the last update. Also getting the window practically freezing up on me more and more - so that I have to close and then reopen the window to get The West to work better. That seems to me like a Javascript issue possibly.


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Same here - I'm also experiencing a lot more slowness since the last update. Also getting the window practically freezing up on me more and more - so that I have to close and then reopen the window to get The West to work better.

same here. using Firefox 4.01


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Just out of curiosity... Who was the cowardly noob who didn't have the courage to sign the negative rep they gave me for posting a bug issue? An issue that other people on other worlds have been experiencing...

"23.05.11 08:17 So that's why you lost?"

The answer is no... that isn't why. The reason is because TP is full of... themselves. I'll leave it at that.

BTW Mr/s Anon... it's pretty pathetic that you chose a post that was made to point out a real issue that could affect a lot of people... Get a life.

Oh and I should not be having any major trouble with chats anymore since I won't be in anymore battles.

From what I've experienced since my original post... There isn't a huge lag in the general chat... however it does still lag once in a while. But that I would account to general Internet traffic. Is anyone else still having major trouble when there is a fort battle going on?

I also still have an issue with the general "heaviness"... it's still there. Some windows take a while to load. Sometimes I need to force FF to close completely via Task Manager because it hangs for so long. Now this could also be because I have about 20 or so tabs open at the time... but I've always done that in the past and not had this issue. It could also be happening because the latest version of FF and the West just do not want to play nicely with each other.


Quality is the same as any flash, right click > quality > low. To turn off the grid it's the middle button under the map.

I don't know if this is related, but it used to be impossible to do anything in front of the battle window because the map was always on top. Now you can, but it takes forever to close a window that's open in front of it, let alone actually do anything with it.


not really a browser thing then. Thanks for looking anyway.
i dont have any problems with lag,maybe occasionally but not often.
i run latest chrome, with twpro, and a shedload of apps, with chatango open.

when i used to run IE I had issues, and still do, like frames that dont close, lag...
also since Ive changed I always run iobit to clean and speed up my system.

and since, no probs...


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Im in the same boat as Neo, no problems. Im running firefox 4 and my browser uses 200-250mb worth of memory during fort battles along with other programs open which use upwards of 500mb. My guess is the server is struggling with the flash player during fort battles.