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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Sauceysauce, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Yes it can be played without 3rd party chat.

    However... Take this as just an example. You whisper the rank giver that you're currently online and you ask for a rank. He checks your inventory and spots a brittle bow. In the same time a player with a precise musket also whispers him and wants a rank.
    If you were giving ranks, would you give a rank to a player with a bow or to a player with a musket? Assuming only one empty spot is left.

    When you take a side in a fort fight, you must be aware of the simple thing - that side wants to win. To increase your chances, someone must filter players. Another example? You can't expect that someone will rank level 1 player and leave level 60 player aside.
    Ranking someone who could help you more than the other one is hardly an abuse.
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  2. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    You need to understand a few things:
    Who are these generals?
    1) Founders of the town owning the fort
    2) Founders of the town attacking the fort

    Why do they have the power?
    1) Is his town's fort
    2) Is his town's money that were wasted on the attack

    Why do some get kicked out?
    - they are spies, rated as traitors and the battle is maxed out
    - they are small in level or have small guns and the battle is maxed out

    What does maxed out battle mean?
    It means that the maximum amount of places have already been filled up

    Maximum number of attackers / defenders:
    • Small fort: 50 / 42
    • Medium-sized fort: 100 / 84
    • Big fort: 140 / 120
    When more players than the maximum listed above sign up for a battle, some will get kicked out. Who decides? The server or the generals.
    If everybody is ranked, then the server selects the kicked outs (the sooner you get to the battle, the more chances you have to stay in the battle)
    If there are only the maximum listed above ranked, that means those have a spot reserved and unranked people will get kicked out. Generals rank their town members, high level players and online players. The rest remains unranked.
    Is not that they chose you to leave, they just chose others than you to stay. Has nothing to do with the external chat. Is a decision that needs to be done, or the general risks that a good fort battler will be kicked out by the server and in stead he will be stuck with a level 18 with no gun, throwing rocks.
  3. PafpafCo

    PafpafCo Guest

    A general should know his soldiers because i played another 3 battles before on the same side and i also changed some telegrams with the organizer about battles.
    My level is 69 and have the most expensive items for battle skills (leadership/aim/stamina/hiding/dodge/hp) and maxed weapon for this level possible. So kicking me to invite some 40 levels it make me think how the battle gone be maxed out , especially because i was online.
  4. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Hey don't you think that that's his problem? If he wants to lose... Don't stop him. ;)
  5. PafpafCo

    PafpafCo Guest

    I didn't think about this :D

    TELELEU Guest

    i want to reskil my worker to balanced,i need some advise where to put my sp,and what items to wear.

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  7. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    After much experience in fort battles, I disagree with the entire basis of any pure fort build besides pure health. All fort skills are good job skills, besides aim and dodging, but that's really the only reason to focus on them. They don't seem to improve your chances of hitting dramatically and not being remotely specced for those skills doesn't hurt your performance that much.

    Of course level is also important, so pure health doesn't work from a low level. I'd at least get to where I could use a precise Winchester first. I also like leadership because you get bumped less with high leadership.

    As far as gear goes, again, health is the priority: brown stetson, black stetson, or fancy felt hat; brown coat; sandals; brown tie; firework (or parasol for a female in an attack); donkey.

    You should also mention the importance of a good gun, preferably the best precise gun for your level and never a rusty gun. A precise gun does better average damage than a rusty gun two weapons better, e.g. a precise bow is better than a rusty harquebus. I also hate shot guns (pepper guns) and rifles. Over time you'll tend towards the average, but you will have some horrible battles sometimes.

    After gun and health gear, the most important thing is speed gear: Indian or Mexican set and quarter horse. Indian is slightly faster, but Mexican is cheaper and, more importantly, you lose less hp when you change out of health gear when traveling between battles.
  8. John Sibley

    John Sibley Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2010
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    Why no Sniper?
  9. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    Because snipers are usless, and their jobs would have to really suck just to make one semi work.
  10. Zamonak

    Zamonak Guest

    What would be the best class for the Pure Fort Attacker?
  11. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

  12. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    Lies, it depends on your build. I like my builder for the bonuses.
  13. Rayve

    Rayve Guest

    Im confused. Are these the TOTAL amounts i should have at each level? Do I just get to 50 stamina and then put the points i get from the str ap into something else or what?
    Sorry, im new to this and just want to know what the total stat values at each level should be.
  14. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    80 Str includes stamina, so 80 + 50=130, your total.
  15. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Saucey, this guide should be updated a bit.

    The formulas for successful hit/dodge are not very complicated, but it's somewhat different than we used to think.

    First, there is a number X used in calcualtions, and it's X=2/5=0.4
    Instead of writing 0.4, I'll use X in the formulas.
    Second, anyone who joins fort fight, even if he has no points distributed in skills/abilities, gets +25 to hit chance and +10 to dodge chance by default. That's why you can go into fort fights as a pure swimmer and still kill something.

    All set? Ok, the base formulas (without soldier leadership bonus and sector bunuses):
    Chance to hit=25+aim^X+leadership^X+stamina^X
    Chance to dodge=10+dodging^X+leadership^X+hiding^X

    Let's say we have nonsoldier defender who is standing on the ground inside the fort alone with this stats:
    Lead 135
    Dodge 16
    Hiding 96

    Obviously, that player according to the formula above have (I'm rounding the root):
    Chance to dodge=10+16^0.4+135^0.4+96^0.4=10+3.03+7.11+6.21=26.35

    What happens when a player is on a sector? That's also easy. Values from all sectors are displayed before a fight starts. So a tower level 3 in a small fort always adds 24 to chance to hit and 18 to chance to dodge.
    So if our player from example is a dueler and is standing alone on a tower level 3 that is not dueler's tower, he gets:
    Chance to dodge=base chance to dodge + 18= 26.35+19 = 44.35

    But what happens if our dueler goes for dueler's tower level 3? That tower will grant him +15 class bonus on both chance to hit and chance to dodge, because it's his own tower, so in that case we'll have:
    Chance to dodge=Base chance + 19 + 15 = 59.35

    For more examples with pics, but without formula, you can check this post:

    As this is only the basics, I'm not covering worker sector bonus, but if you're a worker, your class gets even more on chance to hit and chance to dodge while standing on the building, tower or wall (30%, or 60 if class premium activated). However this 30/60% sector bonus doesn't apply on worker's class bonus if they're standing on the worker's tower. So a worker on worker's tower would get tower's bonus with 30% (or 60%) applied, and after that the worker only bonus would add to that.
    Also I'm not covering soldier leadership bonus because of a fact that you'll be moving all over the place and you can't know how many points you'll get from a nearby soldier and if you'll get any point at all - there are too much of pure HP soldiers with 0 leadership lately in fort fights.


    A few last notes:

    1. As we had before in help/wiki, that you get +9 if your skill is 210... That is not correct any more. Now you get +8.50 if a skill is 210. You'd get +9 if your skill is 243.

    2. We know that for any number N, 0^N=0, and 1^N=1. This means you should have at least 1 in all fort relevant skills. While attacking, a pure swimmer would get as a chance to hit 25+0+0+0=25. But "not that pure" swimmer would certainly have at least 1 (from SP, AP or equipment) in aim, leadership, hiding and stamina, so his chance to hit would be at least 25+1+1+1=28.

    3. Noone knows and noone ever tested if luck bonus from holiday set applies to dodge/hit luck in fort fights.

    4. Since the bonuses gained from skills drop rapidly as higer the skill goes (which is normal for any mathematical root), you get less chance (to hit or to dodge) if you put every AP/SP into one thing and neglect other fort relevant skills. Example? If you have 243 SP and put all 243 into aim, you get only +9 to hit chance. But if you distribute those 243 points equally into aim, leadership and stamina, that will be 81 into each of those three skills, while attacking you get +5.80+5.80+5.80=17.4!
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  16. yanifska

    yanifska Guest

    I am wondering why to focus all AP's on strength while all atributes contribute for fighting.
  17. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Because with 1 AP in STR, you actually cover +1 stamina and +1 HP.
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  18. yanifska

    yanifska Guest

    but with 1 AP in charisma you cover +1 leadership, +1 tactics and +1 appearance which also affects fighting issue ? no ?
    Mobility also have 3 important skills for fighting....
    I am just trying to understand !
  19. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    Tactics and appearance are for dueling, leadership for battles.
    If you want to do both (duels and battles) you will be average at both. If you want to be good, you have to chose one over the other, battles or dueling. Building your character for both will not make you pure battler of pure dueler. As I said, will make you average at both.
  20. yanifska

    yanifska Guest

    ok I understand, I want to go for fort fighting for now and build a soldier.
    what about the mobility ability wich provide hiding and dodging skills ?
    I believe it is also important
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