Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

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Ned kelly flanders

Thanks for the helpful post. Glad you put some of it in lay mans terms, for people like myself who aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Cheers. :D


started a new char with a dodge fort fighter wih the exact skills as you mentioned. hope it works...


Consider instead of tequila and donkey.
Freemans horse and saddle
+3 strength
+10 appearance
This was written long before Freeman's and even long before the camel. He also completely failed to understand the importance of hp in fort battles and greatly overstated the importance of skill bonuses.


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Is there a link to a better guide to fort fighting builds?
There isnt because the fort fighting formula has changed not long ago and people are still experimenting with numbers in order to find optimal build.


I'm unsticking this. It was wrong long before the new changes because it didn't consider health the most important skill, but now it's completely off. Does somebody want to write a new one? futu?


No doubt that this is a flawed guide now (perhaps always, but I am certainly not calling anyone for the time and effort that went into its construction) but this does not help the many new players that look for these forums to help give some guidance.

Hopefully those new players will find an alliance / town mates / friends in game that will point them in the right direction.

I would love to help others compile some kind of guide, but there can never be an all encompassing guide that covers every scenario, because we all like to play differently, be it as a fort fighter, dueller, quester, trader, constructor or just a pain in the ass to others! That is what makes this game so interesting and diverse.

There are 6 attributes that are important as a fort fighter:

As far as a build goes, anybody starting out at relatively low levels in fort fighting would be well advised to concentrate on health points, leadership, stamina (in you want to join attacks), hiding (if you want to help defend). Ignore dodge and aim.

Clothing will help you raise all of these stats of course, but that is subject to a whole different discussion!

I hope that in some way this post may prompt someone far better skilled than myself to start a new thread, relevant to the latest game revision, combining the wisdom of the masses to help new players overcome the natural fear and apprehension of forting :)

Felicity Crumpet

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Personally, if I was a low level fort fighter, I would focus on Stamina, Hiding and Leadership. Because those would also help me level up via jobs and quests much better than HP. And then reskill once I was a high enough level for my HP to be some use.


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I'm unsticking this. It was wrong long before the new changes because it didn't consider health the most important skill, but now it's completely off. Does somebody want to write a new one? futu?
Oh, I didn't even see this. I have too many game-related commitments already and too little time to be motivated enough to do a decent job of it, but there are others who have spent plenty of time studying new builds who might be willing to share their opinions.


I just want to know if its good build. I dont have to be best soldier on the west...


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Most of these builds were never spectacular to begin with in that they put too much emphasis on the hit/miss skills when HP was clearly the only thing that counted in fort fights. That has since changed with the not-so-recent update to the fort formula which gave leadership an impact on damage dealt per hit (if anything, these builds are better now than they were when the guide was created), but you'll still find HP to be the most important skill. Basically, if you can manage to get your hands on a decent fort fighting item set like Deadwood's or Bart's, your hiding and stamina will be high enough with bonus alone. If not, beyond a hundred or so, they're still a waste compared to the benefits you'll get from leadership and HP. Aim and dodge are still as useless as ever - perhaps more so - and you won't see any benefits if you waste SP there.
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Newbie anny, I was talking about the ones from clothing, if your pure hp.
We are talking about fort-battle builds here, not fort-battle clothing. But you're still wrong anyway. Go pure hp and use the set that gives you max resistance, would be more than 125.

Hiding/Stamina gives you resistance. Maybe you should know that first. Yea, even hiding/stamina from gear.


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what? you mean wearing gent's coat, sandals, fancy felt hat and riding a donkey doesn't work anymore??? madness, no wonder why i suck so much in battles!