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Listen to me carefully, I'm gonna tell you that for the last time. Your "sacrifice" is nothing, it's a joke. You can't be serious about that. Oh wait, you are serious. That's sad. Anyway, the point is- if we gonna speak about yesterday, when there were 79 signed up in deff (40 from your alliance) and 17 attackers ( don't know signed up but let say 20), let's count with me. Done ? Alright, 99 players both sides. Now let me tell you something. Small fort- deff and att have 86 spots (40-46). 86 players in total. I really don't remember when all signed up were participated in battle. Always at least 10-15 players don't come at time. Back to yesterday. 99-10=89. 99-15=84. If you don't get it, then it's waste of time. Now, if you gonna check the numbers of attackers on small forts during last month, you will find out only 2 small forts were full in attack. Only one of them were full on both sides. Second one was 35 deff and 46 attackers.

Generally, people prefer deff. People don't like attack. If deff is overcrowded, it's because of people don't like attack and the most important thing, it's unbalanced. KoH gave up to attack. If they attack, they dont have more than 25 players. Especially, when Ohio attacks, he doesnt even have 20 attackers. People automatically join side against Ohio.

Where have you been when Sorority were slaughtered by KoH ? Check amount of your battles done. You gonna speak about that like you know everything. But you know nothing. Just empty words, no solutions. Your town, 7 members got 6 forts because KoH gave up that. You have been silent before that. Now, when you got 6 forts thanks to your alliance and lack of interest from KoH, you are gonna speak about some "sacrifice" ? Just stop it. Is that fun for you to play big fort with number like 50-55 deffenders against 20-25 attackers ? What will you get for that kind of battle ? 500xp ? 1000xp ? 5 bonds ? Still fun ? Maybe for you, but trust me, in this way people will lose any interest about battles on LV. Rather to do quests, jobs, church. Or just delete account and move to Colo or Arizona. Honestly, haven't heard about you till the moment your town with 7 memers won 6 forts and your ego has been raising. Last sentence from me to you. Stop speaking about years 2010- 2012. Noone cares about past. Noone care what did you reach more than 10 years ago.

Bonus: - I think no words needed for that.


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i know it's a bit off the topic but I wanted to put this out there since it's been a couple days between comments......During the St. Patrick Coin event in the past....there were large boxes of coins given out at awesomiia.......i missed 2 awesomia battles in the last few weeks but did make the other 5......i haven't seen a single battle yield a large box (I believe 75 coins were in it).....can we have at least one more battle that yields the coins? It makes a tremendous difference.

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I don’t believe I can do any more clover battles but another coin battle right before the deadline might be possible.


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When is it going to happen if it does since the Easter event is going to start right away tomorrow?