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I just like to win a premium chest from 9k fireworks, and get a GT out of it :D


being non prem'. I was a little worried i would not make it to constuction level 120!
i got 2 char's, 1 on w1 in a town and the other a nomad on another world.
w1 has more friends per say but it has made no difference.
you peeps who splashed your 48K rockets on a 1 in 14 chance of getting something, took just that "A Chance!!" why winge? your choice :)
anyway back to my worlds..
when the 5days left warning came up, i was close to level 90 or so, w1 closer if not over
it was looking like i would miss the fort gun on both worlds :( but,
i had got Medals ie: 24hr bouns prem. from the free spins.
so heyho used them for two days (two of each) on both worlds and by the morning i will have collected the whole set :)

it's a game, it's FREE
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my 48k plays from a few servers
dalton horse
dalton saddle
bart horse
bart saddle
chisholm set


I hope everybody got a great fort gears. Now all we want is great battles.

Good Feather

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On my 5 worlds I spun for the 48k... I'm quitting w1-wAZ. so if it hasn't been on the market already, expect the stuff to be on the market soon. I only wish I would have gotten the chest on W-CO where Im staying.

W1 Black Bart horse (already sold)
w11 Jesse Chisholm horse
w12 Jesse Chishom chest with set
wAZ Bob Daltons Saddle
wCO Jesse Chisholm horse


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everyone that plays free should thank inno for a chance at 800 nug one for free this time.saved you like 30 bucks in usa for a chance at best one.hope they do more tombolas like this in future.I got a lot of 150 shots for free this time.wasnt to hard to get 9k fireworks imo,so im grateful how this one worked.I like the idea of using fireworks instead of your bonds or nuggets.no matter really how bad the win was,it was still free lol,so better than nothing.only time i get upset is win i pay real money and get bad things rofl.


Well that was a super fun event. :) I am pretty happy with the drops i received.