Final Destination: Ad infinitum


The door to the breacher pod opened to reveal a sterile white hallway lined with doors, going off far into the distance in both directions to the left in the distance bodies can be seen as black lumps on the ground and the wall are scarred with blaster fire and pieces torn out.

Looking down the hallway the mech team can see someone working on a control panel, before any of them manage do do anything he finishes whatever he is doing and runs around a bend in the hallway as a heavy door begins to seal the hallway.

Instead of going directly to cockpit of the ship Xane decides to take a look at the ship's engines, it had been a while since he had been on a Tara ship and so had this ship judging by its looks. The Barony had usually been a stickler on having everything neat, tidy and in perfect working order. Looking around the engine room it clearly wasn't being maintained by them. When Ilsa finally reached him, several systems had their panels unhinged and the silver haired man appeared to be hard at work on a circuit on the work table. "This ship is in dire need of some upgrades, this hyperdrive calculator is only barely accurate now that I fixed it, that shield generator is all but useless and it sounds like both your power generator and engines are on their last legs." He says not looking up from his work. " Of course if you gave me a thousand credits I could fix all of this to factory condition and if you gave me four thousand I could have this ship rival high end commercial models. Hm, I guess I could recruit Doc to work on this, he always loves this kind of stuff... Oh yes, where are my manners I am..." He says turning to Ilsa and stopping in mid sentence.
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(OOC: Just to clarify, is the control panel in front of or behind the closing door?)
Chal swore as he saw the man at the control panel run, he began to run as well. As the door began to close he swore, but kept running, praying that he could make it to the console in time to keep the door open. This was not good, barely a minute in and already things were getting really complicated. Still, this would give him a chance to put his engineering skills to the test.


The breacher pod door swung open, and Maxwell barely had to shout "Zǒu ba zǒu ba zǒu ba!" before the mercs streamed out into the pristine white hallway, Erlend and Shahin were first out of the door, followed in formation by everybody else.
Doors covered the wall, which was also pockmarked with the black scars of blaster fire. Charred bodies lay further along the passage, motionless and horrific in death. However none of the groundhoggers battered an eyelid, staying in formation they fanned out around the breacher pod, setting up lines of fire.
"Yídòng tā! Xíngchéng xiǎo liàng!" He ordered, letting his knees bend and his head lower to the gunsight as he dropped into the standard movement position of a groundhogger.
Following his orders, Shahin and Maella took point and moved along the way, Dubhglass took rearguard, and the others kept an eye on the doors. Letting his footsteps fall into a calming rhythm along the advance, Maxwell's breathing slowed as he walked. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. That was what he had always been taught, and he wasn't going to let that change today.


Moving into a position with which he could see down the corridor Dante catches a glimpse of somebody working on one of the consoles before disappearing hurriedly around a corner moments before a heavy duty blast door began to descend. A door that required no spectrographic analysis on Dante's part to tell him that if it closed then they wouldn't be getting through it without using some serious hardware "DOWN!" Dante shouts, the studs on his left hand flaring a fierce electric blue as he sent a nearby engine block hurtling towards the door, hoping to wedge the door open long enough for them to get through to the other side.


"DOWN!" Comes the shout from the other side of the room. Remembering Dante's earlier advice, Chal drops and slides along the floor, his body completely touching the ground. He watches as the engine block hurtles just a few centimetres above his head, in a move attempting to wedge the door open. "I'll hack the mainframe and see if I can get it to open!" Chal shouts out, before jumping to his feet and beginning to run again.


Ilsa walked down the corridor, sword in right hand, revolver in left. As she neared the engine room, her anxiety grew. That guy could be doing anything right now, probably taking life support offline. Though still cautious, Ilsa hurried toward the engine room, stepping over items knocked to the ground during the gravity shutdown. As she stood beyond the doorframe to the engine, Ilsa heard the sounds of electrical work. He was destroying life support! Turning into the room, Ilsa points her revolver at the man, who is revealed to have white hair. "Lieuten..."

But he interrupts Ilsa, describing how her ship is on its last legs, and how he can restore everything to factory for 1000 credits (she thought they used woolong here), and vastly improve for 4000. What was this guy thinking? As he looked up to introduce himself, the man stopped. She knew him! Those gold eyes were impossible to forget. Lowering her weapons, Ilsa stares at the professor, who hadn't aged a bit, though over a decade had passed. "Professor Nihilo?" Ilsa finally manages to get out. "What are you doing here?"


[Team 1 (Chal, Saracen, Dante)] Pirate space station

The machine block is wedged under the door however the sound of metal bending indicates that it won't hold the heavy door for long nonetheless it holds long enough for the three to pass through it. Checking the control panel next to the door only gleans the fact that this system's link to the main hub is broken and the door requires maintenance. The blueprint Xane had given the group shows that the path breaks up ahead, the path forward leading to the other hangers and the space elevator while the path left would lead to the habitation area where the control system for the station is located. There is no indication of which way the man who shut the door on the group has gone. "I see you guys have made it in the station." Richard says over the comm link breaking the quiet of the station "Things have cooled off out here, the big ship is no longer trying to turn me into dust and the fighters have all been taken care off. Oh and if you feel like doing it now there's some power armors moving down the main hall to the space elevator. There doesn't seem to be any other big energy signatures in the station. But that could just mean their not powered up at the moment."

[Team 1] Objectives: Enter space station (Completed); take control of space station; take control of space elevator; pacify opposing forces on space station.
Current status: Inside station.

[Team 3 (Maxwell and his mercenaries)] Exchange ship

The first thing the group notice inside the ship is that their comm links don't work an irking fact but there really isn't much the group can do about it without interacting with the ship so the follow the path of the dead. The white hallway continues endlessly with doors down each side.The charred bodies lessen in regularity as the group continues further but there are always scars in the walls. At first made by laser and kinetic weapons but as the bodies stop showing up scars made by large claws appear on the walls and most of the doors are demolished showing sleeping quarters and recreation rooms. Eventually the hall opens into a large room. In the center of the room there is an elevator made for moving a large number of people judging by its sides though it isn't open at the moment. A more pressing matter presents itself as a group of armed men appear to be waiting for the lift to come down. They look disheveled two are in powered armor though both appear to be on the point of falling apart one is missing an arm and the other has had most of its body armor torn off. The other three men are wearing similarly damaged battle armor though none are wounded badly. They are all nervously looking down a hallway to the left of the group.

[Team 3] Objectives: Board Exchange ship (Completed), Take control of environmental systems (Optional), Take control of Command center; Remove hostiles from ship; Use ships weapons to pacify remaining enemy ships (Optional)
Current status: Inside ship
Possible combat against: 2 damaged powered armor, 3 soldiers
Combat victory chance: high


The comms didn't work. Too bad, they didn't have contact with any of the other teams. Still, they were professionals and could handle this by themselves. The corridor continued, as did the bodies, although curiously further down there were no bodies, but claw marks and destroyed doors. Looked like the pirates had a pet which came loose.
The hallway finished in an open end, leading into a lift-room. Gorammit, Maxwell had a bad feeling that they were lost, and that the maps they'd been given weren't right. However there was only one thing to do; soldier on.
The lift was closed, and five pirates in damaged power armour were waiting nervously, continually glancing down a hallway to their left. Power armour? Pfft. Noobs. Time to do what he and his crew did best. Killing was their business, and business was good.
Since the comms weren't working, he'd have to do this the good old fashioned way. Signalling a halt with his left hand, he made a flurry of hand gestures, indicating the attack formation. The troopers nodded and moved as per his orders. Shahin crouched and crept into the room, hugging the wall and trying to flank the opposition. Maella dropped into prone and took aim. Erlend moved back to take up the rearguard. Maxwell, Dubhglass and Zhou picked targets.
Dubhglass was the first to open fire, pouring a burst of mixed phosphorous, tracer, hollow point and FMJ at the enemy to disorientate them. Maella was next, delivering accurate sniping, as Maxwell and Zhou opened fire with quick, accurate bursts.


Chal cursed the computer terminal once they'd slipped through the door. "We'll get nothing from it" he said to the others, before Richard buzzed in to tell them the news about the power armour people. Chal considered for a moment before speaking "I vote that we go for the control system. If we take control first then we can move to secure the space elevator with ease, because I should be able to take charge of the facility from the control room." He waited and decided to let the others speak, hoping that they would realise that he had a good point, if he did manage to hack into the ships systems he could isolate the pirates allowing Dante and Saracen to subdue them one by one.


Boosted muscles surged with adrenaline as the assassin dived and rolled under the propped door to finish in a crouched position on the other side with his sidearm held out before him. With Richards voice speaking through his comm’s Dante moves a short distance down a corridor that his map said would lead him to a hangar whilst Chal battled with the control panel, stopping once he found no trace of the man they had seen "Sounds good to me Sparky" he replies to Chal with a nonchalant shrugging of his shoulders as he returned to where the others were stood. If they gained control of the control room then they could have all sorts of fun and games involving orbital defences and atmosphere levels "Come, lets go and put a crimp in their day"


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Her first attack had succeeded, but the fighters weren't going to fall for the same trick twice... Unfortunate, Nelx thought, since that method of attacking was sooo much fun... Having backed away, the fighters than started to fire missiles at herself and her partner-in-war. Over the intercom between herself and Ghor, she shouted, "Ghorrrr, what do we do now? Shall we attack them head on, and get blown to smithereens, or...can we try something a little more...deceptive?" The thoughts of using sneaky tactics made Nelx very excitable... "Ahaha, this is the most fun I've had in aaagesssss..." She shouted, as she maneuvered her mecha out of the range of the missiles for the time being.

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Their first maneuver had been successful, but Nelx accurately stated that the fighters wouldn't fall for it again. He quickly had The Savior run a diagnostic check on itself, ensuring that none of the blasts it'd taken had done any real damage. Fortunately, it seemed that the damage was largely superficial, meaning he could continue to draw fire. "These xhnokßabpq aren't going to destroy us, I can ASSURE you of that!" he half snapped, apparently not noticing his brief foray into his home language, using a word or phrase that would've been impossible for a human tongue to pronounce, meaning that while his race may appear human, their mouths at least functioned in different ways. Since he was robotic anyway, that didn't make a difference for him, but it wasn't a stretch to extrapolate.

Looking at the situation, using both his organic brain and The Savior's mechanical one, he formulated a plan. "If you have something deceptive, by all means try it…I'll trust you won't get me killed in the process…and if, not then at least the explosion should take them all out too, consequences be damned!" He then shouted an entire phrase in his native language, possibly a war cry as he shot straight at the enemy ships, simultaneously ordering The Savior to pull up its shields at full force and spraying plasma shots in a spiral. He had no intentions of going kamikaze…he'd done this stunt many times before…if the ships had any sense of self-preservation they'd swerve out of the way and be so preoccupied with him that they wouldn't notice Nelx doing whatever she wanted to…if they DIDN'T move he'd shoot more controlled as he got close…a point blank couple shots would melt the ships and he'd still be safe. He'd have to fix a shield generator or two for sure, but death was highly improbable.


Chal nodded to Dante in reply to his comment, although he didn't particularly like the nickname Sparky, he'd had worse. He took point and pulled out his beam sword and his silenced Laser SMG, with those two he could cut down anyone who attacked them. Slowly he moved up the corridor, alert and ready for a trap to be sprung at any second.