Final Destination: Ad infinitum


The Director frowned as he watched the group go. “This test shall be proof that our people can work together to make something greater. This shall be a step towards unity, a small step perhaps but a step nonetheless.” The Director recited as he pulled a cigarette from his coat pocket and lit it. “A bright future? I doubt it.” He said blowing a cloud of smoke through the holographic screen in front of him. “John how are the instruments working? How are the pilots handing the new upgrades.”
“THE INSTRUMENTS ARE IN WORKING ORDER DIRECTOR AND THE PILOTS ARE HANDELING THE CHANGES WITHIN POSITIVE PARAMETERS.“ The AI responded from behind the Director causing him to flinch. It seemed that the higher ups found it funny to make the AI’s humanoid frame as quiet as possible. Well he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of a stronger reaction.
“Good, and their escort force?” He said taking another puff of his cigarette and watching the groups progress on the Holo screen.
“Good, good then in that case get all of the boffins to the main meeting room I’ll need their most recent report for my next meeting with the higher ups on how our project is going.” The Director said before exiting his office with the AI’s humanoid frame in tow. “How long will it…” The Director began saying before warning sirens stopped him in his tracks.. “John what is going on!” The Director shouted spinning towards the nearest display screen.
“THERE IS A GRAVITATIONAL ANOMALY OCCURING IN OUR VICINITY. THERE IS NO APPARENT CAUSE BUT THE ANOMALY IS INCREASING IN SIZE.” The AI responded as the screen filled with light showing an empty region of space. The Director watched silently when that empty region of space suddenly lit up as a great ship with a drill in front suddenly appeared as if it had just drilled a hole through space. The director gaped as the ship slowly rotated towards the space station and began to lumber towards it, its great drill still slowing down. “UNKNOWN SHIP FIRING.” The AI said as the lights suddenly went out leaving the Director in the dark. “Well that shut him up at least.” The Director said lighting another cigarette up and watching as the emergency lighting indicated the way to the hanger. “An unknown vessel appears at this station and EMP’s it… Just great.” He said as he loaded his handgun while he followed the lights. As he reached the section that connected the command module to the hanger the station shook. The Director had no idea what could cause that big of a tremor through the station but he guessed the unknown force would try to board the station and assumed that they were doing just that. When the Director finally got to the hanger it was in insane, the ship had rammed through the hull and some armored humanesk creatures flanked by large armored gorilla type beings were leading personnel from the station into the massive ship. “psionics.” The Director growled as he turned away from the hanger planning on finding another way off the doomed station only to come face to face with one of the humanlike creatures who had just rounded the passage. The Director felt a cold chill go down his spine as the creature tried and failed to dominate his mind. The creature flinched and fumbled for its gun, not expecting any resistance, before the creature could do more than that The Director had his gun to its head and fired. What should have been a simple case of stashing the body and running for another escape became much harder. As when The Director fired a gorillas apparently assigned to the creature he had just killed walked around the bend and as the human-like creature crumpled to the ground the gorilla roared as if in pain and smashed its armored fists into the ground leaving dents. The Director desperately fired on the gorilla knowing that going through it would be the only means of escape. Though the shots hit their mark and made holes in the armor the gorilla charged right through the shots and smashed him into the ground repeatedly hitting him in the chest with its fists breaking his ribs. As his vision began to fade the Director heard the sound of a sword leaving its sheath and the Gorilla fell before him. “YOU DON’T GET TO DIE YET…”


Welcome to a new era in the Obsidian galaxy. A galaxy notable for the large nebulous cloud at its core known as God’s proving ground. Time is turning and the ancient empire known as the Theocracy of Adis is in decay leaving the Terran empire, the military force known as the Guardians and the criminal organization known as the Exchange the main superpowers in play.

The Theocracy of Adis was the oldest nation formed from humans who had arrived to the galaxy on a generation ship looking for a new home. The initially peaceful nation suddenly became militaristic after a bloody war with a neighboring nation caused the founding of the religion of Adis. A religion that preached the superiority of humans over everything else. The nation was an undisputed superpower until during one of its especially bad crusades against non-humans the nations outer worlds revolted forming the Terran empire halting the Theocracy’s already slowing expansion. The main reason for the nations fall however was due to its sudden war with the newly discovered nation under the protection of the Guardians. The war was short and ended when the Guardians invaded the nations capital planet Adis, destroying it, killing the high ranking officials and their religious leader. Since then the nation’s systems have begun to separate sometimes forming their own nation, sometimes being held together by what remains of Adis’s army or joining the Terran Empire. Spatially the theocracy’s land surrounds God’s proving ground, the center of the galaxy.

The Terran empire was formed from wealthy merchants, military men and bureaucrats who could no longer deal with the methods of the Theocracy of Adis. The war that ensued when the Terran empire pulled off from the Theocracy of Adis ended in a stalemate as Adis’s military was tied up in other parts of the empire that attempted to rebel and could not bring enough to bare against the Terran empire before it had removed all of Adis‘s military influence over the area. The Terran empire works as a large central government that protects the systems under its influence viewed and lets them do their own thing with little interference. The empire is generally viewed more positively than the Theocracy Adis due to the fact that it doesn’t go out of the way to kill those who oppose it. The Terran empire however is still ruthless in its expansion conquering nations weaker than it and going to war against any group that threatens its supremacy. Since the appearance of the Guardians the Terran empire has ceased its military conquests apparently under treaty with the Guardians to prevent open war between the two. Even so the Terran empire still expands albeit using more secretive and less bloody methods like economically forcing smaller nations to be its vassals.

The Guardians are a recent group to appear on political world. Coming from within Gods Proving ground the Guardians quickly proved their power when the Theocracy of Adis declared war on them and they won. The war was short and ended in the complete destruction of Adis (there is no trace of the planet) a feat thought to be impossible for the surprisingly small force the guardians sent. Since that war representatives of the Guardians have shown up at many of the independent nations having talks with their leaders over trade and other things. It is not known how but the Guardians have proven to have the ability to jump their ships from the core of the galaxy to nations on the other side of the Terran empire and back. Nothing is known about what goes on inside God’s proving ground but what is known of the Guardians is that the majority of their crew seem to be humans, and they tend to keep to themselves.

The Exchange is an unusual group it is unknown when they first appeared but it is thought that the exchange came into originally as a group of skilled pirates. The Exchange is most known for having a finger in every large scale underground operation and is rumored to be in charge of most black markets. The Exchange is also known for serving information brokers to anyone willing to pay the price and it is thought that most governments have a contact from the Exchange for just such a purpose. The headquarters of the exchange is rumored to be a place known as the vault of infinity a secret location said to hold treasures from all over the universe. This is largely viewed as false rumor, though officials are confused as to how The Exchange have so much influence and yet no one knows how they know what they know. The leader of the Exchange is known as the collector a person rumored to know everything and have exotic things from all over the universe.

The main setting of this RP will be in the Federation of Bartheon an independent nation on the outskirts of known space. Bartheon is most notable for having a massive asteroid field around the whole system that is populated by a web of defense platforms making Bartheon one of the most well defended of the outer systems.


Hello everyone and welcome to my RP, in this world you play as a bunch of mercenaries who have answered the call for a contract to defend a space station in the Federation of Bartheon. The area around Bartheon isn’t too dangerous it has the usual pirate activity and occasional raiding parties from an aggressive space faring race known as the Zuul. No matter your apprehensions you decided to accept the contract and now wait in a large conference room on the capital planet of Bartheon to meet your employers.

Okay so this is going to be a mecha RP so here are a few things to know before we start.

1. In this world mechas are the main force used in planetary combat. There have been some forays into making them useable for space combat but they are still by and large out gunned by spaceships due to their larger weapons and fuel tanks.

2. Faster than light travel engines exist however they are large and except for rare occasions are only equipped to spaceships.

Character sheet: (Please PM me your character sheet)

Name: (self explanatory)
Faction: ( Who do you support? Terran, Adis, one of the independent nations, a nation in unknown space, do you not care or only care about money? You can‘t be from the main body of the Exchange or from the Guardians.)

Age: (Self explanatory)
Gender: ( Do you have a gender?)
Race: ( What are you? Human? alien bug? Starfish? Whatever you want, just don’t make it too over powered.)
Appearance: (What do you look like)
Weapons: (What do you use to defend yourself when you are not in your mecha.)
Personality: (How do you act)
Skills: (What is your person good at?)
Bio: (What is your history)


Mech Name: (Pick a name, any name.)
Pilot Specialty: (What is your person good at.)
Mech Description: (What does the Mecha look like, use a picture if you want but use a link, please.)
Weapons: ( what is your mech equipped with?)
Special Attributes: (What, if any, special abilities does your mecha have.)
Mech Origins: (Where/how did your person get the mecha?)


Name: Xane Ex Nihilo
Faction: Unknown
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: 6’6”, medium build, short silver hair, golden eyes, generally wears full combat armor or pilot jumpsuit.
Weapons: An Ornamental long sword on his belt.
Personality: Quick witted and with a large ego Xane is often criticizing of those in power and has been known to do his own thing regardless of circumstances.
skills: Ace mecha pilot, good aim, good sword skill and functional knowledge on how mechas function.
Bio: Sent in as one of the prototype mecha pilots Xane has proven to be the best pilot at the station. He’s most known for calling himself the best there is at whatever he happens to be doing. When he is not testing out the mecha he was assigned too he can usually be found helping/bothering the mechanics and scientists with their work proving himself to be capable of backing up his boasting.


Mech Name: Prototype 1
Pilot Specialty: Long range combat

Mech Description:

A mecha designed for high speed ranged combat Prototype 1 is primarily focused on space combat and makes use of the advanced engine to reach blazing speeds.
Weapons: The mecha is equipped with high powered laser sniper rifle and an energy sword in the event of close combat both of which use the engine for power

Special Attributes: Built with a special kind of engine Prototype 1 should in theory be able to function at full power indefinitely. Unfortunately the mecha is unable to deal with the stress of the engine for long and begins to break down within five min of reaching full power. Research on how to safely use the engine is still ongoing

Mech Origins: Produced at space station Pegasus it is one of the three prototype models for their new engine.

Name: Nihilo Morbasa
Faction: Unknown
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: 6’2”, wide shoulders, muscular, short black hair, green eyes, Usually wears full battle armor and doesn't seem to be affected by its weight.
Weapons: Nihilo is an expert in hand to hand combat and also using makeshift weapons.

Personality: Nihilo is a very serious person and usually carries a hard look on his face. Nihilo is a very quiet man and usually will only answer in short sentences if forced.
skills: expert in melee combat, Ace Gigan pilot, Strong man.
Bio: Another of the test pilots, he is assigned to the gigantic mecha Prototype 2. Nihilo is a good pilot however due to his dislike of talking most of the information received from him is mainly from the sensors inside his mecha. When not piloting his mecha he can be found meditating in his room or talking to Xane who seems capable of having a discussion with Nihilo despite Nihilo’s terse responses.


Mech Name: Prototype 2

Pilot Specialty:
Mech Description: Frontal Assault, Close combat

Standing several times bigger than most mechas Prototype 2 is a sight to behold Using its prototype engine to the fullest the mecha has armored plating that can rival a battleship for defense and weapons guns that look like they could be from one.

Weapons: Prototype 2 is equipped with heavy lasers on its right arm as well as an auto cannon, it is also equipped with missile launchers in its chest and shoulders.

Special Attributes: Prototype 2 uses its prototype engine to function due to its size and weight like the others the engine is not perfect and causes damage to the mecha if used to long. In Prototype 2’s case it can only function for 30 min.

Mech Origins: Produced at space station Pegasus it is one of the three prototype models for their new engine. Prototype 2 seems to be based off Mecha the Guardians were rumored to have used during their invasion of Adis

Name: Derek Styme
Faction: Unknown
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Psionic Human
Appearance: 5’10”, slim build, short black hair, brown eyes, usually wears his pilot suit and psyco-booster gloves.
Weapons: Derek has a military grade plasma pistol but usually uses his psionic abilities to hit his opponents with nearby objects. He does this using his psyco-boosters which increase his inherent psionic abilities to the extent that he can effect objects.

Personality: Derek puts on the demeanor of a professional standing rigidly at all times and talking formally to his peers. This however tends to change when he is around Xane. When around Xane he tends to be angry and impatient as the other the other man seems to like poking fun at Derek’s professional demeanor.
Skills: Has telekinesis, trained in many kinds of weaponry, moderate computer skill (hacking)
Bio: Derek the test pilot assigned to Prototype 3. He has proven that the weapon systems all work within acceptable levels. When he can usually be located in one of the exercise rooms or the library, he tends to be away when Xane is around unless he is arguing with him.


Mech Name: Prototype 3
Pilot Specialty: Field control, medium range

Mech Description:

Probably the least impressive looking of the prototypes it uses a standard body structure for its base. The main difference between it and a standard mecha is the high power booster systems on the back and the large module on the back that holds its sensor systems

Weapons: Prototype 3 is equipped with a experimental plasma rifle, Experimental mass accelerator gun and laser combat drones.

Special Attributes: Unlike the other two prototype mechas Prototype 3 doesn't make extensive use of the Prototype engine instead it is equipped with experimental weapons and a powerful sensor array that allows it to command a large group of combat drones.
Mech Origins: Produced at space station Pegasus supposedly for their new engine however it appears to hold pet projects from several of the teams scientists.
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Name: Ghor
Faction: Independant
Age: 43 Terran calendar years
Gender: Male
Race: Formerly human-like, currently cyborg.
Weapons: Has a plasma cannon attached to his right hand. However, without his mecha he’s fairly weak.
Personality: Ghor is an incredibly nice person, taking on jobs he feels will best help people in need. Oftentimes he gives away the reward money to the victims of the opposing side, when he’s not working for free. He’s extremely kind, thoughtful, and generous.
Bio: It’s unclear if Ghor was originally human or not, but that matters little. It is known he fought in the war against the Terran empire when they invaded his small home planet. He was extremely badly injured in the conflict, forcing him to have his body modified. Only 6% of his original body remains, the rest is all cyber-mechanic. Upon receiving his new form, he became a bounty hunter/mercenary for hire, only taking on jobs he felt would better the galaxy. He received an invitation to join a group of other mercenaries for some sort of large scale job, and he accepted, deciding that even if the job was bad, he could at least eliminate the other men and women so that the galaxy wouldn’t be troubled by the job.


Mech Name: The Savior
Pilot Specialty: Large creature engagement, area denial/crowd control.
Mech Description: (on the right)
Weapons: The Savior is equipped with various ranged weaponry. It has a large laser cannon that can fire continuously for several seconds, a missile launcher, and rapid fire plasma cannons. Its arms are melee weapons, ending in knives. It has several shields designed to protect Ghor, who is fairly exposed while in the mech, and it can use these offensively, charging foes from a distance to be a brute force battering ram. It also possesses limited flight capabilities, though the less-than-aerodynamic form hinders those processes significantly, needing to transform to fully use them.
Special Attributes: Ghor, being primarily mechanical, can fuse directly with his mech. Merging with the armor alters his personality drastically, turning him violent and angry. It’s argued that this is because his mech is intelligent and in combining with it Ghor also adapts to its personality. The mech can also turn into a one-man spacecraft tailored specifically to Ghor, though its firepower doesn’t match the larger spacecrafts.
Mech Origins: It was quickly discovered that the new body made for Ghor was rather weak. Cyborg technology is new and it was quickly made clear that even the plasma cannon attached to his arm wasn’t going to keep him alive very long. Toward that end, the engineers that had created Ghor’s body decided that he was the best hope for their world’s salvation and began to create the mecha, which they named The Savior. Unfortunately, the Terran Empire succeeded in taking over their planet before the mecha was completed. Wishing now for revenge, the scientists finished building The Savior, only to find that Ghor didn’t wish to fight any longer. He believed that perhaps it was best that the Terran Empire won the war, as there was no way his small planet could have repelled them…no, better it ended quickly. Defeated, the scientists gave Ghor The Savior anyway, as it had been designed to only work for him, and he’s been utilizing it ever since.


Name: Chal Ixin die Jolek
Faction: Neutral
Age: 27 Earth Years
Gender: Male
Race: Quarian (
Appearance: The one on the right.
Weapons: Two Laser Pistols and a Laser SMG with Silencer and a Beam sword (like a smaller version of a Lightsabre, since we're having those).
Personality: Chal is inquisitive and jumps at most opportunities that come his way. He is very clever; however, he knows little of the cultures of other races but is reasonably good at social interactions
Skills: Agile, Amazing Engineer, Basic Combat Medic.
Bio: Chal is a Quarian on his pilgrimage, which is when Quarians leave the Migrant Fleet and travel throughout the Universe in an attempt to gain knowledge that will help the survival of the migrant fleet. Chal has travelled far and learnt medical skills as well as honing his skill as a weapons and ship engineer. He has taken the job as an engineer on the mercenary job to earn some money and learn about Bartheon and human culture.

Mech Name: Rustheart
Pilot Specialty: Ranged Weaponry, Mech Repair.
Mech Description: Grey with a blue visor. The power core is found in the centre under a layer of armour below the command chair. The back of the suit of armour opens out to let the user out. Inside there is a chair with various controls and a medbay. There are also two chairs, one on each side of the control chair to allow passengers, these powers can also be given control of the weapons array on their side. (The weapons on the pic have swapped arms)
Weapons: A missile launcher that comes out of each shoulder, on the right arm is a large beam cannon that can fire a beam every three seconds and the left hand is a giant sword that is coated in a Nanite Field that allows it to cut through almost anything. The Nanobots on the mech work in the Medbay with the ability to heal wounds relatively quickly, however they also repair the Mech whenever it is not in combat (even if it is not in use).
Special Attributes: Repair Nanobots, Medbay and Weaponry Overload.
Mech Origins: During his pilgrimage (read the wiki), Chal decided to learn about Mechs to help defend the Migration Fleet. It was the third Mech he created before the group he was working with split up. He kept it during the fall out and now uses it when necessary, also trying out new design variations on it. Currently he is configuring an overcharge system to the mech.
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Name: Saracen

Faction: Independent

Age: 29 (human years)

Gender: Male

Race: Psionic human


Weapons: Double lightsabres, red and purple, strapped to either side of his waist. His light saber absorbs hits from blaster rifles when blocked.

Personality: Despite the mask, Saracen is of good nature. Usually he remains neutral, taking no sides in any battle, but if ever he saw a powerful force against a defenseless opponent, he will interfere. He doesn't believe in small talk and always gets to the point first.

Skills: Saracen has great hand to eye coordination, his arms move faster than the average man making him a skilled fighter with his sabers. He is also as good with his hands as he his with his sabres. Over the years Saracen developed a knack for sneaking, and honed his inherited skill of telekenesis making him a psionic. Saracen is able to move objects with his mind, he couldn't lift heavy objects or humans and the closer the target the stronger his link would be. He usually uses it to push opponents back a few steps to break their balance.

Bio: Saracen was born on a small planet in the outer region of space. His father was a soldier who trained him in the arts of fighting. Saracen`s grandfather, and his father before him all fought with sabres and were psionics, humans who had powers. Saracen never had a female role in his life as his mom died giving birth to him, his father then took an oath never to touch a woman again, and he stood by it. When Saracen reached 9, the Theocracy of Adis invaded his planet because it was a hometown to psionics. Saracen's dad was one of the many captains in the front lines of war. In the midst of battle his father was shot from behind by a sharpshooter. After the battle was finished, Saracen walked through the many bodies and mechs that littered the ground till he reached his father. He lay by his father for what seemed like hours but then knew he had to go, so he took his father's mask and sabres and left the scene of death and destruction behind.
For the rest of his life, Saracen done mercenary jobs for different employers, owing allegiance to no nation or mob boss. So when he was offered the job on Bartheon, he accepted.


Mech Name: Iggz

Pilot Specialty: Close combat and special ops.

Mech Description:

Weapons: 2 Energy sabres
Special Attributes: Iggz's body is made of extra hard metal, so it absorbs more hits than your average mech. It being light makes it agile and harder for sharpshooters to hit.

Mech Origins: Saracen obtained his sabre from a job he done in the past, he found it lying in a scrapyard and instantly saw it's poetential. He personally added modifications to the mech and changed it's weapons from rifle to sabres. The name "Iggz" was embedded on the back of the mech and Saracen felt it wrong to change it.
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Name: Maxwell Winter
Faction: Mercenary

Age: 48
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: 5'10, shaved head, hard, unforgiving clean shaven face with scars, strong, muscular build. His voice is deep and gravelly, and when not in armour he wears a green training vest and trackies.
Weapons: High-powered laser assault rifle, vibroblade and handgun. His power armour is old, and despite the many scars and marks of battle upon it he keeps it coloured a gleaming dark grey, with a skull painted on the visor and decorative horns fixed to the top of the helmet.
Personality: When not fighting John would be a great drinking partner, with a deep laugh and a good sense of humour, he is a popular man in the drinking dens of space. However on jobs he is an effective mercenary, getting the job done no matter the cost. This attitude has earned him the nickname of The Butcher in many circles. He maintains an iron fist upon indiscipline within the men he commands and always fights in vanguards, leading him to be both feared and awed.
However he also has a reputation for disrespect and disloyalty, often as not turning on the corporations who hired him. He is amoral and cares little for trivialities of right and wrong enjoyed by many. He fights, men die, he gets paid, he drinks. Nothing else matters to him.
Skills: Shooting, Leadership, Endurance, Brawling.
Bio: Like father, like son. John's dad was a mercenary before him, and taught him how to fight as good as the next trooper. At eighteen he joined his father's mercenary troop and fought in many wars across the galaxy. His exploits brought him his nickname, and a reputation.


Name: Dante Adis
Faction: Formerly of the Adis Theocracy
Age: 32 (Though looks a lot younger)
Gender: Male
Race: “Human” Psion
Appearance: Dante is 6’2” with shoulder length ash-blonde hair that frames his narrow facial features and has a slim if not entirely muscular build.
At first glance he appears to be wearing a pair of dark sunglasses however upon closer inspection they turn out to be implanted into his flesh. His finger nails are made out of black plastic and house a set of retractable scalpel blades and upon the palm of each hand there are three black studs just below his fingers, that in turn connect to a series of cabled that run beneath the skin of his arms (the underside) before disappearing somewhere around his shoulders. Behind his right ear there is what appears to be a 3.5 jack socket.
He is normally dressed in a Theocracy of Adis jumpsuit with much of the insignia torn off and a pair of black jack boots. About his neck hang a set of dog tags
Weapons: Scalpel implants, 10mm side arm though mainly uses his psionic’s.
Personality: Due to his intellect and multiple “Upgrades” Dante tends to look down upon other people and can come across as being rather arrogant a fact not helped by his ruthlessly mercenary attitude. However should you get past his rather ly demeanour and sardonic humour he is a decent enough guy to hang out with.
Skills: High intellect, psionic abilities, electronics and computers, has some martial arts training
Bio: Dante’s personnel file is a sea of redacted information and classified files that only the highest of clearances can hope to access. However should you find one of the few unedited copies lurking within the Theocracies high command you would learn that at the age of sixteen Dante was selected along with nine others (five boys and five girls) from the military academy to form an experimental and highly classified unit.
Through the use chemicals and extreme mental conditioning they first wiped all memory of his past life (including his original name) and then reprogrammed him to be a fanatically loyal and extremely capable agent of the Theocracy.
By the age of twenty Dante had been fully upgraded with bionic implants and synthetic organs to the point of questionable humanity.
He and the rest of his team served the Theocracy for the better part of ten years where they performed the rolls of spies, assassins and wet teams with a high rate of success. Unfortunately it was also around about this point that certain flaws started appearing within the technology causing the military to become rather anxious over the viability of safely keeping such a team under its command.
It was shortly after his Brother Jonah’s insanity and subsequent “Retirement” that Dante broke his conditioning and fled having realised that his life within the theocracy was hanging in the balance.
Stealing the Mech; Trinity from off of the battlefield Dante pursued the life of a mercenary being sure to choose jobs away from the Theocracies domain though other than that not caring who he fought for or against so long as he was paid and nobody asked any questions.


Mech Name: Trinity
Pilot Specialty: Electronic warfare and recon
Mech Description:
Trinity is a small sized (relatively speaking) bi-pedal mech with a single hand on its left side (beneath which a rotary cannon is mounted) and a large calibre coil gun on the right. Upon its shoulders are a myriad of antenna and satellite dishes and a missile launcher.
The cockpit is large enough to seat two occupants one in front of the other (Three if you don’t mind being cramped) though only requires one to pilot the mech. Trinity still has its original red and white paint scheme although it is now rather battle scarred and somebody has taken great pains to paint over most of the original markings, although rather poorly.
Weapons: one wrist mounted Shiva rotary cannon, one shoulder mounted long ranged missile launcher (Multiple warhead types), one arm mounted coil gun.
Special Attributes: A highly advanced electronic warfare suite, long ranged passive and active radar, advanced communications system.
Mech Origins: Trinity was originally assigned to Father John Lassiter and his pilot Lieutenant Jack Trent as the command vehicle for three other similar mech’s (Big Daddy, Little Boy and Ghost) to act as long range recon and close infantry support vehicles.
However at some point during an engagement with Guardian soldiers, Trinity was reported missing and its transponder deactivated to high command. Both the pilot and its commander were later found dead with their throats cut and their uniforms stolen.
Although it was never made public knowledge a highly classified wet team had also been working within the area at the time; of which two of its members were reported to be AWOL.
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Character sheet:

Name: Nelx Freelan
Faction: Terran
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance: At 5”6, Nelx is a rather short female with a slim body, and small feet. She has shoulder-length, brunette-coloured hair, which she leaves to flow down in an organised mess around her shoulders. She has pale skin, and bright green eyes. A sweatshirt and jeggings are her preferred style.
Weapons: Single emerald green-coloured lightsabre
Personality: Nelx is a good natured character, and very honest, so she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but if she is antagonised, she can flare up with an extremely nasty temper, revealing her true nature. She is protective over people she cares about, and isn’t afraid to face up to someone superior to her. You could say that she is two-faced...
Skills: Nelx’s smallness makes her very agile, allowing her to dodge most attacks, though she is also skilled at fighting with her sabre, allowing her to be dangerous on the offensive. Her only other noticeable skill is that she is quite intelligent.
Bio: Nelx grew up on a small Terran-governed planet many leagues from the God’s Proving Ground, but not in the outer stretches of the galaxy. She was born as an only child to her mother and father, both of whom she cared about deeply. Her father died when she was 15, and her mother yet lives in solitude on their home planet. At 19, Nelx felt a desire to explore the galaxy, and went on a series of travels, during one of which she obtained her lightsabre, and developed her abilities... She enjoys travelling a lot, but does occasionally go home to visit her mother. She is eager to sign up for this mercenary job when she heard about it, and so, after some short deliberations, joined up!


Mech Name: Sarixa
Pilot Specialty: Stealth attacks. (Active stealth systems that can only be active when not flying and don't have the ability to hide energy weapons or loud noises)
Mech Description:
Weapons: High-powered laser gun attached to right arm, which activates when needed by a control inside the mech. Lightsabre on left arm.
Special Attributes: Sarixa is a rather light mech, and quite small, making it agile, just like Nelx herself. It's only other special ability is the ability to fly, which comes in useful often.
Mech Origins: Nelx discovered the small cube from which her mech materialised lying in a scrapyard on one of her travels, shortly after she obtained her lightsabre. She picked it up, made a few adjustments, and named it Sarixa. She has used it ever since...
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The Absaluta building stands high above the capital city of Bartheon. It is the location of Bartheon's biggest trading companies as well as several sections of its government. Through this building goods from all nations flow, from the decaying Theocracy of Adis to nations of unknown space. Today something rare has happened, today a different company has rented out a section of the Absaluta building for recruiting.

Mercenaries will do anything if the price is right and this is no exception. The mercenaries who showed up for the defensive contract where all brought to a private landing area under guard by military policemen. After passing through several corridors filled with security drones the mercenaries are left to wait in line to see if they will be accepted for the contract. At the head of the line sits a sour faced security guard, surrounded by security drones, who checks his computer to see if a mercenary can pass him or not.
"Okay you check out, go through the door, down the hall, third door on your right." The guard said with disgust as another mercenary was cleared to work with the bigwigs who had built a station around one of the asteroids in the great field. The guard gives a sigh as another mercenary walked up to his checkpoint. To most government servicemen, mercenaries are viewed as criminals and war profiteers. This guard was no different but he had a job to do and he would do it correctly despite these criminals.
Past the angry guard and the security drones, are the Absaluta meeting rooms. The room the mercenaries are told to wait in is dominated by a large table around which chairs are spread haphazardly. Among the mercenaries who sit around the table waiting three men stand out at the opposite end of the table facing the door. A tall, silver-haired, man in a pilot suit sleeps on a chair with his head supported by his hand. A massively built man sits next to the first in full combat armor; his green eyes carefully look over each mercenary as they arrive. The third man, in some kind of officer uniform, stands at the end of the table and occasionally calls out to the newcomers “Take a seat or talk among yourselves. We will begin as soon as the Director arrives."
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"Oh yeah because any conversation I have in here is bound to be stimulating" Dante drawled sarcastically in response to the man’s suggestion as he took a seat at the table; resting his booted feet upon its polished surface. Dante had been doing the mercenary game now for a few years and had long since learnt that his intellect far outstripped that of the average merc who seemed to be obsessed with only guns, money and getting wasted in some hell hole of a bar...not that he objected to the latter.
From his position at the table he watches as his new colleagues enter the room curious to see who he would be working with on the upcoming mission and which ones he should avoid.
Lacing his fingers together behind the back of his head, Dante leaned back in his chair to stare up at the ceiling, quietly whistling an old Theocracy marching song waiting to see if any of the Terran’s within the room would take offence. The Guards may have taken his side arm but he still had his implants and any man foolish enough to pick a fight with him would quickly come to regret it…well…maybe after they woke up that is

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Being one of the earlier ones to arrive, Ghor took a seat as one of the other mercenaries complained about the request to have them talk, stating outright that he didn't think any conversation he would have in this room would be interesting. The mechanical being looked the figure over. From what he could see, the man had been altered through surgical means, though to what purpose wasn't clear. He figured the sunglasses-type modification wasn't just to protect his eyes though.

Though he was comprised almost entirely of mechanical and electronic parts, Ghor was very quiet as he moved. The scientists that had built this body for him clearly knew what they were doing. His red optical inputs glowed brighter for a moment, then his mouth opened, small adjustments being made to simulate an actual mouth moving rather than a robotic up and down motion. "Don't judge what you haven't fully come to know," he cautioned the other mercenary, his voice mechanical, yet somehow still fairly humanlike. "If nothing else, you'll miss out on some unique experiences. I'm living proof of that...if you had come to me before I settled into this body and said I would enjoy it, I'd have called you insane, asking what possible benefits there were to being mechanical. Now, though...I'm thankful. I continue to live, and not in constant pain like I would have been if they'd have tried to save my organic body...I can still help people, can still experience life...and I discovered that all electronics are intelligent. The conversations I've had with machines are some of the most interesting I've ever had, and were it not for this body, I'd have never known it was possible."

"Obviously there's a big difference between that instance and being asked to talk with the other occupants of this room, but the principles are the same. Refuse to be open minded, and you could miss out on some amazing experiences." Ghor then shrugged and leaned back. Since he was robotic he didn't need to do so to feel comfortable, but it was one of the many traits he still had from his organic body...and he was glad for that...the day he didn't automatically recline in a chair was the day he had lost a part of his normal origins and was turning into a robot in mind as well as body.


Saracen simply nodded at the guards instructions and other mercenaries he made eye contact with. “Take a seat or talk among yourselves. We will begin as soon as the Director arrives." said on of the guards as Saracen entered some sort of conference room. Already two mercenaries were there, one who looked more robot than human, but still behaved as a human. Another, a tall human who seemed to be wearing sun glasses, after a few seconds of staring at the man's face he realized that the skin around his eyes were black. "....... Refuse to be open minded, and you could miss out on some amazing experiences." spoke the robotic figure, Saracen had missed most of what he said. Saracen nodded to the mercenaries and made his way to the far end of the table, there he took his seat.
He replayed the route into the building and all corridors he saw in his mind, should he need a quick getaway, he would take it. There have been certain cases in the past where he was summoned just so they could eliminate him. The guards weren't heavily armed, so he reckoned getting past them should be no problem.


Chal entered the room with the others and stood back interested, especially in the robot, it appeared that he was self concious, either a very advanced android like the AI in the Fleet or a cyborg. After a short wait he decided he crossed the room and began to speak, his voice smoothly carrying simply as well. "Excuse me for asking, but what are you? Are you a cyborg or android? I've been studying you and you seem impossibly complex, the scientists that designed must have been very clever." He stayed silent for half a second absent mindedly as if he'd forgotten something. "Oh yes, I am Chal Ixin die Jolek, however, most people know me as Chal." He had to remember to always introduce himself, due to the fact that he'd lived on a relatively small ship in the fleet everyone knew everyone and anyway most Quarians had all the others stored on their data banks so it was rare for him to have to introduce himself, but he'd needed to remember to do it more often since he was somewhere with next to no Quarians, which had been an interesting experience, he would certainly bring a tale or two back to the Migrant Fleet if nothing else.


The tune died on Dante’s lips as the cyborg began to speak to him stating that he shouldn't be too quick to judge where his new companions were concerned, using his own new lease of life as an example "A valid point my toaster friend but unfortunately I have come to discover that the average mercenary has all the charm and sophistication of a table" rapping his knuckles upon aforementioned table to highlight the point he was making.
It was about at this point that a fellow merc; a Quarian by the look of him approached the pair of them, asking the toaster whether he was android or cyborg.
Thinking the answer obvious even for a space rat, Dante would have rolled his eyes were it not for the opaque lenses covering his eyes, making the gesture pointless Dante felt his previous observations to be vindicated as he turned his attention back to the toaster with a smug look as he drawls "See what I mean?" before recommencing his whistling. He knew the words by heart, had been conditioned to know the words by heart but felt that it would be going just a little too far to start singing at this point in time, especially such a rousing and jingoistic song song as this, no better to stay quiet and keep his teeth he decided.
After waiting a polite interval of time in order for the toaster to answer the foolish question Dante directed an insectile gaze at Chal before speaking "So tell me Sparky what brings you to this merry band of toasters and neo-humans?"
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Another humanlike figure walked up to Ghor, asking if he was a cyborg or a robot. Turning to meet the newcomer's eyes, the mechanical figure recognized the creature as a Quarian. Before he could speak, the mercenary he'd been talking to furthered his point that most mercenaries weren't all that intelligent, using the question as an example. "Peace...he may have simply not heard," Ghor replied evenly. "In answer to your question, I'm a cyborg. Only six percent of my original body remains...little more than my brain and spinal cord...the rest was too damaged from the war to be saved, and I was given this form as a replacement for the one I had lost."

The Quarian then introduced himself as Chal. "Well met Chal, my name is Ghor. G H O R, not G O R E, though they sound identical in this language." Dante spoke up and asked what Chal was doing here, continuing to refer to Ghor as a toaster, something that he figured might have been an insult, but if so it wasn't strong enough to get angry over. Besides, the man had self-identified as a neo-human, confirming the mechanical man's thoughts about him. That piece of information was worth being called a toaster in his mind.


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Nelx strode into the room confidently, taking in her surroundings with a sense of untainted excitement. This was to be her first job! Up until this point, she had adventured around the galaxy, seeing the sights, and doing her bit whenever she felt the need to, but this...this was different! This time she was being paid, and a fair sum at that... Whatever was to be done on this mission (She hadn't paid that much attention to the details...), it was sure worth the go!

Nelx's obvious intelligence was slanted by a complete lack of concentration, which often left her confused at the goings on... Today though, that was different, as she walked in and seated herself on a chair at the table, on the right side facing the door. The other mercenaries in the room were conversing, though one of them, another human, from the looks of him, was already hurling insults at another...thing...which he described as a toaster. That really did sound offensive, though she had to admit that this...thing really was summed up by that word... Still, it was a bit harsh, and Nelx felt the need to say her part... Clearing her throat twice, she announced confidently, "I am Nelx. I will be with the rest of you on this...mission." Looking at the male who had spoken first, she said "Soooo, toasters is it... That REALLY was a bit soon to be hurling insults, don't you think...?" Nelx winked slyly at the man, before continuing.. "I think it would be better if we talked decently, don't you?" Nelx pushed herself off of her chair, smoothed her hair out, then walked over to the 'Ghor' thing, saying as she walked "Well hello there Ghor, it's nice to meet you..." before proffering her right hand to the thing... "I HOPE we're going to all get along on this venture, don't you?" Casting another wink, this time at the thing, she waited for his response.


Chal frowned as the female human jumped into the conversation before he had a chance to speak. It was strange how humans inserted themselves into conversations. The winks were confusing as well, he had previously thought that a wink implied a romantic interest of some sorts, however, this did not appear to be the case now for this girl was winking left, right and centre. He supposed his best bet was to remain silent and see how the others reacted to this person, no doubt the neo human as he had identified himself would be scornful and Ghor would probably be nice, they seemed those types of people.


Dante couldn't believe it; he'd just received a dressing down from a cheerleader!? giving the other two men an incredulous look as if to ask whether this was really happening he then clears his throat in imitation of Nelx before replying "Oh you are quite right, however you misunderstand...I wasn't insulting my mechanical brethren here; after all we have more in common than you would believe. What you heard was merely friendly make yourself useful Barbie and get us all a drink" he said ladling on as much scorn as possible on the last sentence, hell if it weren’t for the lenses he would have also winked for good measure.
The girls presence puzzled him, what in the name of God was she doing here!? Female mercenaries were rare but not unheard off yet this girl was nothing like the ones he'd ever met; She had no scars, no discernable implants, her skin was too smooth and her hair too soft. No, unless she was some kind of dangerous sociopath her presence here was a complete anathema.
Deciding that trying to discern the girls reasoning’s for being here were a lost cause he once again turns his attention to Chal "So Sparky you were saying?"

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Ghor smiled, the mechanical mouth recreating the human expression rather accurately, as this newcomer, a female this time, berated the neo-human for calling him a toaster. If it had been an insult, it wasn't bad enough to worry about, but he appreciated the sentiment all the same. She then approached the mechanical man and offered her hand, which Ghor took, fake limb shaking real one. "Well met, Nelx. I hope we all can get along as makes working together much easier, yes?"

The neo-human then reacted predictably to being told off, though he did say that the toaster line wasn't an insult, which cleared that up. Ghor simply shook his head at his statement towards Nelx. "That was a bit uncalled for, don't you think? We don't know each other well enough to define people as falling into stereotypes, aye? Relax...we're all here for a reason...she wouldn't be here if she weren't capable. We're all here for that reason, I'm confident in saying that." The man turned back to Chal, and Ghor returned his attention to Nelx. "So then, what are your talents? Unlike some of the others in here, you aren't telegraphing your strengths...I'm curious."


The guard eyed Maxwell with distaste as he passed through the checkpoint. Maxwell eyed him back, stupid jumped up clerk. What right did a jerk like that have to judge him?
A snarl on his face, he passed into the waiting room. Three burly guards stood by and told them to talk amongst themselves. One of the mercs already seated muttered a wry response, great, a joker. The merc was a man with a load of biological implants. Maxwell had never liked bio implants, too many things that could go wrong. The circuits could short and leave a man paralyzed, or could be hacked and cause the implant to turn upon its' host.
The other merc already sat down (a cyborg with more implants than human parts) began a long speech in response to the joker. Maxwell half listened to the cyborg, who was still speaking. By now Maxwell had no idea what the cyborg (called GHOR) was talking about, and stared at him with distrust.
More people came into the room; a male human, a Quarian (called Chal) , and a female human (a nice looking one too. Maxwell chuckled to himself).
They were all speaking at each other, the joker called (Dane) the cyborg a toaster, and the female human (Nelx) bit back at him for it. Hehe, the girl had spunk. That was for sure.
Just as the cyborg finished speaking Maxwell interrupted. "WORDS!" He snarled, shouting at all of them. "MEANINGLESS GORRAM WORDS!"
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Nelx smiled playfully at the Ghor creature as she shook his hand. It was rather hard not to laugh at the thought of gore... But the fact that the creature's arm was made of something rather hard pushed that thought from her head rather quickly. "Of course Ghor...I wouldn't expect not to get along with any of you, now would I?" She continued to emphasize her words, making it almost sound as if she was talking to a young toddler, though she didn't view the room full of men in that way of course...It was just her natural way of talking to men...

It was at this point that Dante made an effort to provoke her. Nelx turned around as she emitted a burst of sarcastic laughter, before saying to the neo-human, "I didn't expect you to come up with such a vivid description of me Dante. If you want a drink, I think you'll find that the guards over there might be able to direct you into your drunken stupor, don't you think?" Casting another wink at the neo-human before he turned back to talk to one of the other mercenaries, Chal...his name was..., Nelx swiveled back around to face Ghor. As a matter of fact, her first impressions of the Cyborg were rather good. He seemed pleasant enough. Now he was defending her. That was sweet... "Thank you Ghor. It seems Dante here has yet to recover from yesterday's hangover don't you think?" She chuckled, then listened as he asked her what her talents were, stating that he couldn't make out what they might be at first glance. "Ohhh, my talents... Well, you'll just have to find out won't you? I'm sure this adventure is going to be a lot of fun! I suppose standing up like this isn't the best for my legs, right?"

Nelx moved to take the seat beside Ghor, and surveyed the other people in the room. Out of the mercenaries, one of them hadn't spoken yet, he seemed quiet enough. The only other person in the room, another human like herself, decided to have a rant about how words were meaningless. Deciding that this wasn't an opportunity to be missed, Nelx gave out a loud laugh, before winking slyly at the man. "Well you're going to be a lot of fun to talk with aren't you?" Nelx giggled at her reply to the man. This room was going to be a lot of fun...