FF Attendance Improvement


Checked with support, and it says to post in the forum...

So, on Fort Fights... to see who is actually at the Fort, you have to open the FF window, then open the Recruiting page, to see who is at the Fort or not.
And it's only if you're ranked Captain or General that you can actually open that Recruiting window.

The other way is to click the little round symbol next to the Fort to see a list of names of players who are there, but that isn't always easy to scour through given that it shows every player, on both attacking and defending sides.

But, no mater what your rank, on the actual FF window before the FF starts, you can hover over a player's token, and see their name, rank and level in a little pop-up window.

So how about adding something to that little pop-up window so you can see if they're at the Fort?
Like, even if it's just a green tick and a red X... kinda like the green "online dot" you see in the actual Fort Fight itself.

It'd just make it easier than messing around with lists and lists and lists of names, trying to figure out who is who, and if they're actually attending or not.
Quick scan over the little round tokens, green tick shows in the pop-up, then they're at the fort.
Easy. Simple.
With the 2019-2020 Gift box drops, there have been many sets and old sets been re-issued. Have wondered, being a long time player, what is the earthly good of such drops?
Then the penny dropped. let's make use of those free drops by having a Retro Fort Fight.

Open to early gear sets no recent than 2015.

It will give a new player a feel of what it was like to be in a fort battle prior 2015 and hopefully a trip back in time for the older players.

I am in a few worlds and i've seen those worlds often as a fort fighter, to my mind, when fort fights lose frequency, the worlds start to slowly decline, hence my suggestion to start using those old sets that we have been blessed currently with.

My more active worlds are Fairbank, Galveston, Idaho, Juarez and Kansas, I have taken initial steps in Idaho and Galveston, as a trial. Think this could be a real fun way in gaining a re-interest in fort battles and stagnating worlds.

Would love positive thoughts and feed back.

Thanks Terry Hillgrove

Dusty Cloak

For those of us with lower HP who get booted several FF in a row and no longer bother to show up ... you might want to re-think your strategies if you want to see better attendance. Pretty sad game if high HP not online is prioritized over lower HP online players.

emer haze

There should be a way to ungrade items so they could be shared with new members wanting to Ff. Good items get upgraded and are too hard to find for new people