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Feedback topic on Fridays battle

Goober Pyle

The West Team
Fort Balancing Strategist
With this predictable debacle out of the way, what we need for the next one:

1) A log-in advertisement that promises (accurately) substantially better rewards than this last GM battle -- "Think spinach or better plus an ammo slide or better plus a ratatouille or better" (to say a stinky cheese and a useless fort buff are a disappointment is an understatement)
2) REDUCED caps (not increased) proportionally moreso for Defense e.g. 110 attacking 90
3) if at all possible, when one attempts to sign up for defense (or attack...) a pop up that says "you would be the Nth person to sign up for Y available slots; are you sure you want to choose (attack|defend)

Additionally, if Awesomia could be converted to a medium we could better experiment with divining new more optimal caps.

Bad Billy Jack

Well-Known Member
Attendance was low and most worlds had defends over-powered. In general with current best gear (cortina for defend), most players only want to be on winning side which they predict will be defend. They want to be on losing side during events so they can die horribly for double event currency.

The main reason for the low attendance was that all battles were at exactly the same time and this was easily predictable. It together with unbalanced caused many attacking noobs to suicide on flag. Ick.

I took attack side in all my 5 worlds. I thought the battles were basically fine except for the unbalanced (which is norm for awesomia).

My 2 duelers died quickly and horribly since I am waaay too old now to micro 5 battles at the same time LOL. One of my advents actually won on attack. My two other losing advents survived the battles which went the full 55 rounds.


Ex-Team Member
Thank you all for writing.

I am half sorry for the play time, we thought more actually would join. So i will take this with me and "return" to our 20-23 hour clock play time.

Compared to how people choose sides is still not something i can do anything about. Well yes, i could move people. But let everyone know that there can be more attackers now, which should give them a fighting chance. And again. There is rewards for both side, so no one really loses :)

Last up with the rewards, i try to give out new rewards each time. But if you all just want spinach and ratatouille, i could give those out each time, but i would just find it boring my self !?


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I am still confused...we always had the option for more attackers (with exception to 2 worlds right?)...that does not seem address the issue of defense always winning due to tower bonus and gear (and a few other mentions)..which in turn decrease total attendance...increasing total attendance is one of the main goals

I guess I mean..increasing the number of spots for attack...is that even a need in most worlds? With all but 2 worlds most do not fill, so...110, 120, 150 means nothing if they don't fill

Am I missing something?


Ex-Team Member
You are not missing anything Novastar.
But no matter what, defense is just stronger on all fronts.
So with those 2 worlds, where all spot it filled, and the attackers still are in higher numbers, they still lose.

So thats one of the reason for why i/we try to raise the numbers.

Kidd Kalypso

Well-Known Member
No matter what others say, thank you for taking the time on arranging battles.
I can only speak from w13/zona.....but, since that is a not fort fighting world, it was nice to see a battle no matter what the time was.
The cheese and fort buff was a nice gesture as well.


Randomize rewards is good. Should not buffs from shop all the time though, as RaiderTr pointed out they are mostly useless. Bond letter or a chest with older random set pieces or other chests. Doesn't have to be in every fight, but there should be something usefull to win for everyone.


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these were the numbers for Arizona battle!

i have a proposition to making filling battles more fair square!

example: small battles hold A48/D42 - medium battles hold A96/D82 - large i forget

so whenever a awesomia gets dug the battle needs to get filled up like a small battle first!
people can join whatever side at the start but if the defense side fills up to 42 spots first then defense gets a stop until attack gets filled to 46 spots
once the awesomia battle fills up stage one small battle - then it moves to stage 2 medium battle - people can join again whatever side and if one side fills up then the other side will be open only.. so no side gets a overkill instantly!!

like my screenshot i showed you.. there was 60+ on defense before there was 40+ on attack..

i hope if any of this makes sense - CM please reply to this message and give me your thoughts on this idea! thanks


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As I was telling canufeelit, I kind of like the fact that there is no ranking in the Awesomia battles. If what you are looking for is to boost attendance and attrack players that are not committed fort fighters, no ranking helps a teeny tiny bit to level an already uneven field. Because, let's not lie to ourselves about it, a ranker will have preferences over the players they know, and if it is overfilled (which is the goal but as of now is only a dream) they will discriminate the less fitted seeing that they want to win and those are going to be perceived as a burden. What I think is definitely a no-no is the fact that there is no designated leader. At all. Expecting someone to step up and become the leader at the very last moment is a terrible idea. It's not only bad for the player that isn't mentally prepared to lead and has to come up with a plan without the time to do so. What if nobody accepts the task? What if more than one player decide that they want to lead? What if several players randomly shout out orders, who are you going to follow? What if the players don't accept the leader? The lack of a topic is also more of a deal than you'd think. It's not something as simple as to having adventurers fill adventurers tower; workers going to workers tower; duelers going to duelers tower and soldiers going to their own tower too. Again with the what ifs. What if the new attendees take a random tower because they have no clue about what they are doing there, how are they going to know? What if damagers decide to fill or ignore all towers? Who is going to fill walls and which walls? Who is going to protect the flag, or is nobody supposed to do that? More critical yet, where are the offliners going to set their targets? That kind of things that make a topic absolutely necessary.

The time of the battle could be a little more player friendly than the horrible 5pm server time, but I think if you succeeded in making this interesting for many players, that is something that wouldn't be much of a deal breaker. I mean, there was a time when European, Asian or Australian players would set their alarms to wake up for a 3am battle, or Americans would go hide in the bathroom or find some excuse during work time to fight online, etc. It's a long shot although workable.

I know that you mean well and the initiative & idea in general are good, just need some important tweaking. For one, you and everybody providing feedback on this topic are on the wrong assumption that all players attending Awesomia battles are going to have some sort of an equal background: knowledge of the mechanics, gear, level, skill builds, etc. Which will be true in most cases. But you also want to attrack non fort fighters and casual fort fighters. A non forter won't likely know or understand how to move in a battle, to start with. Probably isn't skilled for the task either, since skills like HP are completely a waste of a good SP for someone who isn't involved in resistance dueling or forting on a regular basis. A full trader will indeed have a lot of leadership (that doesn't know how to use to their advantage) but may lack, say, hiding. There will be a mix of different levels too, from a whole bunch of Lvl 150 to a couple of Lvl 30, for instance. A non forter or a casual one probably hasn't invested heavily on getting the best updated fort gear, and that only if they actually have the right gear. How are they going to compete at the same level with dedicated fort fighters who show up on their upgraded full Cortina/Wilson sets or the last nugget set and a tank/damager build AND, to make things worse, spend a lot of nuggets to be in that league? Attack or defense, it will be pointless for most of those players with a fort fighting disadvantage, because they are going to die in one, two, maybe five rounds if they are lucky after performing poorly; then decide it wasn't worth their time and will ignore Awesomia for good. THAT is the something that you need to find a way to solve. Maybe Sycopath's idea of making players use only not upgraded shop gear & weapons for these battles is not the crazy idea that sounds in the forter's ears. Or simply forget about luring both berry pickers and non forters, to just focus on the die hard FF players.


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Well he only shares what rewards there is for the upcoming battle, i could do that too. But then it would be a lot of text.
I just find it enough to say that every battle will have 2 rewards.

And when ever we have events going, there will be event rewards. So it will not always "only" be boring buffs as you all say :)
But i could put some of those "Awesomia chest" into the mix again if you all like !?


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Awesomia chest gives mostly the same Shop stuff but only random :'P

By chest I meant the Shop ones, like Fancy chest etc
If you are allowed.
But some won't like that too...

I mean you can't make EVERYONE happy..
Not with SHOP stuff at least..

So I don't have a genius solution :'P


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Well i will set up a new battle for sunday now as the last test, and then go back to the day that was chosen on the poll.
But since people "only" want spinash, i might but that in the reward for sunday ;-)


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Thank you all for writing.

I am half sorry for the play time, we thought more actually would join. So i will take this with me and "return" to our 20-23 hour clock play time.

Who is we and I believe many players said in advance it is not good hour.

on International server with player all over the world and from all time zones there is no perfect battle time. Players have been testing it numerous times and result was what we call now prime time.
If someone thinks late evening battles are best for EU players they are certainly not, but so is not for US players , Aussie , Middle East players etc.
This is a compromise and thats why we had second battle , small usually in early morning ST 9-10 or 2-3 AM ST for other time zones .

Awesomia needs some rework and update first. This way is not attractive to players because fort battle is more than just signing up and picking a side.

EDIT : rewards are not most important thing.


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EDIT : rewards are not most important thing.
Agreed but it's what brought people to Awesomia for years.

It's just Shop items aren't good enough anymore..
Awesomia needs some rework and update first. This way is not attractive to players because fort battle is more than just signing up and picking a side.
Honestly I'm not sure if a CM can do much about this..

LCM/Dev interference might be needed for that..


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If someone thinks late evening battles are best for EU players they are certainly not
I know a lot of Europeans missing either for dinner or sleep time cause they get up early for job etc

While a lot of Americans have no issue joining..

So yeah, there is no perfect time.

Clever Hans

Well-Known Member
Well i will set up a new battle for sunday now as the last test, and then go back to the day that was chosen on the poll.
But since people "only" want spinash, i might but that in the reward for sunday ;-)

Here is a list of rewards that I think most of the players would find useful and would increase the FF attendance of Awesomia fights.

1) Buffs (they should at minimum refill energy in case we die in the battle and ideally both energy and HP):
Mate tea https://tw-calc.net/item/2130000
Can of Spinach https://tw-calc.net/item/17028000
Thanksgiving roast https://tw-calc.net/item/1997000
Flower cocktail https://tw-calc.net/item/51039000
Pumpkin soup https://tw-calc.net/item/51782000
Well-filled calumet https://tw-calc.net/item/1971000
Eggnog https://tw-calc.net/item/52288000
Valentine´s chocolate box https://tw-calc.net/item/52362000
Pouch of sugared almonds https://tw-calc.net/item/51356000

2) Chests (something that would be useful are chests dropping random items from previous events):
Uncommon Octoberfest chest https://tw-calc.net/item/50680000
Rare Octoberfest chest https://tw-calc.net/item/50681000
Uncommon Easter chest https://tw-calc.net/chest/50479000
Rare Easter chest https://tw-calc.net/item/50478000
Uncommon Independence Day chest https://tw-calc.net/item/50608000
Rare Independence Day chest https://tw-calc.net/item/50607000

3) Premium medals (I think 1 day premium medals would be a reasonable addition):
Automation bonus medal
Higher speed bonus medal
Character bonus medal
Income bonus medal
Energy bonus medal

4) Bond letters (any bond letter from 25 to 100 bonds):
Green letter https://tw-calc.net/item/2136000
40 bonds letter https://tw-calc.net/item/2393000
90 bonds letter https://tw-calc.net/item/2394000
Red letter https://tw-calc.net/item/2137000
Blue letter https://tw-calc.net/item/2138000

As a final reward, you could combine the buff with one of the following: chest, premium medal or bond letter.
@Hr.Nyborg: Could you comment if listed items are allowed to be used as rewards?