Feedback topic on Fridays battle


First of... ALL BATTLES at Awesomia will have REWARDS Let me be clear on that :-D

Next up, as mentioned, this is a test that will go on for the next many weeks. And the time might change, compared to how much help i can have at my side with the developers if something should go wrong :p

So yeah, this time it is a higher player amount for the attackers, on a LARGE fort.
So if any of you can, feel free to give an estimate as to what the numbers could be on both sides for a fair battle :)

Also with higher numbers than 150....

Let us be clear what rewards? :D


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Well, in Idaho...there is a regular battle 2 hours before Awesomia and yet another 2 hours after Awesomia. It will be interesting to see where the numbers fall since many/most will be afk during all of those times to begin with and several will probably pre-set for at least one of them (and checking in for a moment during the day/night to pre-set for a 2nd, etc...). Myself, I did let my alliance know (via telegrams AND our alliance forum both) that there will be rewards for both sides in the GM dug Awesomia and did my best to inform them of the intention of this Awesomia. Having more spots for Attackers (or even Defenders), as mentioned above, is only an issue in a couple of worlds (during events or with significant reward), so that point is neither here nor there. It could be 500 vs. 100 and it wouldn't make a difference in most worlds, but I understand there has to be a point to start from and at least something is being experimented on and I can appreciate that.

Oh, and I know it will come in defense of those that dug...we are not used to GM Awesomia battles (yet) outside of events, so it kind of threw the ones that dug the battles off a little bit, I"m sure. The first one was confused on the day/time of the battle since it was dug way in advance, the 2nd one was dug for the exact same time (he failed to even notice it), BUT, once notified, he sent a ticket on his own to have it delayed until 2 hours after. Since this will continue, people will hopefully get used to watching for it more going forward. This is only the first of many to come, will take a little time to adjust.
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Well as mentioned i can not (sadly) tell you the precise rewards, other than they are "buffs" of different kinds.

And again, both sides gets the same rewards, so all are winners in the end. And if the defense side fills up first, and players still want to play, they might just take the attacker side in the end.


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if the defense side fills up first, and players still want to play, they might just take the attacker side in the end
You and Mods actually have power to move people from 1 side to other if one side is overfilled :'P

Also sadly u didn't advertise the battle :-(
We tried our best with a Mass Telegram to everyone in the server but Official ads would be much better.

(Listed some options above)


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I'd like to point out the problems with awesomia.

No ranking
No guaranteed leader
No topic

No topic makes leading if you get a leader even harder for attackers. Only a cohesive attack will win all things being even.


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I should have made those "pop-ups" about the battle !?
And compared to the leader, the players need to choose one them self.

And what do you mean with topic ? The topic would be to win right ? So find someone who would like to be a leader, and make the best plan out of that ! ?


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Thing is, Forums have need dead for years so even with Announcements only very few people shows up to read stuff..

And.. Well.. Things.. don't work like that..

Battle topic, or Chat topic if you like.
Without a Captain or General Rank you can't set one

And Awesomia doesn't have any Ranks.
That's what he means.

I don't think it's THAT important though.


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Oh okay. Well again, if you just always maybe have some "unwritten" rule as to be in the right side or something for attackers. And defenders can place them self in the tower of their character, then that is something to go out from.

And again, when ever the fort chat opens. Ask who would like the lead. !?
Is that to simple ?


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The topic is generally set by the battle leader or person as soon after the battle is dug as possible with "tactical" or strategy type instruction, and includes instruction for those that would be offline (or afk juggling multiple battles at one time).

If players dig on Awesomia, only the attackers are able to do that while defenders are not since they do not own the fort (regular player dug battles the defending battle leader can though)

This is one reason many people don't like Awesomia battles or will only attend attack if it is player dug

roland jacobs

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cheese and ammo buffs? combined with the other reasons I don't like awesomia battles, this will be the last one I attend.

What about a health+energy buff instead of health+work motivation? That would make sense since probably half of the players will be KOd during the battle. At least they can use the buff and set their char back to work. It's the little details that would make the game move in the right direction instead of just dropping useless buffs. Although, useless buffs for useless FF, I guess it does slightly make sense :D
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Just been at the Awesomia battle in Kansas. I don't know what it was like on the defenders side, but only about 75% of the attackers who signed up actually showed up. The attackers were out numbered 95 to 77. This was not particularly enjoyable for the attacking side and I daresay not that satisfying from the defending side.

To me there are two issues here
  1. Lack of balance between attackers and defenders, and not just in raw numbers. Attackers need leadership so that they can move cohesively and concentrate fire on the defenders whilst minimising the number of defenders who can fire on them.
  2. There is no penalty for those who sign up but don't turn up. In fact the penalty for people not turning up is paid by those who do turn up.
I question whether it is worth turning up to future Awesomia battles...


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ok. so as final feedback:

1 the digging hour was bad
2 rewards were bad
3 attendance was bad - despite spamming and server announcement

maybe if we fix the first 2 it will be better, although the players are probably disappointed after this 2 people already mentioned


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It was an improvement on the usual then, Beef :D

What I saw on most worlds epitomized what is wrong with ff'g and what has been wrong for a long time. It doesn't take long for people to work out whether defense or attack has an in-built advantage. They then tend to join the side that has the advantage. So in this 'test' battle on each world, only on 2 of those I play did attackers out-number defenders. It was about 18 months or so ago that you couldn't get anybody to defend as the attackers had a big advantage (although not as big as defenders have now). Instead of messing around with periodic NPC ffs, Inno need to get the fundamentals right - and do so quickly.

I know there are are many other factors such as build, gear, number of on-liners, quality of leaders etc. but if players think they have no chance then they will simply quit ff'g, causing the downward spiral to continue. That is to the detriment of both Inno's revenue stream and the players.

This thread is specific to ff'g but it would be remiss not to say that something needs to be done about trolling, intimidatory dueling etc. Everything is inter-related and not packaged in nice little discrete bundles as some would have us believe.. I would suggest that players have as much to do with helping solve the game's problems as does Inno.