FAQ: East & West & Mr Brown for Dummies

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Violette LeDrunc

Because of the proliferation of threads on this subject, I'm putting all the information about how to complete these quests together for easy reference.



A. Mr Brown
Go to whichever Mr Brown is closest to you. Accept his quest.

B. East Point
Go to the East Quest Giver (Column 10). Open that screen, open the quest.
Click Accept. Click Complete. (No requirements, no reward)

C. West Point
Go to the West Quest Giver (Column 1). Open that screen, open the quest.
Click Accept. Click Complete. (No requirements, no reward)

-- FINISH --
When you have done those three things,
you can open your quest book, open Mr Brown's quest and click Complete. (You do not have to visit him again.)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have gone east and west but I keep getting the message "You do not meet the requirements."

You are circling between Mr Browns. You only need to go to one Mr Brown. The East and West Quest givers are located in Column 1 and Column 10. (See visual aids below.)

2. I have been to the correct East and West locations but when I click Complete, I still get the error message "You do not meet the requirements."

You are clicking complete on Mr Brown's quest. You need to open the East quest when you are at that location and complete that, and do the same for the West in order to meet Mr Brown's requirements. (See visual aids below.)

3. Do I have to accept Mr. Brown's quest first?

No, you do not. Just as you can acquire products before a quest asks for them, you can complete the East and West quests before Mr Brown asks you to.

5. Do I have to return to Mr Brown once I have completed the East & West Quests?

No you do not. You can open your quest book and click complete wherever you are.

6. I feel like such an idiot.

I can't help you with that. Take comfort in the fact that you are far from alone. :)

East & West & Mr Brown for Dummies in Other Languages
Portuguese:Este e Oeste para tótos (Translation by Kroptik)
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Violette LeDrunc

Visual Aids

East/West Quest Givers

The East and West Quest givers are not pictures of people. They look like this...

If that is not the image you are looking at, you are in the wrong place.

Completing East/West Quests

This is what you should do to open and complete the East & West quests. There are individual quests at each location that need to be completed. So you go to the East... Click on the East Quest Giver. It will bring up a screen like this (except it won't say completed)...

That will open the actual East quest, which looks like this...

Notice there are no quest requirements? All you have to do is click accept and then click complete while you are standing there.

And do the same for the West.
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Luap Nor

This abolutely must be either stickied, or linked to from one of the existing stickies. This quest line is probably the #1 generator of duplicate threads right now.


hehe i never understood what the problem was with doing this quest in the 1st place

these quest are a read and do, and it is as simple as that
reading means reading the entire quest needs and the epilogue that follows when you complete the quest
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Violette LeDrunc

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Violette LeDrunc

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i did 3 times as u said.but not completed.still problem.."You do not meet the requirements."i read FAQ n guide..i did same as u said .now wht i do ?

Violette LeDrunc

If you are getting that message from Mr Brown, it means you haven't done East and/or West properly.

Post here exactly what you have done so that we can figure out what is wrong.


Don't tell me that you're walking East and Then instantly walking west without clicking and accepting quests and stuff.

First go talk to mr.brown and do as he guides you. might also want to read the fine print.

after that somewhere along those lines he tells u about the railroad tracks going east and west. Ok now you walk East - say 5hrs, (go clean) come back, accept quests and such. Alright now you have to walk all the way across the map, you might aswell just go do something for the rest of the day, Same as East. Accept quests and Head back to Mr.Brown and complete. If you read the fine print you would see that it's really easy. I bet you just got soo excited you just clicked accept/accept/accept/accept!!!!


A little help for a wayward traveller.

How do I calculate distance from one spot to another before I decide if i want to go there?
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