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Minor Idea, there will be one week period available to vote. (May be extended if needed.)

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Original thread can be found <HERE>.

Idea title: Allow the chat window to be saved with expanded User List
Details of Idea: Each time I log in the server, I have to open the user list on any chat to see who is online before deciding to post anything. I'd like to have the option to have the user list expanded by default.
Visual Aid:
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Reasons for submitting: Takes extra time to open the chat list every single time on every server. I would never program it that way, makes little sense, you should be able to close it (possibly to save space on you chat lines) but it should be open as you are always opening it before posting.


The voting process for this idea has ended. Since the approval rating is above 80%, the idea will be sent to developers. Congratulations.

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