Event Set Free Worlds

Jerimiah Blake

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I'd like to suggest creating a world without event sets. I have found the overwhelming number of overpowered sets to reduce the game's strategic element into events in order to get overpowered sets. It has essentially rendered the original sets useless. Likewise, skill distribution doesn't hold as much significance when a set gives more skill points than your entire level. This way, anyone who wants their overpowered sets can do it any other world, but those who want to stick to the original elements can do so on a special world.


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ITS easier to ask them to implement the % skill on original sets... this was my idea , i posted it a year or soo ago . i think they tried it with the cowgirl quest
adding the green skirt and the corsets but maybe they didnt like it... it was fine but i dont know..

i would like it also to choose what to use... i dont like to look like a dread-lock freak or a transgender sniper.... nothing against transgender but i am not and i am play a western game lemme look like a sharpshooter or a mercenary!


I havent read all the 57 pages or seen that idea somewhere soo i will put in on the table!
With my experience of that game that come from w4 , from "eldorado" and right now directly from "colorado" meanwhile studying balance of sistems , mathematich , art and last but not least the mechanichs of that rpg card game called "the west"....
i come up with some problems and maybe a solution that wouldnt took even too much work to be applied!

the main problems i found are:
-the trend of increasing the event sets % bonus ; at the begin was less than +0.9 point/level now some get up to 3 or 4, mantaining more balance forts and duels sets.
-the low variety of duels sets ; the duel sistem could allow 50-60 different combination of skill but actually the more powerfull are 3-4 .
-the big cauldron of shops items that is not used

soo the solution i come up with in the last 3 mounth of game balancing struggling is : (drumrolls)

That's a preatty self explanatory implementation !
It could took me 4-5 days , me alone ( paid :D ) !
The only requirement is a base statistic work to change all the numbers and made some variety on the category of duels set from shop.

The rules that should be respected are simple:
- calculate an everage of that particular stats from every events sets and add to that the everage bonus from the all sets(of that particular skill) divide with the amount of the sets component(a level of bonus skill lower than what they actually are)
-try to rearrange some duel items to make possible some more variety
-decide a level required to use item where you start implementing this feature

-you (innogames) could keep the game alive doing keeping the trend of %point/level event set increasing esponentially(i dont recomend to do that too much , for obvious problem)
-it take a very little amount of work for a huge balancing path
-player could have more free will to decide how to use the skill of their character if they want to duel
-the items of the shops and the sistems of upgrade would be used more , not only for fort guns (items upgrade still bring you nuggets )
-there could be new trend of splitting sets component , you already added a nice feature adding some particular bonus to a single item

i am not able to see disadvantages but i posted there to open the discussion...
No sets make the game more difficult. Lvling up is more dufficult, completing quest is more difficult and so on... However, as a player that have been playing before the first sets, I can say that it was way more meaningful the actions in the game appart from collecting pretzels-hearts-eggs and so on. Towns meant more because some people were builders, some were fort fighters, other were collecting stuff, helping for quest and so on. Isn't it more fun to struggle finding the best built and equipement for each job/duel/fort fight than just dont care about your skills because you'll buy tons of new clothes adding more SP than you already have?
Not to mention that all those clothes and weapons in the town shops are useless
Not to mention that it'll be much more variety of builds and equipement selection that'll make it more interesting and "test" the strategy and not the pocket of a player.
And the idea of just 1 server like that will let those people who don;t like that idea in other worlds.(everybody has a different opinion of what is nice or not)
Of course some classic sets like indian or gentleman sets could get improved.

However let's be honest.
no sets = less money and inno, like every other industry works for profit and that's the rational thing to do.
But 1 international tombola-free server might give a boost to the game and bring back some old players. Or maybe not.

Nice idea Jerimiah but i think we are just dreaming ;)

Pankreas PorFavor

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However let's be honest.
no sets = less money and inno, like every other industry works for profit and that's the rational thing to do.

today we can choose between pay-to-win and lose-for-free.
if they offered us a "classic" world without all these tombolas, but for a sensible fee (pay-to-play), I am sure that a bunch of people would pay a few euros/dollars/something every month to be able to charge the fort wearing a brown coat and mexican sandals, riding a donkey :) just like we used to. I'm sure additional income Inno would get for premium character bonus, income, speed, automation, energy would be a possibility people would not object.
in that case, it would be, like you say, about your strategy and tactics - not about how deep your pocket is.
we don't need to go back to v1.0 of the game, but just turn off the tombola simulator and let us get prizes for the way we play and how active we are, not how much money we spend.