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Even fort fights

emer haze

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Has anyone presented the idea of removing horse and saddle equipment from defenders? After all, defenders usually have wall and tower bonus and horses can't climb walls and towers. So eliminate any bonuses that would come with them.


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That would work for both attackers and defenders whenever they're mounting anything lol

Sadly, we can't go all logical when it comes to a game.

Goober Pyle

The West Team
Fort Balancing Strategist
There are only three ways to manage the existing imbalance:
1) players handicap themselves.
2) CMs adjust the settings they have the power to adjust
3) inno fixes things

1) unreliable, unenforcible, language barriers, egos, etc. make this a fool's errand
2) we've gotten a lot closer thanks to the efforts they HAVE gone along with, but for some reason they have been ignoring our pleas for the last 15 days
3) if the change requires the dev team it's not really even worth discussing -- it won't happen. Even simple ideas like undo prior tweaks in part or in whole (tower buffs) go nowhere and new ideas just won't even get the time of day.

That being said, presenting VERY SIMPLE ideas that should be trivial to implement and certain to have small, predictable impacts may be worth presenting.

To that end here's one idea in category 3:

disable character buffs in Fort Fight Defenses.
It's a small tweak, that should be easy to implement and have a small and predictable, but non-trivial, impact.


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Character Buffs? as in Viewfinder/BoobyTrap? or premium character buffs?

1) unreliable, unenforcible, language barriers, egos, etc. make this a fool's errand
I'm petrified knowing how true this is. lol
Ideally, players should be able to adjust to whatever setting the game offers. Like when the battle is too easy for them, they would change sides. or plan to balance it out somehow.
But, since it's close to impossible to get all players for that all these past years, we can only hope a change from inno that could fix it for us.
And I believe inno's fixes would never count things such as ego of players into consideration :-D

Victor Kruger

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Why not adjust the fort structure bonuses ? .. Walls Towers etc dont have to have the bonuses or levels currently allocated. Could be done in 2 mins flat and has been in past times.

As for players help forget it, Im one of the very few who does dress down to battles if it helps balance. However 99% could not care less but for themselves and thats Innos fault for encouraging selfish play for bonds and stupid OP class tweaks like inventing the damager class instead of all classes having a random ability to do cirts etc ....

Any idiot can throw everything into leader, buy up unlimited sets, hide and get very well rewarded for basically using everyone else as a meat shield while the rest get a paltry fraction compared .... thats partly why imo FF is dying and Vegas is 40% damagers.