Esc to close windows


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Proposal: Shortcut to closing active window.
Details: When playing some players don't use the mouse much, they use T to open town, R to open ranks and so on. It would be nice if the west could keep track of wich windows were used when, and by pressing Esc would close the window used last, and if pressed again it would close the 2nd, and so on.. (With a limit of course so it wouldn't flood.. say like 5 maybe?)
Reason for submitting: It would be good for just speeding up closing windows, to check the chat, for example.

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meh,I don't care either way.
I don't use any hotkeys ,I kept accidentally opening windows.
i think the resources could be better used doing something more important.
for what it's worth ,I say no.


Since this idea doesn't hamper or give advantage to anyone, it has been submitted. No further comments are necessary.


im using X to close all the windows. its really cool. but sometimes i try the same hotkeys in office softwares by mistake. lol :)


Yes but that closes all windows. This refers to the last active window only.