Equipment manager tweak


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Non-premium players can store up to 2 equipment sets using the Equipment manager - premium gives you the ability to save up to 20. But if your premium expires, you end up with only 2 random sets showing of the 20 you may have saved. As far as I can determine, the 2w that show are randomly selected. You can get to others by deleting the ones that do show, but if you plan on going back to premium in the future you may not want to delete some of the sets that end up showing.

What I am suggesting is to provide the ability to select which of the 2 pre-saved equipment sets are the 2 "default" sets that will be available if your premium expires. A basic checkbox next to the sets would be sufficient, I think, for this purpose.


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Nothing wrong with this idea you have my vote, I don't want to keep deleting all my sets to find the 2 that i want to use.