Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

John Phoenix

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La Grande

Name may be french but is an actual city name in the Western United States established in 1865.
Frankly, I am sick of foreigners naming most of the worlds in "The-West" with MEXICAN names.....
Check your history, most of the NEW World was settled by the Spanish, French, English and Dutch.


The West Team
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@Syntex why every new world has same settings? I see other games like grepolis almost every server has other settings. Its really boring to join a new server that way when everything is same.

-edit: thats another reason why (new) servers die (faster). If you cant really improve the game the least you can do is add some variety with servers.

We do not really have much freedom in changing settings. Do you have any idea what kind of differences would you like to see on a new server? Please share with us and I will make sure to pass it on.

as a friendly suggestion perhaps if there are multiple or rude entries or if someone edits their post the entrie could be disqualified?
There has been many really good name suggestions and comments that support the new server. Yah Woo :)

Of course, edited posts will not count into the contest.
@Syntex @mnnielsen Since you are already opening a new world, would it be possible to at least open it 1 week earlier than previous year? It would give us more time to have a balanced game before DoTD event starts.
When would you exactly want to have the opening date?

roland jacobs

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When would you exactly want to have the opening date?

Oct 14th ... 2024

<500 active chars per 8 worlds of purgatory is not an enjoyable game. We are (im)patiently waiting to have a flaming hot wild wild west of a world of 3000+ active users. Better markets, better battles, more battles, 100 friends sending event items, worlds not controlled by a group of 5 players.


I checked and last year Kansas started on October 21st (see here: https://forum.the-west.net/index.php?threads/new-land-incoming-kansas.58959/). Octoberfest is ending on October 13th so could we have a start of the new world on 14th (Thursday) or 15th (Friday)?

It has been done before they released a world without the current event so it don't have to wait for this one to finish. Also they have to give enough time for avg players to get to a level where they can do Halloween quest which is usually 2 weeks I may be wrong.