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Change the functionality of the mobile trader to include items that players have recently sold to the mobile trader.

Current Workaround
Currently players sell items to the mobile trader, the items vanish and the player then receives cash. This means the only time players visit the trader is to look for recipes, sell unneeded junk items, or look for items if they are a collector.

The functionality of the trader would instead include the following:
- A page of items that is the same as what would be offered if the system never changed. These offers can be changed using nuggets in the same way they currently are able to be changed.
- There would be multiple pages including items other players have sold in the last 24 hours. This change would make the mobile trader more of a "treasure hunt" enticing players to check it multiple times per day to see if any items they may want/need are available for sale
- Items sold to the merchant would be done at the sales price. The price of items at the merchant would be at purchase price. This is both to prevent abuse of the system (ex. Selling a named item for sales price and the buyer only pays sales price as well - something that would not be allowed via the market) and as a way to reduce the cash available in worlds since the difference between the sales price and the purchase price would be kept by the mobile trader.
- Items from player sales would disappear 24 hrs after the player sold that item
- Only 1 player may purchase the item (ex. if player 1 sells a green rag to the trader. Once player 2 buys it, it will disappear for everybody.)

Abuse Prevention
Currently some items are "sellable" but not "auctionable" (that is they are not meant to be transferred to another player via the market.) For example: Outlaw's Revolver. These items would not appear under items that other players could buy. The item would simply vanish when the player sells the item to the trader and the player would receive the sale cash as is done under the current system.

As briefly mentioned above, items would be sold for sales price and purchased at purchase price, meaning that the buyer will have to pay twice as much as the seller receives. This is to deter abuse that may otherwise happen if players were to use it as a way to transfer items instead of travelling to a market to list the item.

Visual Aids

Note: There is a small error in the screenshot. The numbers at the bottom used to change pages would not be visible for the "merchant's wares" tab since he only has 1 page of items. That was just to illustrate being able to browse through multiple pages if there were 8 or more of an item category.

I think this idea enhances the mobile trader significantly as it provides more reason to visit the mobile trader frequently to browse what one may have considered junk, and hope to find some treasure.

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I like it! I think it'd be a good improvement to the way the merchant works! :)


its not a bad idea, just not enough of a change i think to warrant developers time with so many other things wrong with the game. use the market or have other players buy items from their town shops for you. I would like to see the ability to buy back items you have sold to the vendor, simply because every so often you will have the trader open and go to use a buff and end up selling it because you are on auto pilot. But even that only happens a couple of times a year, so not really a pressing need. Once again i like the concept of this idea, but just way too many other things lacking at the moment.