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  1. SacredFool

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    It's not. It says, 2 hours of a job cost you 24 energy.

    The part in red is made up by some drunken translator. It does not appear in the German help file.
  2. CDavid

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    Ah thank you! I thought it was a stupid question, but now I realized it was more like a noob question :D
  3. Spank86

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    Someone once said, "there are no stupid questions only stupid people"

    I'm assuming he was either joking or not a very nice person.
  4. The town dots are definetly hard to see - seems to me that "doing nothing" should regen more energy then what you gain while working ...

    Oh and I'm level 8.5 and I have 180$ - I'm new to game and have done all questing til now.

    I don't have skills to do the 2 quests I have open to me... so I'm picking corn for a few hours and hope I get some corn I'll need for later quests.

    I'm sure you'd have more money at my level if you just sat somewhere and farmed for money...
  5. could not find a ghost town, using a hotel instead :/
  6. eliel007

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    But hotels are in ghost towns!?!
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