End Of The Reich: Berlin 1945

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Fritz urgently scrambled over to Albrecht.
"what is it?" he asked.
"there is T-34 and accompanying infantry advancing up the street! what shall we do!?" Fritz said.
"tell Christoffer to take it out with his Panzerfaust, but tell him to aim at the engine grille!" Albrecht said. he turned around.
"Kurt, you stay here, i'm going to help." he turned back and followed Fritz back to the first floor window where Christoffer was positioned.
"take out the T-34 with your panzerfaust! but aim at the engine grille!" Albrecht ordered.
Christoffer stood up, aimed his panzerfaust and fired. the 'faust hit the T-34 exactly on the engine grille. the entire back of the tank exploded, and a dirty grey column of smoke rose up from the wreck.
Albrecht could see several burning Soviets scrambling about screaming, the remainder were trying to organize themselves and work out what was going on.
it was now or never; "FIURE!" Albrecht screamed. he stood up and begun firing hot lead into the surviving Soviets. the rest of the section followed his lead. several more Russians fell under the rifle fire.the remaining communists ran into a nearby house.
"cease fire! watch that house! shoot anything that moves!" he ordered.


Ignacy heard the panzerfaust fire, he yelled for the men to take cover as it hit the T-34. The explosion killed Sklodowsky and Sienkiwicz who were riding on top of the tank. The tank crew, those who survived ran screaming and burning out of one deathtrap and into another. Ignacy's men scattered along the fringes of the street with Koschouzko, Szymborsla, and Rejewski ran into a ruined apartment. The childrens inexperience showed as the lead that flew up and down the street was focused on Koschuzko's hideout.

Ignacy and Domeyko meanwhile followed a narrow side alley that emptied out near the German's house. Ignacy poked his rifle barrel around the corner, in his sights he saw a German boy on the ground floor deeply engrossed in keeping the heads of their comerades down. Ignacy fired and the kid's head became an ugly mess of hamburger. He indicated Domeyko to follow as they dashed across the street. They were now up against the wall of the German's refuge. Ignacy indicated the door and Domeyko kicked it in and burst into the place, he glanced about and spotted a German boy who was inspecting the body of his companion that Ignacy shot. A burst of automatic fire dropped him. Ignacy entered and pointed up. Gunfire and footsteps could be heard on the floor above them. He drew his pistol, shouldered his rifle, and took a grenade from Domeyko who followed him as they searched for a stairway. They found it, but before Ignacy went charging up it he paused, there was a window in that stairway and the shaft of light it cast revealed a human shadow. Ignacy unpinned the grenade and threw it up the stairs, over the gunfire he thought he heard a gasp before the grenade exploded. Domeyko took the lead and with Ignacy backing him rushed up the stairs. They arrived on the second floor only for Domeyko to be greeted by a rifle round which hit his right arm forcing him to drop his submachine gun. Ignacy rushed past and emptied his pistol into the young German who was rushing forward with his bayonetted rifle. He helped Domeyko up the stairs and sat him down, hadn't they killed all those Germans yet? It was clear Domeyko was loosing blood. Ignacy cut a piece off of the German's clothes and helped Domeyko rebind his head wound and his arm wound. He had lost a lot of blood however, Ignacy pleaded, "Please Henryk, stay with us."

Koschouzko yelled over the gunfire, "Get into the house, they're too strong get in the house!" He dashed into the building followed by Szymborska and Rejewski. "Where is Ignacy?" Rejewski shouted, "Domeyko and Ignacy were on the other side of the tank. I lost sight of them in the explosion!" Rejewski piped up, "Perhaps, they're dead?" "Forget it, Rejewski, Adamo we're going to try to mantain a fire exchange with the Germans. Move fast and don't stay in one position."

They fanned out and traded shots with the Germans changing positions the three inaccurately exchanged fire with the equally inaccurate Germans. Then Rejewski noticed something, "They're no longer firing on us!"

Efreitor Chezslaw Koschiuzko- Light Shrapnel Wound
Efreitor Lech Pilsutsi-Deceased
Efreitor Kazimierz Sklodowsky-Deceased
Efreitor Henryk Domeyko- Shot through the arm, head wound bleeding
Efreitor Adam Sienkiwicz- Deceased
Soldier Tadeusz Litvenko-Deceased
Soldier Adamo Szymborska
Soldier Boleslaw Krevenko- Deceased
Soldier Lech Miloscz-Deceased
Soldier Casimir Rejewski


Albrecht ran across the first floor and stopped as he reached Kurt.
"what's happened?" asked Kurt.
"Deiter, Hans, Christoffer, Fritz... they're all dead. it's just us two left now."
"surely not..."
"no... the Bolsheviks killed them all." said Albrecht angrily. he hardly ever used the term 'Bolshevik.'
"what do we do now then?"
"we make a stand. kill as many as we can before they kill us. come on, we'll take up position behind this bed."
Albrecht and Kurt moved to behind the overturned bad and lay down.
"get out your grenades." he ordered.
Kurt nodded and took several grenades out of his belt. he passed two to Albrecht then looked towards the door, hearing Russian.
"they're coming."


Albrecht (MP40, knife.)
Kurt (Kar98k,knife.)
Hans (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Fritz (Kar98k, knife.) -DEAD
Adlar (Panzerfaust, knife.) - DEAD
Willhelm (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Christoffer (Panzerfaust, knife.) - DEAD
Deiter (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Eduard (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Frederick (Kar98k, knife.) -DEAD


Chezslaw, Adamo, and Casimir entered the house. Where were the Germans? Up a stairwell they heard voices. Chezeslaw took out a grenade and started to go up the steps. A piece of glass shattered under his foot. A voice in Polish cried out at the top of the stairs, "Koschiuzko, Rejewski? Is that you?" It was Ignacy, "Yes comerade it is us!" Ignacy peered around the corner. "Not so loud, Henryk is injured and I'm not sure if we got all the Germans. Be careful. I think they still could be in the house." "I will keep that in mind sir." Koschiuzko came back down the stairs and waved for Rejewski and Adamo to advance. As they moved towards a door at the end of a hallway Adamo spoke, "Perhaps the Germans are all dead?" "Quiet comerade, you were wrong about Ignacy and you're probably wrong about this." They stopped, before them was a shut door. It was made of wood. "What do we do?" Adamo whispered. "Here," Rejewski handed him a grenade, "Unpin it and toss it through the door while blindly firing, its the only way we can storm in their." "I will stare down death? We will be right behind you."

While the other two took a step back Adamo ran for the door and in a single fluid movement threw it open and tossed in a grenade, he hurridely brought his PPSH up to fire...


the grenade exploded at least a metre away from Albrecht and Kurt, showering them with dirt. the Russian starrted firing his PPSH.
at the same time Albrecht and Kurt threw the stick grenades that they were holding towards the doorway.
the Russian stopped firing, looked down and reached out towards one of the grenades, hoping to throw it back. btu he was too late.
both grenades exploded and the Soviet was blown to smithereens.
Kurt threw another grenade which exploded several feet behind the gory remains of the Soviet.
Albrecht looked up and fired a burst from hsi MP40, hitting a Russian that was running through the doorway in the chest.
the Soviet collapsed down onto the gored remains of his comrade and started writhin before laying still, a pool of blood forming around him.


The Germans were right behind the door and were prepared with a shower of grenades that shook the entire building. Adamo was killed in an instant and as Rejewski attempted to strafe the hall he was hit by automatic fire. Chezslaw was trapped.

Ignacy felt the building shake from grenades and heard the chatter of automatic fire. Grabbing Henryk's gun he ran into the room above the Germans. Ignacy saw a little bit of dirty blonde hair through the thin rickety floor. He stuck the PPSH's barrel through the crack and blindly fired he heard a scream underneath him. He heard an automatic weapon being fired at the floor he was standing on. He unpinned a grenade and dropped it on the floor before fleeing the room.

The grenade detonated and showered masonary and pieces of heavy wood onto the floor beneath it.

Chezslaw heard the automatic fire renewed again and heard one of the Germans cry out in pain. Then the grenade had exploded inundating the lower floor in dust and debris while blasting a hole in the top of the room the Germans hid in. He sidled close to the door. He was not sure if any of the Germans were left.


Albrecht lay on the floor, heavily bleeding, Kurt's dead body lay next to him.
he could not live for mcuh longer, he had been wounded by a grenade.
the explosion had sent a large piece of the wooden bed he had been hiding behind itno his chest, sending splinters everywhere.
in desperation he let off a short stream of fire from his MP40.
he didn't know if there was any Russians left, but he knew for sure that the rest of his section were all dead.
with that thought in his mind, Albrecht lost conciousness.


Albrecht (MP40, knife.) - KNOCKED OUT
Kurt (Kar98k,knife.) -DEAD
Hans (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Fritz (Kar98k, knife.) -DEAD
Adlar (Panzerfaust, knife.) - DEAD
Willhelm (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Christoffer (Panzerfaust, knife.) - DEAD
Deiter (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Eduard (Kar98k, knife.) - DEAD
Frederick (Kar98k, knife.) -DEAD


Chezslaw carefully stumbled through the rubble. Then he spotted the last living German. A boy, that was all he was. Ignacy had warned that these children were no longer innocent. And Chezslaw was sure the child had killed some of his friends. But, as he looked at the weak slowly breathing form that had been knocked unconcious he decided to exercise mercy. WHile telling Ignacy to go back and help Henryk as all the Germans were dead he removed the boys weapons, all of them. Then he picked up the child and exited the house and tossed him like a sack of potatoes into the fenced in area of a nearby house. For Chezslaw he knew it was a great act of mercy, he should have killed the kid, however if he deserved death god would surely arrange it he figured. A small smile cracked open on his face as he stalked up to the second story to help Ignacy.

Chezslaw called out that all the Germans were dead and Ignacy hurried back to care for Henryk. After ten minutes Chezslaw also came up and after constructing a makeshift stretcher they carried the man out. As they moved carefully up the street Ignacy heard an engine, a lighter one more like that of a truck. Then they saw a BA-10 armored car come up the street, they saw a red star on it and hoping it wasn't a captured vehicled flagged it down. The car stopped and cautiously a head peeked out of the turret before calling in Russian, "Is the man badly hurt?" A wave of relief swept over the three...


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Albrecht felt a massive pain as he landed in a fenced garden, he groaned and looked up.
he was still in Berlin.
he looked around himself. all his weapons were missing. what was going on? was he dead? was this hell?
slowly Albrecht managed to get up onto his knees. he looked over the fence but ducked back down as he saw two Russians carry another Russian out on a stretcher.
he could hear an engine.
Albrecht peered through a small hole in the fence.
a Russian armoured car had pulled up outside the house, and a Soviet head popped up out of the hatch.
he began talking with the other Russians, and after a short conversation the Russians strapped strapped the stretcher onto the armoured car, and the other two Soviets clung onto the sides, after they were all on, the armoured car slowly began to reverse, before turning round and heading for the nearest medical station in the rear.
as the armoured car disappeared into the distance, Albrecht stepped out into the middel of the road and looked around him. what was he to do now?
his comrades were all dead, he had no weapons.
after a short while, Albrecht turned around, took off his Hitler youth cap and Swastika armband, threw them onto the ground and stomped on them with his foot.
looking up again, he began to walk down the road, towards west Berlin.
he was going home.

and now, a summary of what happened to the survivors...

the surviving Russians reached a medical station and Henryk received medical care.
the other two were reassigned to another unit and were sent back into the fray.
they eventually took part in the assault on the Reichstag.

Albrecht headed for home, only to find that it had been destroyed and the rest of his family was dead. he surrendered to the nearest Russians he could find and was taken to a POW camp in Siberia.
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