Egg friends



Some players give eggs to me.

Why ?

In the forum some players ask to be "egg friends". I didn't find some explanation about that. Can someone explain to me?



Yes i have read this before but there is nothing about why someone want to offer some eggs.

I understand what I can do with my eggs but what is the advantage to offer them to another gamer?

The text say that the rules are like "saint valentin". Does those rules explain the advantage to offer some eggs?

I'm just arrive on 31 march. I wasn't here at st Valentin.



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Players who offer eggs to other generally expect some in return, which will help them gain eggs to use in the event.


I'm sorry I still don't understand. It's not clear for me.

Someone offer to me 20 eggs and expect that I'll give to him some in return. (maybe 20 eggs) !!


Morgan Montana

When you gift someone Easter eggs in this event, they receive 20 eggs, but you don't lose 20 eggs from your stock. It is some sort of Easter magic. :)

Therefore, there is no down side to sending eggs to all your friends every 24 hours.


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On your friends bar, you can send your friends a gift of 20 eggs of which are not from your stock. They will then generally gift you 20 eggs in return so you both will gain an additional 20 eggs towards your total. The more friends you have the more eggs you can earn from friends every 24 hours.


you can have 100 friends. see, you send each 20 eggs. you won't lose any eggs you've collected. so you send 2000 eggs daily until the event ends.
your 100 friends send you eggs. so you get 2000 eggs. since you didn't lose any eggs while sending, you get +2000 eggs just because you have friends in this game.
i.e., 4 time reset timer.