Edoras - Recruiting


The Town

We are currently a small town of 6 residents located in Blood Gulch state (7) but with members who know each other outside the game. Looking to expand our population and find some creative folk to make the game even more enjoyable.

Building Levels

Town Hall: 9
Residences: 4
Bank: 9
Hotel: 5
Gunsmith: 11
Tailor: 10
General Store: 8


Currently we have no set requirements. We have space for quite a few new citizens and have an even mix of workers.


Please send a telegram including anything you think may be relevant to furthering the town. If you have any specific questions about the town feel free to contact me.

The town currently has no laws or donations program, so you are free to live as you please.
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We have taken on quite a few residents recently but still have room for some more with our next expansion being the general store.


Due to our original founders dissaperance I have now taken charge of the town. We have just recruited a dueler but could happily use another.