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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by El Cuba Libre, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    There are numerous non-adventurers with no kind of premium that didn't have the products and still finished the quests in time and got their rotten eggs.
    But I can admit it can be considered unfair. The time was short for all that was needed, considering it all depended on the luck one had in a short period of time. We all know there are good days and bad days and the ones going through the dry spells, lets face it, had no chance. And all this during a time when people get together and have fun, not caring about a game. IS A GAME DEVS, IT SHOULDN'T TAKE US AWAY FROM REALITY. I sneaked out from a party with the laptop to schedule some more jobs. This is not normal, gets us addicted and no addiction is good, but these quests didn't give people any chance: either you are super-duper-active (even though is a holiday and you should enjoy your real life) and get to finish, or you don't get the eggs. Not fair!
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  2. J412

    J412 Guest

    How is it possible that the Christmas quest is still open and the Easter quest disappears so fast?

    Not to mention the Valentines day quest took like 2 hours to complete and gave you an item with 60 bonus points.
  3. DSG

    DSG Guest

    100% agree. Most of us here have real life which means we can't be online 24/7 queuing jobs. :dry:
  4. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    Don't get me wrong, I did finish the quest, but I have to admit I used higher income premium and I was in my luck period.
    All I am saying is that is not fair to put such a short time limit for luck based quests that are impossible to complete during a dry spell and considering all this happened during a time when we should all enjoy real life, not be stressed by a game.
  5. jersiq

    jersiq Active Member

    Dec 11, 2008
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    Although I can understand what you are saying, my response is the only way to remove stress about a game, is to not stress about the game. I don't think it's a DEV problem, and this is coming from a long time hard core FPS player. It wasn't <insert game developer here>'s fault. It's my own for getting so emotionally involved in some simple binary code.

    {leaves soapbox}

    I actually came here to lament that I missed it by 10 minutes. Report came through at 12:10 AM with me having enough of what I needed. Those damn turkeys fowled me up earlier!
  6. Spamwise

    Spamwise Guest

    GAAAAAHHHH I've been working on this quest pretty much nonstop in w5 and I still wasn't able to complete it! :mad:
  7. J412

    J412 Guest

    Maybe you should have spent your Easter holiday playing the west instead of with your family. That is how the devs wanted you to complete this quest unless you happened to already have the items.
  8. Scott Free

    Scott Free Guest

    *sniff* ... goodbye rotten egg

    Was lucky enough to get 4 turkeys in 12 hours, but 18 hours cowboy'ing just got me one t bone, and i also need 2 salmon as well.

    still i did manage to get the ap's so guess i cant complain too much :)
  9. x.Peter.x

    x.Peter.x Guest

    I already had the wood... too bad I have no chance of getting Turkey / Salmon on ANY of my characters. Yeah, I could of reskilled and been able to do the jobs, but I didn't have enough free cash to do it (not that I would of).

    I spent a total of 74 hours walking on one of my worlds... and I stepped away multiple times during family activities because I knew what times I had to start the next part of my 500 mile journey from east to west to east to west and back to east...

    I would of liked to been able to get the Rotten Eggs, but whatever... I honestly think they need to tone down the requirements for some of these Holiday Quests... it is a Holiday, that everyone should be allowed to celebrate. Not just the people who decide to waste 6 days of their lives grinding 10 hours a day to get items that the MAJORITY of the people can't even do the jobs to get anyways....

    Fail on the DEV's part with Easter... Hardcore fail. Valentines day was GREAT, because the requirements for the jobs to do the quest line were something that the majority of the people COULD do. Easter however?... I'd like to see some figures of how many people that participated in ANY of the quests actually got to finish the ENTIRE quest line. I think that alone would be proof of how hard the developers failed on this one.

    (and I'm not usually one to complain...)
  10. Spamwise

    Spamwise Guest

    Sadly, I think you're correct -- with how close I was to finishing, that one day I missed queuing jobs because I was off with my family would have made the difference.
  11. Vale64

    Vale64 Guest

    You seem remarkably calm. Still punning in trying circumstances
  12. MoSa1

    MoSa1 Guest

    I'm a little confused here , but it appears the easter quests are still active , with the exeption of the Easter fire quest from waupee.

  13. Lord Melnkor

    Lord Melnkor Guest

    Well if that1 is not active, it doesnt really matter if the others are, right? You need em all for the eggs, lol. =\
  14. MoSa1

    MoSa1 Guest

    lol yeah hence the confusion :unsure:
  15. Finally finished getting salmon 5 minutes ago and I did receive the rotten egg! So it's still active for now.
  16. msdindari2

    msdindari2 Guest

    i want 4 wood to complate all quest.:huh:aaaaaaaaaah
    im very angry :(( :mad:
    i worked 24 in 7 and i cant find enough all quest need

    I found everything. When I hope I did not know wood. Stick together until I found 9. This a big injustice to those who do not have the premium. This is not fair that I stay awake all week, but I cant find rotten egg.

    i want rotten egg.
    there is no way to rotten age ?? :sad:
  17. carolos

    carolos Guest

    do you how can i find the
    Tashunka's Tomahawk
  18. msdindari2

    msdindari2 Guest

  19. carolos

    carolos Guest

    thank you

    me too i want rotten egg
  20. didonko

    didonko Guest

    Just my luck... I didn't finish Waupee's wood quest... If others are open, his should be open too... Not to mention in the last 4h I didn't find any wood... (call it bad luck) (Adventurer, no premium)
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