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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by El Cuba Libre, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. AdamWest

    AdamWest Guest

    I have been doing Cowboy Job for 22 Hours Now and I only manage to get 1 T-Bone Steak out of it. This is one friggin ****.
  2. Yeah. I still need one more t-bone steak. then i hear there's fishing to do, OH BOY.:dry:
  3. Vale64

    Vale64 Guest

    You can some of the people all of the time... I suppose the thing is that at the lower levels you level up quite easily while it becomes a harder later in the game, so the main people that benefit from this type of a quest (lower level players) don't realise how useful it is.
  4. wislon

    wislon Guest

    Has anybody who wasn't on Twitter or who didn't have any of the products needed already completed the quests?

    yep - worlds 10 and 11 I was completely unprepared - not a single piece of meat or wood to my name, but lots of slog saw me complete both last night. Definitely do-able...
  5. Verrena

    Verrena Guest

    After you finish getting the salmon and trout, is that the last thing and then we are given the rotten eggs? I've completed all the other quests for the Easter series and am working on finishing up the trout/salmon. So I'm a bit confused since I haven't received the eggs yet.
  6. Dubb777

    Dubb777 Guest

    when you finish that quest you will have another from the sheriff , just to accept and complete to get the rotten eggs
  7. Biologicar

    Biologicar Guest

    well i have just gave fish to Henry, but i did not get quest from sheriff????
  8. Verrena

    Verrena Guest

    That could be a problem.
  9. Dubb777

    Dubb777 Guest

    Do you have any quests still open in your quest book named easter ?
  10. Biologicar

    Biologicar Guest

    only Mayas: Easter (the end of the search)
    I did everything: wood, lambs, exploration, travel from west to east etc....
  11. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    Well, do that one too, is called Easter. All Easter quests must be done in order to get the holiday set piece.
  12. Biologicar

    Biologicar Guest

    totally missed trip to west point....
  13. DSG

    DSG Guest

    Finally after 38 hours I got my 5 turkeys!!! Now the T-Bones...

    Hope we are still allowed to complete the quests if they are accepted in time.
  14. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    You still have 28 hours.
  15. DSG

    DSG Guest

    And you think I can get the 5 T-Bone steaks, 10 wood + fish in 28 hours ??
  16. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    You? Probably not. Anyone else? Sure! ;)

    It's doable with decent luck, assuming you aren't trying to get the wood by felling trees, in which case you'll need great luck.
  17. silverluna

    silverluna Guest

    how if u i the middle quest of easter egg and that quest over, are next years i must repeated again from zero or continue my older quest??
  18. Izec

    Izec Guest

    we cannot do it anymore...after losing several hours to a server error :-(
  19. silverluna

    silverluna Guest

    Arrgghh !!! that .....!!!! :mad::mad:
  20. ROB GRIM

    ROB GRIM Guest

    any 1 beat this- 18hours hunting turkey=1 turkey
    -14hours cowboy =1 t-bone
    28 hours left to get the rest!!!waste off time ??give up??:mad:
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