Easter Quests

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I'm a lvl 57 Adventurer with no premium whatsoever and managed to finish the quests in time. Actually managed to finish it while cutting it to the wire :p 2 min to midnight is when I found the last salmon after fishing all day.

So it's possible, not to mention I had time to spend Easter with the fam, and didn't have any of the requirements beforehand so I had to work to get all of them in the allotted time.

It wasn't that unfair I found, just had to log in every 4 hrs to set my work if i wasn't sleeping.


I completed the quest on W12 at level 27. It's all about forward planning :p


It's also largely about luck. Some people spent entire days on trying to get fish or turkey or steaks.

Lee Vader

If they continue to insult players by deleting useful commentary and censoring all complaints this game will be a big failure.
Allow enough time to do the quests. Time is not sufficient. Spent days doing turkey still only have 4.
This is a load of feces. People complain so instead of fixing it they just delete the complaints.
It is almost like devs do not care (or are inept) - and as they do charge money for access to premium content/advantages they should be concerned about the ramifications of dissatisfied customers.
Obviously they should have learned from the thanksgiving fiasco...

NICE quality control.
/end sarcasm

RE open the wood quest and the other easter quests and the valentine quest. my christmas quests are still open ffs...
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Well Lee, I still see my criticizing posts right here in this particular thread (only 2 pages back), but your complaint irritates even me. It might have something to do with your tone. You are not the only one who didn't get to finish it and to be honest, if you didn't get to do any of the holiday quests, then you might just be the problem.


If you wish to discuss the deadline on the Easter quests, go to here. This board is for questions and answers, not complaints.
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