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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by El Cuba Libre, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. There seems to be 4 Easter quests from john, henry, maya and waupee but my L14 greenhorn on W12 hasn't got them. Is there a lvl requirement or do I need to pick a class or both? On W9, 10, 11 my L33 Worker, L35 Adventurer and L35 Soldier can all see them.
  2. shaggscoob

    shaggscoob Guest

    highest level I know of who still doesn't have it is a level 27 char. Not sure if perhaps they just simply haven't activated the quests on W12.

    I hope so. Otherwise the couple of people at level 30 on the server will have a pretty unfair advantage.
  3. sambee

    sambee The West Team Deputy Sheriff

    Mar 24, 2010
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    on w10 im level 40 and i have the quests but on w11 im level 29 and i dont have them so id say the minimum level is around 30+
  4. daddyjay

    daddyjay Guest

    I assume the easter eggs you find from the 3 quests?
  5. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    from 3 quest givers
  6. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Ghost town, eastern point (right column, third row), and western point (left column, second row). In order, unfortunately. East and West are associated with the adventurer quests, but it's not the exact same spot.
  7. klondike

    klondike Guest

    Maybe I am a bit too tired to understand, but I am having trouble finding the correct ghost towns [I assume your average ghost town doesn't qualify & it has to be a ghost town quest giver.] I can see the East / West spots for the Adventurer quest, but don't see any ghost town quest givers nearby???
  8. Mr. Fate

    Mr. Fate Guest

    Top row, top column map. It's the farrrrr farrrrr NorthWest corner of the world.
  9. JoeDKat

    JoeDKat Guest

    Unlike the ghost town, the east point is not showing a quest available (other than the Black Mountains, which I've already done...).

    Will it be there when I get there?

    PS: I am an adventurer, so I don't know if my old quests are blocking the Easter Egg Hunt.
  10. klondike

    klondike Guest

    It appears you go to the ghost town in the NW corner, than go to the eastern edge for the second egg & probably back to the western edge for the 3rd egg. Elmyr's instructions deal with possible eggs 2 & 3.
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  11. The pharaoh

    The pharaoh Guest

    Again, the far west ghost town is way easy to find I'm travelling to it right now for 10 hours ....
    But the other two towns I can't find. If they are the east & weat signs we used earlier in quests they show nothing related to eastern eggs ,,, will they show after visiting the west gohst town?
  12. The pharaoh

    The pharaoh Guest

  13. 4-Eyed Fred

    4-Eyed Fred Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2010
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    The mini-map shows a "double" quest-giver (two white dots) near the east point, but the detailed map shows only the eastern point icon. Perhaps the quest-giver only appears when you reach it.
    At the same time, the western point shows only a single white dot right now.
  14. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    To make it clear. The ghost town quest giver is in the top left county (west), top left corner of the county. After getting there and completing the quest you get, you need to look for the next quest giver, also called east point, which is on the right county (east), second one from bottom to up (extreme right column). That quest giver is invisible so far, but clickable. It is right underneath the quest giver for adventurer quests (visible only by adventurers). For a screen shot of the second quest giver, please click on the link posted by The Pharaoh and read read read until you get to my post with the attachment.
  15. The pharaoh

    The pharaoh Guest

    With me, the east point aappears as one dot on the mini- map, so I asume the two dotted will apeear after finishing the town ghost.

    I tried to click the invisable dot under the east quest giver as you instruct but nothing happen it must be after finishing egg 1 !
  16. Magramar

    Magramar Guest

    did ghost town, but cant find eastern or western spot.
    i see them on mini map but not in actual map....

    happened same on several servers with other classes.
  17. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    Is one dot for any other class besides adventurer. Only adventurers see 2 dots, since they have a quest giver there which is part of the adventurer quest.
    You have to get egg 1 first in order to go to the east point and get the second egg.
    Is really not hard. All job locations are the same for every world. Look at my screen shot in the thread I opened in the saloon and just go with your cursor over the area until you see that East point thing. Click on it and walk there.
  18. The pharaoh

    The pharaoh Guest

    Yes dear, I'm an adventure in W11 mysylf, and I can see the east point. and when I click on it, it shows the completed qest, nothing about eastern egg .. so it must be a must to do the gohst town first to activate that quest on the east and after that the third one on the west, I assume!
  19. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    By "You have to get egg 1 first in order to go to the east point and get the second egg." I mean that you have to go to ghost town first to get the first egg. In the epilogue it says you find instructions to find the second egg (location), so yes, you must get 1, 2 then 3. Can't see next quest givers before you do.
  20. bxd0359

    bxd0359 Guest

    Is it me? I got 1st Egg. I go to Eastern Point and no matter what I do I cant see the Icon. I moved screen up, down and sideways and nothing. What is going on in W7?:mad:
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