Easter Puzzle Game 1


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Game 1
There are 75 eggs, so 25 kids will be there. Henry should prepare 25 glasses with paper straws.


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75 eggs ÷ 5 eggs/kid =15 kids = 15 glasses and straws


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls!

In the week leading towards Easter, there was some tension in the Saloon. You could feel everybody getting ready for… THE BIG HUNT! There would be eggs to gather all around the world and people were anxious to get their new sets.

Game 1

In preparation Henry woke up very early to hide all the eggs Maya had carefully placed in the basket. She had counted them and told him there would be enough so every kid could have 5 of them. Waupee helped them paint the eggs and John would make sure every kid would get some lemonade afterwards. But since Henry doesn’t know how many kids are comming, he doesn’t know how many glasses with paper straws he would have to prepare. Can you help him?

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Rewards game 1
  • 2x200 nuggets will be drawn at random among all participants who answered correctly.
  • 10x 3250 eggs will be drawn at random among all participants who answered correctly.

Deadline: 2022-04-21 23:59

Contest Information
  • General contest rules apply.
  • In order to take part in the contest you need to write your answers in this thread. (entries can be viewed only by the player and the moderator team)
  • Awards will be drawn at random from all correct answers.

Game 2 will be posted Sunday night (17/04/2022) around 21:00 servertime, make sure you are there on time ;) .

Good luck and Happy Easter!

Your The West Team
15 glasses with straws