Easiest way to level up?


Hi, i started the game last night and i am level nine. I have just run in to a spot where there are no quests i can complete because i dont have enough labor points to do the jobs required to complete the quest. Can someone tell me the easiest way to level up so i can complete these quests and continue on my prgress through the levels. :)


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Just keep doing jobs and quests. The technical answer would be Church Building (if you can afford it) and if fights pick up you can make as much as 4500 per fort fight.


full dexterity shooting seems a proven recipy which is easy to follow for most, or full charisma shooting gets you the best shooting jobs a tad later, but will also give you more hard jobs quite fast

personally i love hiding mobility, but thats a build thats not fast from start which will need you to first raise a few other stuff a tiny wee before you can start doing that

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Quests simply, use the hub to search for the highest experienced jobs and you earn a relatively high experience bonus everyday