Early ending of bounty protection


Idea Title: Early ending of bounty protection
Details: There are some interesting parts of this game: fort fights, quests, crafting and dueling. Fort fighting is group vs group. Questing is an individual player challenge, as is crafting. Only dueling is player vs player. Each of these areas has it's own appeal to each player. Some have no interest in questing while others seem to enjoy it as the best part of the game. This doesn't effect the non-questing players. Dueling does effect the non-dueling players. Fortunately, non-duelers have a recourse: bounties. Thoughtfully, someone developed the idea of bounty protection to avoid its abuse. Unfortunately, bounty protection continues to exist even when players continue to initiate duels. This flaw allows duelers to continue to duel while providing no recourse for non-duelers. Bounty protection should instead extend as it currently does - until a player initiates and duels another player. At the instant of the actual duel, all bounty protection should end. It seems ridiculous that anyone can bounty anyone at anytime for no reason at all ... except when that player has actually EARNED a bounty by dueling another player.
Reason for submitting: When a player actually earns a bounty the option to bounty them should exist.


Bounty protection occurs after a player's bounty has been collected. That player cannot be bountied again for a period of time. That period of time is called bounty protection.


+1 for me in the case. I don't duel but why isn't it just 48hours like the duel protection after a KO?


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I believe the bounty protection is 1 minute per $. Could be something else though, but it definitely depends on the size of the bounty.

Anyway, I think the bounty protection is good, it prevents that players continually put a high bounty on someone, getting them dueled all the time.


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The bounty protection is good, but the OP isn't asking for it to be removed. He's only asking that it is cancelled when the player under bounty protection initiates a duel, which I think makes perfect sense.


This sounds good to me except for the fact that it should be tweaked that while under bounty protection, only those players can put bounty on the player that got attacked. It would still keep the idea of bounty protection, but a better version of it. Or am I wrong ?


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Its a good idea if someone got KO'ed with a 25k bounty on them no-one would be able to place another bounty on their head for over 17 days ( 1$/minute) and this time period should be reduced. You have my vote on this.