. . .

Hey Neo, why do you go with such a good weapon ehen the deffender´s isn´t as good???? :dry:

Like you play, you KO them in the first or second Duel, if you Duel them with a lower weapon you can duel them more times, and earn more money... ;)



cheers mate, i know u are 0% also, but havent got time to mess around, ive got all weapons and all gear so dont need any cash...
i do it for stats only and cash for fbs...
im not worried, every day i get over $3k!
today i got $6k


. . .

When I grow up, I want to be like you , Neo... Jajaja... :laugh:

I´m still buying guns... :dry:



i wish i was on the world recordspage like you Nietsch!

just for the wn i went in to see Mrs Sam, hadnt seen her in a while:

congrats Mrs Sam!
I was shocked, for real.

nice work
time for me to level up
see you soon

Miss Sarajevo

Can I be the First to say.. Farewell Phonebook! The West is poorer game without you around.

I was looking forward to locking horns with you once more, since I took over a friends account who was going to delete.


awww, real loss to the game if phonebook quits!

a good player and a good friend

so long mate, have a good one!