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well i guess i am no good then i also dont care, but i have always had a gentlemans dueling set up with neo quick, he or i would never duel each other back to back or when the other wasnt in dueling gear or on a money job....but i cant beat him anymore so i dont duel him lmao


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Brave lad there.. last he attacked he lost badly(quite some time back...) after which he didnt attack me when i was in me dueling clothes.. but out comes the trumpet.. and voila...

Duel: deadwolf2020 vs. Neo-quick On 1/17/11 at 10:59 PM
Total health points - 731 HP No hit
Neo-quick passes out. deadwolf2020 wins the duel, gains 352 experience points and steals $96 from Neo-quick.

Duel: irondeth666 vs. Neo-quick On 1/17/11 at 11:15 PM
The player is sleeping in the hotel right now. They're well protected!

Hey, Neo! Does your gentleman's approach apply to your townsmates also? Or to your overall spiritual leader Derek alias Mr. Arrogant? ;)
If not - sorry, man... I suspect above mentioned cases are only reactions...


I resent that statement, if I see someone with a trumpet equipped I also equip my trumpet!

I love trumpet dueling!

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well mi.. i dont know abt my team mates.. i dont try and force my ideals on others.
Furthermore my post was not abt guys dueling me when i was armed with my trumpet.. It is more about the brave Guys ONLY hitting me when i am with the trumpet..

Which is the reason why i did not post the duel report of EMZC. He too hit me a few mins before deadwolfe.. but then again he hits me a load of time.. and wins most of the time too..


well, to me, if you go to a fort for fort battle but do not sign up or work nearby aftersigning up, the guy who duels you... is not really dishonourable, considering that you are doing that at your risk o_O

and I have been dueled lately by a whole lot of people. Those that used to defeat me still do :D



so.... this is dishonourable? even i fully know the enemy does it to my town?
oh and no i dont just hit this guy with the trumpet, i can beat him anyway :D


still waiting for thepro to come visit me and smack me around like she been talking about lol


now now... i didn't say I will 'smack' you =.=

My Death Record failed because of you :D


well roland.. u still rock.. !!!, just one hit.. :D

Total health points
- 1610 HP
Total health points
- 294 HP
Roland Deschain wins the duel, gains 309 experience points and steals $59 from Neo-quick.


No hit

No hit Strike: Left arm
- 80 HP

No hit No hit

Strike: Right arm
- 89 HP Strike: Right arm
- 76 HP

Strike: Left shoulder
- 112 HP Strike: Left arm
- 86 HP

Strike: Head
- 124 HP Strike: Left arm
- 73 HP

No hit No hit

Strike: Right arm
- 88 HP Strike: Right arm
- 90 HP

No hit Total health points
- 405 HP

Total health points
- 413 HP Darth Maul 2 wins the duel, gains 190 experience points and steals $97 from mrzeezee.

He changed he´s gun from figaroz razor blade to precise army revolver. Still, a good duel. :)



30 jan 4:57 am


30 jan 10:51 pm

Look at the time of duels and think about 48 hour no dueling rule.

I am not implying anything by this post.
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Total health points
- 651 HP

Total health points
- 466 HP Anagnostou wins the duel and gains 237 experience points. Desi Boukerse did not carry any cash and Anagnostou walks away without taking any money.

When i was wearing my fort defense outfit..

Total health points
- 1041 HP

Total health points
- 779 HP Anagnostou wins the duel and gains 216 experience points. Desi Boukerse did not carry any cash and Anagnostou walks away without taking any money.

When i had a decent weapon equipped..

Guess i should just stick with the tomahowk instead of the golden sabre then..


Oh , don't worry. I will send him home later.
His switch from Melee to Gunslinger is most unfortunate - because he used to be able to sustain a duel and live to dive into the hotel with the Strength-HP - now I send him to a hotel immediately. I hate his profile coz he makes himself a dueler of some skills. He loves camping me a few months ago, he lost 99 out of 100 of those *slightly exaggerated*, i KOed him too many times that I have forgotten the number of times - always one hit KO also. A pity he doesn't have a 'have him dead' bounty :(
As long as his face appears in Hoof Hearted or in the nearby area I will send him home XD
He can't sleep forever. His record was sleeping for, I figured, 16 hours on end, wakes up, 10 minutes later he's back in his town. HA.

Just noticed I can beat Jesse James - sustaining heavy damage, btw - on the offensive. I guess that has to do with too much Shooting, which my little Appearance can overcome his Tactic easily, thus his excess Shooting made obsolete after hitting way over my Defense Capabilities.
My next challenge will be Greatest. I hope I can live to tell the tale, because I have died like 20~30 times at his hands already. Any one got his build in hand? I figure he's not just plain Shooting >.<
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Apologies to Jesse, being in a town that doesnt have access to the nice warning when duelling an alliance member. That duel player list should name towns so stupid people like myself dont go clicking away getting all excited.

Total health points
- 231 HP
Total health points
- 735 HP
Jesse James passes out. realm of deceit wins the duel, gains 449 experience points and steals $107 from Jesse James.


Sort of. Not sure the best way to go though. Think my aim and dodge are way too high. Not that its a bad thing, but against you i might struggle if you land a hit ;)


180+ Aim & 96 Appearance when on the offensive :D

Though Aries22 beated me once by dodging every single one of my hits -
the other time I won by landing just ONE hit

not sure. I guess luck is a major factor against some SERIOUS dodgers
or tank breakers, its a contest who by chance lands more damage on each other :D