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  1. I already have high ranked XP characters and top ranked duelers, so trying to get the most wins in the world on one of my characters seemed like a good idea to me.

    I'm like 600 behind one of the guys on W-1 who has more then 1500 duel wins.
  2. Please just look at what i said before.

    I have 0 reflex, and 30 toughness
    Opponent have 15-85 Weapon and 106 Vigor.

    How can your formula explain such low hit than : 89 in my head ?
    This can't ... The only possibility is that Vigor is not + to damage but +% Damage ...

    Anyway i will consider your infos about toughness to introduce it in my formula...

    Damage*(100+Vigor||Shoot)/(100+Toughness||Reflex(??? +Toughness||Reflexe/2 ???)) Will check my combat datas for this

    But it is a fact that Shoot and Vigor are use in the formula As Multiplier and not Bonus (+).
    My weapon is 47-79 ... so 79-47=32 ... i should not have more than 32 Damage in "base damage" (before loc bonus like head) range from my highest shoot and my lowest... but in fact the max range i see is about 2*my weapon range ... how can we explain this if it is not because of my 239 Shoot skill ?

    EDIT : Afer more TESTING I can tell i have EVER done 2* My weapon Damage with my 239 Shooting ... So it seems to be certain for the max = *2 weapon damage with high damage skill. Even the best Defender (68 Reflex 60Toughness) in the server take my 2*Damage...

    Again testing
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  3. I don't see anyone disagreeing with this statement.
  4. And if you had 300 Shooting you won't increase your damage ... and probably if you have 150 Shooting you'd still do the same damage.

    The point is you won't be able figure out a formula that fits every duel with a straight line formula.
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  5. Oh yes we can... of course, because there is a formula.
    There is 2 fact for sure atm.

    The Shoot/Vigor give %bonus to damage. Not +X damage.
    There is a max +% of 100% after Applying defense.

    We can also think there is probably a min %
    We can also think that Vigor/Reflexe applying like -% to damage
    We can (cause of you and bonez tellings) think that reflexe/vigor applying even in part on other damage sort.

    Lot of things we know now... And more to come after testing more. But testing take time, i need more "organisated" fight.
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    Facts have to be established as certainty. There's nothing certain about extrapolating a formula based on abstract observations. Especially when you only have a few samples. You would need to actually know all of the factors involved before calling them 'facts', which in this case means seeing the code. I've done enough programming to know that if you haven't seen the code, you don't know for certain how it works. All you can do is offer educated guesses at best.
  7. Thanks for your spaming. You don't tell me i'am false, you don't tell me i'am true. You d'ont give more example nor idea. You only tell us you are a coder. Damn i'am too... what can we do now ? looking at how many hour you and me have coded to see wich is god-blessed and know the truth about universe ?
    Yes, damn how to tell it. The two fact i told are fact, because we have seen it for sure on duels. And except if the coders of the game are especialy mad and making non-sense formula. It's logical. And no, i have not a few duels to see, i have atm 27 duels with all data on each side, and my friends are making me each day 5 new duels.

    Thanks again for your spaming, and if you have anything to say usefull. Don't hesitate to post again, you are welcome.

    Anyway, i think i have learn all what can be learn here. It's, you are right, very stupid to go here and share my work. Best to keep it secret for now. I'am almost certain people so nice and intelligent as you already know how all the game work and don't need to know more.

    For other, nice and kind people that are making things go to found these two formula, you can contact me on live messenger : slan@ifrance.com if you want to continue sharing.
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    Lol. So I'm spamming because I'm not stupid enough to pass off my ideas as facts?

    You offered up what is at best, a THEORY, and you called it a FACT. That is a fact. Now you call my post spam because you can't handle hearing actual facts.

    If you were a programmer, you'd know that there's more than one way to impliment any functionality. Which means there's no way to know for sure how any particular function is actually working without reading the code. Unless you can produce the code, I suggest you stop spamming your theory as something it's not.
  9. I have now discover the exact formula of damage. It's work for every of the about 50 duels i have in my DB and with each new duel people sending me.

    Now working on the very most difficult formula of the hit/dodge.
    Thanks to all people helping me with screen of duels and skills.
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    abigaelle, just quit that

    talking to this hammer dude is same as barking at the wall. he just doenst reflect what he is saying.