Dueling Skills..


I need your opinion... which is better dodge or appearance?
i chose appearance, cause i'm active a lot and maybe i will be challenging other ppl..:bandit:


im not a dueler but I found this it may help

I suggest putting 2/3 of your attributes to dexterity, and 1/3 to charisma. Its not good to put equal points on shooting, reflex, appearance, and tactics, you'll get bonuses from clothing anyway to supply those skills if you ever lack them.

Dodging benefits you from both melee and firearm attacks from the enemies but it does not lower the damage when you're hit, it only lowers the chances of you being hit at all. However this skill is not needed in any jobs.

Reflex protects you from all firearm attacks. Its not necessary to put around 25 points on this one without gear if your clothing can make your reflex up to 50 anyway. 50 reflex can lower the attack of a firearm wielding enemy with around 100-110 points shooting to only 75-90 if they are using a precise revolver no. 1 or about 35-90 using a precise pepperbox. Reflex is however needed in some jobs. Like what Denisero said, it won't do you any good against melee users.

Toughness makes you resist attacks from a melee user. The step is just like reflex is to shooting. It won't do you any good against firearms.

increases your chances of hitting the enemy regardless if you are using a firearm or a melee. Its not needed for any jobs anyway.

Shooting increases your damage while using a firearm. A high number of shooting, pushes the ability of your firearm weapon to its best. You should have at least 110-115 points on shooting once you reach around level 55. Its also cool to hang around with some good jobs.

Vigor increases your damage if you are using a melee weapon. A high number of vigor makes you hit hard with a melee weapon.

Appearance is not a major skill needed for attack on dueling. Its very important if you are the challenger to a duel and you should have high appearance if you are challenging someone with high tactics especially a soldier with tactics advantage. I think it increases your chances of hitting your enemy as well once you are the challenger to the duel. This is also good to focus on if you are looking for quite good jobs as well. Its good if you have around 50 points on appearance if you are around level 50.

Tactics saves you from taking too many hits once you are the defender in the duel. Its also needed in some jobs. If you do not want to waste skill points on this one, you better sleep once you are doing nothing or if you see someone camping in your town.

This is what happens on a duel.

Challenger's Appearance vs. Defender's Tactics
Shooting vs. Reflex
Vigor vs. Toughness
Aim vs. Dodging


that is not useless info it happens to be very good info that people might appreciate


not useless at all, gives examples of what its used for n things, better than saying a 1 word answer n nothing to back it up.


Thank you Andy :) I try to give informed answers when I do give answers.


yea i read that before... which 1 is better to focus on my skills...
aim, shoot,appearance/aim, shoot, dodge/aim, shoot, tactics??
And i think dodge is better too... it protects you if your the challenger or not...
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if you ask a question it means you trust the answerers, i have my time to spend else then explaining why it is so. tho it is so without 1 mile length of discussion, if you will play long enough you will figure it out yourself


There is no right build, it is up to you, there is only the basic structure, tactics and appearance become less and less effective the higher level you go, aim is way more important later on.
Build evenly at first, then at level 20 you should start working on aim/vigor if melee or aim/vigor/shoot if ranged.

I personally go for reflex and toughness over dodge, Romelis prefers dodge so you rarely hit him, another might prefer pure power (all aim shoot/vigor), that's why no one is unbeatable, we exploit weaknesses on one another.


I prefer dodge than reflex... it only lowers the damage, but dodge avoid the damage.
And i am a range dueler so i think i will not upgrade vigor.
How bout i uprage aim, shoot, and dodge.. all even every lvl.. ?


that is not useless info it happens to be very good info that people might appreciate
It's good info, keep in mind on w3 Romelis is one mean dueler though so I'd take into account what he says.
But I personally can't see anything wront with the guide.
Also, I'm taught for every 30-40 shooting/vigor, you should have 20-30 aim.


balance is power. only pure builds are vulnerable. but dull balancing is a self killer
if you in to dueling and keep your eyes open you know when some parts have to be taken in balance...


what do you mean 20-30??

He means every 20-30 skill points onto shooting he would give 10-20 to aim, keeps them both higher than other skills.
20 shooting/10 aim for example.

Edit:That is not including Attribute points and That is the same as Pi-Man explained just worded differently:blink:
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so okay... i will keep my aim ahead by 10 to my shoot.. and every skills points left goes to my dodge.. and my attribute points i will keep them balance..(mobility,dexterity).


what are the best skills/attributes that a soldier should have?

anxiously awaiting your reply,


attributes=(change between dexterity and charisma)
skills=aim/shooting/(change between dodging and appearance)
So in two levels:
+3 aim
+1 dodging
+3 shooting
+2 appearance
+1 tactics
that's what I would do anyway...


to much spreading out.
noone knows how precisely works appearance and tactics and if they are very usefull (think , soldier gets a 50% bonus just for being soldier, it wouldnt increse that much if it was dramatically important, now would it ?)