dueling paddy


i have tried every combo and can't beat this #$@@ i have 10 aim and 10 dodging. is that not high enough to beat him?:mad:


I changed my duel tactics to hit him in the head and right shoulder more and it worked..

I cant prmoise it will work for you but i hope it helsp


figured out what i was doing wrong. i wasn't pulling a weapon out of my back pack so i was fighting with my fists all the time. rookie error. thanks for the advice

-Dark Assasin-

DA read the title, it's Paddy :p :D
Oops, my bad.

Paddy is easy to beat!

So, you are talking about this quest:

Duel tactics (Paddy the bulldog)

Sheriff John Fitzburn: I heard that you fought Unforgiven. Not bad! But you still have a lot to learn about duels. A good dueler has to train a lot. It makes a big difference if you are using a melee weapon or a firearm. If you are using a melee weapon you need a lot of vigor to cause much damage. When using a firearm you need high shooting skills. Vigor won't help you when you use a melee weapon and the other way around.
Being trained well is just as important to defend yourself during a duel. You need high reflexes to react well to firearm attacks and you need to be rather tough to tolerate melee weapon hits.
Right now I have Paddy in my jail cell. Paddy is a rather stupid guy. He loves to get drunk and pick fights. You can let him out and challenge him to a duel. I'm sure he won't refuse!

Target: Defeat Paddy in a duel

Hint: Paddy the bulldog is a redheaded, broad-shouldered Irishman. A number of scars show that he's not had the most relaxed life so far. He seems to be a very tough cookie.

Defeat Paddy (Done)

+ 50 Experience points

Try increasing your skills!