Rejected Dueling improvements with rewards

Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by zd3no, Oct 19, 2013.

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Would you like this proposal implemented?

Poll closed Nov 2, 2013.
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  1. zd3no

    zd3no Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2011
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    There will be a two week period available to vote. (May be extended if needed.)

    If the idea wins 80% of the vote, it is sent to the developers who will respond with feedback and the idea will be linked in the ideas passed to developers.
    If it loses the vote by not attaining more than 79.99%, it will be moved to the archives. The idea will then be placed on the list of items to not post again.

    Original thread can be found <HERE>.

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  2. ViriM

    ViriM Well-Known Member

    Nov 7, 2009
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    I just vote Yes. Good Luck. Any idea that promote dueling will be support by me.
  3. Thomas Ryker

    Thomas Ryker Well-Known Member

    Apr 2, 2010
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    this is a good start, I would love to see Inno bring a group of us in on a discussion panel, as I think there are dettails on this that still need to be worked out
  4. i vote yes , some things have to be worked out butt for all the west duellers world wide encountering the same problems --> YES
  5. anarchy111

    anarchy111 Well-Known Member

    Dec 1, 2010
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    Yes, yes, hell yes!!!
  6. rohith4444

    rohith4444 Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2010
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    Yes from me good idea Duck :)
  7. bambara

    bambara Guest

    Duelling is broke because zero motivation duellers artificially prevent their duelling level from going up. Making it so the duellers can let their levels go up and still beat up on builders doesn't fix it.
  8. Zeta-Navy

    Zeta-Navy Guest

    i agree with bambera and voted against, though i see that this idea been well spammed in some 0 mot duelling towns to get good support. also giving out insane amounts of bonds to duellers make it even more insane, duellers are those that have by far far far far the easiest way of achieving those 3 daily tasks a day, any quester or forter has quite a hard time on those for any dueller its a walk in the park, and rewarding em with more bonds for makings people life a misery ah hell no.

    also its said people 0 mot duel to have targets, if no one could 0 mot duel, there would be plenty of targets, but the problem is they don;t get defenseless workers or questers and other nubs to duel, but actually strong and good other duellers that might actually hurt or even ko them. 0 mot duelling is for cowards that are afraid of any opposition, and making an excuse that there not enough targets is just bull, (especially with the post 1.36 change with duelling level which they kinda screwed up by multiplying DL xp with 9 instead of 3 but still!

    Maybe its an idea to rename idea to what its really is: let us duellers kick even more nubs behinds, and give a ranking so we can boost our ego and check who beaten up the most defenseless workers and questers. And then on top of it give us a horseloads of bonds as reward as well so we are even better off..... i am sorry hell no
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  9. taken from the ideas forum and explains why duelling does not work how it currently is

    Originally Posted by Jan Wandelaar View Post
    i really like this idear , on the dutch server whe have the same problems , 3 guys just immigrated from W2 to Colorado (dutch server) , W2 was a real duelling world

    the top 4 looks now like this

    nr 1 duel level 631
    nr 2 duel level 563
    nr 3 duel level 556
    nr 4 duel level 246 ??

    So i hope Inno can bring duelling back to life :/

    my english writing is a bit rusty forgive me

    greeting Jan

    I agree alot of 0 mot are cowards
    So what i have try to do with this idea is to encourgae them to deul other duellers and not pick on easy targets.
    this idea has not been spammed in 0 mot towns zeta, maybe some people like the idea?
    and you saying insane amount of bond is just wrong, a fort fighter could earn more bonds in a week then im suggesting for a dueller to get in a month
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  10. zd3no

    zd3no Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2011
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    Wait a min, insane amount of bonds? Top 5 get 250 bonds per month. Ranking is reset each month, so that means you have to work hard to be top 5 on your server. Ranking will most probably be based on duel experience, so that means the initiative is there to duel high duel lvl targets and leave the so called "poor workers" alone. I'm a dueller in one world and a pure fort fighter in another. My duel lvl is so high that I cannot revenge duel aggressors on my friends. I have such "poor workers" as friends and would like nothing more than KO their harassers ... safe to say, I can't help them as it is. Those 0 mots that you are afraid of, would get some hard time from duelers like myself, and there are plenty of us out there.

    Sure there is the potential to cause harm as well, but I really think your post is unsubstantiated.
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  11. Zeta-Navy

    Zeta-Navy Guest

    duck on a quack

    that has 2 very very very very very easy explanations.

    first of all migration, if you migrate from an old world to a relatively new world that simply happens (on .net it would mean migrate to colorado)

    secondly the devs totally fecked up the duelling levels with the implementation of the west v2.0

    they multiplied all xp, with 3, but multiplied duel xp with 9 (which is way to much)

    causing DL to totally explode, as you know you only receive 1/3rd of your real xp as duel xp these days.
    since devs didn't think stuff through when recalculating your duel level xp to version 2.0 instead of counting your duel level xp as 1/3rd from normal xp they count it as 3 times more then normal xp. small example instead of you receive 1000 xp for winning the duel and 333 xp to your duel level, they basically did you get 1000 xp for winning the duel and receive 3000 xp for your duel level

    due to that massive mess up of duel levels, you now got people with DL 400-500-600-700, where they maybe otherwise had level 300-350.

    its not the system that caused you to have fewer targets, its migration+ the devs totally messing up recalculating duel level xp when transfering version 1 to version 2


    to put it more bluntly, this change makes every dueller a 0 mot dueller, i dislike 0 mot duelling since its for cowards, and this makes you all 0 mot dueller, i won't support that and i defo won't support any idea that gives the top 5 of people that duelled most questers forters and workers a price of 250 bond

    how is it you cannot see that making any dueller basically a 0 mot dueller would extremely harm the game? since thats what this change does and heck it rewards em with bonds to bash in as many skulls as possible as well
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  12. zd3no

    zd3no Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2011
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    I think you're enraged and cannot see clearly what's being proposed. If every player of the same lvl can duel each-other, than that would only enhance the game. Teamwork in duels would increase, towns will hunt other towns, alliances will have an effective "keep them KO" system, the duelling game of the west will only get better. It's true that non-duellers will have a harder time now, but I can't see what will change if you have extra 50 players in your "dueling range". As a fort fighter, my duel lvl is not too high, not too low, just perfect to get almost any other 120 lvl duel me. I accept it, it's part of the game. If I don't want to be duelled, I Ko myself, hell, I can KO myself on a job now in no time. I also have the option to leave town. Future changes are planned to maybe allow townless players participate in battles, a perfect option to be townless and avoid dueling altogether.

    Another mistake you are making is to assume that by duelling non-duellers you are eligible to win the monthly prize...the monthly prizes are awarded by top ranks most probably by duel experience, not top Ko's, not biggest win-loss ratio ... so therefore only true competitive duellers can have a chance at those bonds. And 250 bonds... which is the top notch you can get is not even that high.

  13. sorry zeta i disagree
    that was an example of one world

    its the same in every world, that was an extreme example

    a fact is that people have quit becuase of this,
    its not an excuse to say duellers have few targets once they have a high duelling level, its a fact
  14. Zeta-Navy

    Zeta-Navy Guest

    duck again, its not xp duelling causing you to have 3 targets, its that they messed up duel levels when transfering version 1 to version 2, but if you woulda had your actual duel level that didn't got so masssively influenced by the mistake devs made, you woulda had simply more targets(AGAIN ITS NOT XP DUELLING THAT CAUSED THE LACK OF TARGETS, ITS A MISTAKE OF THE DEVS THAT DID), but i never saw you complain about that mistake months ago heck most folks liked it they suddenly had an awesome duel level.

    and again Zd, i am not enraged there been numerous of petitions against 0 mot duelling here, and this is but then packed in sweet words a change to make duelling a completely 0 mot spot, just check colo 800 level 120's, maybe 50 of em are duellers, now does those other 120 have to bleed for the greed of a small group of duellers?
  15. ok zeta you say they mucked up duelling levels, fine, if this is right or not its not the point.
    The fact is duellers quit because they have few people to duel.
    All i have done is try to encourgae duellers to duel other duellers by offering bonds, thus getting away from the 0 mot bullies that you hate so much

    I have posted now and not months ago because inno have come up with some ideas about duelling changes, i thought i could maybe put some ideas in myself to help.
    Thats all
  16. Zeta-Navy

    Zeta-Navy Guest

    thing is making all duellers 0 mot duellers basically doesn't help, yes you and some others get extra targets, but those targets are also people, and fun quickly dissapears for people if they get hit non stop all the time, and they will get hit a lot more with change. This change i understand why duellers like it, but its extremely bad for non duellers, and that way it hurts the game

    if you want a fair proposal for more targets, ask if devs can sorta fix their mistakes and let them divide all duel xp through 9
  17. Angellina

    Angellina Guest

    I voted no. Mostly 'cause I agree with Zeta on this one.
  18. hold on a sec
    have you misunderstood this? (im asking in a nice way)
    this is getting away from 0 mot duellers? you get that right?
    The idea encourages duellers to duel other duellers, you may find that players start to duel the duellers that go for the easy targets as well, but the main point is to encourgae proper duelling. At the moment 0 mot is encouraged because of the fact players run out of targets
  19. Zeta-Navy

    Zeta-Navy Guest


    why are we bother discussing this i kinda checked something about ideas and brainfarts, only poll we should actually have if we could not better close the idea and brain fart section, since i checked that except for a bug fix(hardly an idea and brainfarts) nothing got implemented of any of the about 20 ideas we done in 2013 so why do we even bother, and it doesn't gets any better if you go through the 2012 brainfarts.
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  20. so you didnt understand it and have now sabotaged the poll, so well done on that one.
    you have a view that there is no point to the brainfarts section, well thats your view, but i dont see why you should spoil it for the rest of us

    At least i can say i have tried to improve the game even though this idea wont go through now because you misunderstood and ignored the mail i sent you trying to explain.

    But i can still hope that inno may think some of my ideas are good ones despite what you think and hopefully i have given them something to think about.
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