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New Dueling Buff that allow the duelers to duel free.

Current Workaround
Everyone is dueling accord to his exp dueling points.

We all know how duels works. All we want is the choice to duel free anyone in this game. After huge conversation with some great duelers in w1 we decide and thought that dueling outside the dueling exp ranking is necessary for the development of game and also fun. Fun is the reason why we still play around 5 years this game.

Abuse Prevention
No loopholes or abuse possible that I am aware of.

Visual Aids
No visual aids would be required I think. All what will be is a buff Shell V-power (like Ground rocket Turtle shell) which will allow you to duel everyone in the map. It can be bought via nuggets or bonds and will expire into 10 min.

Let the duelers Rock:
- As soon as your dueling exp goes up, target are eliminated so as fun.
- Exp Duelers and 0 mot will have the possibility to duel each other.
- For the ones that want to duel free, every dueling level in the map, will be a buff that will allow you to duel for a limited time 10 mins.
- Inno will get bonds and nuggets (75) so its a good choice for company.
- Dueling will get a new life, new action and motivation of fun will be up.

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes
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PS: Its my first time i suggest something. Apologize if i waste your time or the thread was rejected previously.
All what i post is just the result of hundred conversation in w1, between duelers.

Colonel Sanderss

+1 from me! I'm a dueler on 2 worlds and that'd definitely be something useful to have!


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Thanks for the feedback. The point was what mates asked: To be able a duel between exp and 0 mot players at same level. Seems that this idea wont be voted over 80%.
I am sure that they who vote no to idea will have a better idea or like the dueling system as it is.
If they have a better idea on how exp and 0 mot will come face to face let us know. Definitely will have a big yes from me.



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