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Duel Not Possible for 48 hours

Sorry if this has been asked before.

Usually after duelling someone, I get the message that I cannot duel that person again in the next hour. Today I came across someone who has been attacking me regularly over the past few weeks, and it says I cannot duel that person for 48 hours, even though it has been 5 days since I last attacked them. I've not come across this sort of message before, and wondered why It has occurred. Is that person still able to attack me during that period? If so it seems a bit unfair - they are several levels higher than me, and have been attacking me several times a day, but I can no longer retaliate.

Violette LeDrunc

Someone knocked him out. It is what happens when you lose all your health. (From work or duelling.) And no, he can't attack you.


Well-Known Member
When a player has been knocked out in a duel, they can neither attack or be attacked for the 48 hours......this is likely the case here.

While you may not have hit him recently, if he has been dueling heavily, he is likely to have been wounded enough that either someone better than him finally dealt fatal damage, or he allowed himself to get so weak that he passed out during any fight.