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Pankreas PorFavor

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Now having 10 world actif it's impossible, you ask me why ? I'm going to say my opinion, now all the sets and equipment are so much upgrades, you have not the same community and the old community doesn't want to stay because this game going slowly a "pay to win" ...
this game is "pay to win" for a long time.
your reasons why it is impossible to have 10 active worlds are wrong. if Innogames spend 0€ on game development, 0€ on advertisement, and they spend only a little effort on keeping the game alive ("not dead" is maybe a better description) - then there is no way to have a large number of players like 7-8 years ago.

I thinks we need new animation like :
For exemple

French servor versus German servor in duel
English servor versus Russian servor in Fort battle
International fort battle championship? yeah, we had that already. how does that help your server to be active and have more players?!

A regroupement of world, like in 1 servor all the world's go to migration in 3 world, and you don't lose your equipment when you do a migration,
YES! that's a great idea! :rolleyes::eek: player who plays in 3 worlds and merges his 3 inventories can have even more upgraded equipment and more money, against players who only play in one world and have (maybe) level 1 gear - so they can give up and quit the game. instead of having 3 worlds with 1000 players, have one with 500?! no. bad idea.

my opinion - you are trying to fix something that cannot be fixed, with tools that are not fit for purpose.
this game is gone. at least in the form and shape we used to love.