"duel is possible" indicator


An icon that indicates that your character is capable of dueling.

Current Workaround

Duel reports give time data in 12 hour format, and the game clock is in 24 hour format and adjusted for time zone. While one can quickly figure out what time their 48 hour cooldown is up, it would be nice to have an icon on the main screen (perhaps with a countdown timer?) that indicates that "you can duel in HH:MM:SS".

Abuse Prevention

Visual Aids

General improvement to gameplay.
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A big no

I am very against that. It would favor a playing style to the detriment of another style.

Dueling player A hides in his hotel room by sleeping until Player B cool down of 48 hours is over. Player B is doing a quest or job. Dueling player A pops out of his long sleep and duels player B to KO him into another 48 hour KO cool down. Then, dueling player A runs back to sleep till another player he is monitoring has finished his Cool down. Why should it be made easy for him to monitor other player's status while his status is entirely controlled by himself (sleeping as he likes to avoid being dueled).

I prefer he keeps using his calculator,

I"m changing my vote , if it is on your character (only for you to see), I give it a yes.
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uh im talking about an indicator that tells you when YOU are able to duel, not other people.


Mmm it would be convenient admittedly but at the moment all you have to do it look at the report for the time you were koed and add 48 hrs... not that difficult to do.


I think its a pretty good idea, I just look at my reports but sometimes I'll spend those 2 days dueling NPC's and the report I am looking for could end up way in the bak hidden amongst the 40+ pages of duels. I think this could've ended up on the minor ideas thread, but you probably played it smart by putting it here.

5 stars

This is what you need to do though, please use the guidelines for posting and try to work up a visual, were you thinking just an icon that either is or isnt present, or possibly a timer, or perhaps they can simply make the dueling button Grey when you cant duel, so an easy method of seeing your dueling status would be to check anyone elses profile.... Try to work up a visual, if you are no good at that PM and I can do it for you.
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On your own character? Yes. Very useful for duelers and non duelers alike.

Dirty rotten Billy

Yeah they might aswell add a icon of a beaten up cowboy on your profile :laugh: during the 48hrs he slowly recovers. He's black eyes go down and he starts to stand up:D.

Good Feather

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I think if we have a visual aid of what or where you want the icon to look like then this would be ready for a vote.