Duel Changes

1Big Chief

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Tinkering with the duel system is not the answer... they should be upgrading dueling.. like they did with Advent Battles

No point in changing the tyres (dueling system).. if you're still got the same engine (no glamour.. still boring) :(

Disappointed in INNO.. NO Imagination when it comes to Dueling.. thus sad to say... leaving West by Year End


C'mon now guys, he's a new player. We tell Inno to advertise the game and we ourselves can't be such :donkey:es to new players :p
I appreciate that you said that; I've been playing this game for several years and I rarely ever come to the forums for just that reason - know-it-alls who talk down to everyone else and make them feel stupid for asking questions or for help, when THAT IS WHAT THE FORUMS WERE DESIGNED FOR! :)
So THANK YOU for being kind to that newbie, and I hope everyone else will remember that help forums are for getting help and advice, without the "mods" or "long-timers" being snarky and rude.

Micky Davies

I have the sa,me issue Shiloah, you ask a question and you get smart arse anwers from the same people who should be helping newbies, i have always tried to help newbies - but i rarely post in here these days and i know whats gonna happen no i have replied to this