DR Feel Goods is RECRUITING!!!


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Hey there folks! I am here to inform you that DR Feel Goods - one of the noisiest towns on Dakota is recruiting!!!

We are looking to recruit active players of any level that want to be fort fighters, duellers or builders!!!

We are situated at the bottom of County 13 (Westeros) next to the small fort! Ranked 9th in the town standings and 7th on West Fort Stats, we are a powerful town that is up to compete with the best!!!

We currently own two forts - the small and large forts in our county.

So, submit your applications ingame TODAY, and come and be a part of our "Feel Good" atmosphere!

P.S. Contact Abjornafrikan, jamrocker or Apelecta ingame.


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You could try to... Of course I have already been receiving the usual invites from all the top towns and all that... :D

Send me an invite and an appealing telegram and I might consider! :p