Donuts and hot choclate/ Good / Bad?


You guys know nothing. Krasutice, Krasuljci, Napolitanke. Croatian pride!!! Domacica tea biscuits... yummy!!!!!!


im so proud to live in america, free to do all you please thats legal, and also you can put rocks in the rod for cars to run over!:blink:

You can do "all you please that's legal" in any country.


And I like all hot chocolate and most doughnuts, so I am going to have to go for Hot Chocolate.


oh danget left for a lil and my record stoped, btw woot ownage thread! and rember pepole, Gem is a stalker, i am a cookie, but i would prefer if you drank my chocolate! not Gem >.>

btw no offence gem yours must taste evean a lil good, evean if it is stor bought =)
and no in iraq right now our soliders will shoot you if you point a gun at them :) but it was legal, so had point profen america is a country and a donut!


ehhh... i dun really like chocolate oranges very much... i love chocolate and oranges, but together..... eh...

Violette LeDrunc

White hot choc is good. Where I used to work we used to have fondue burners going with chocolate and liqueurs in them for wintery cocktails. They were pretty good too. :)


ummm... white? never tried it... why i have sudden urge for milka with chilli peppers?


Makes ye wanna go MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Cmon pepole get in the spirt sing it with me! but nobodys voteing for wather or not choclate or donuts, heck donuts arent evean posted now :eek:


I do love doughnuts though. Specially tesco direct single ones. Making me hungry :(